Sunday, May 24, 2015



Another month has almost gotten away from me yet again. Let me share with you some products
which I really think are worth a look at that I have been heavily into lately! I have been awfully
ill lately and some of these products have been particuarly beneficial to the healing process. Enjoy!

Listerine Total Care Antibacterial Mouthwash
I reckon I have been pretty lucky when it comes to my teeth. They are far from perfect, however
I have been pretty fortunate not have gotten any cavities. That was unti last month when I was
brushing and thought it's felt quite a bit sensitive in one particular area of my mouth. On closer
inspection to my horror I spotted a hole! Noooooo! I am so good with my brushing, flossing and
mouth rinsing! All these years I have avoided having to be drilled into. Now I guess my sweet tooth
has withstood all it can. Bugger! Anyhow, my point is this mouthwash has been great since it is
antibacterial, it has been keeping my mouth super germ free and feeling, smelling and feeling much
better! This stuff is the bomb dot com - get it! :D

Recently I have been tripping it to the Gold Coast to get my hair highlighted to freshen and brighten
up my dull, boring old same, same, dark brown hair which I LOVE. But, it is feeling much dryer than
it used to so I have pulled this old lover out of my draws again to fix the problem. It is brilliant! I
have been savering it, but now I am just using it up and ah, it is just like gold! My hair feels amazing
all over again! (Review!)

I have so many different foundations which I pretty much change up what I apply on a daily basis 
because it's, well, fun! This particular product is much different to most of my other foundations as
it is in a compact and the whole formulation in general is much different than my normal stuff so it
has been fun to use something new and different as 90% of my other foundations are in bottles or
tubes. Plus this has a handy mirror in it which has saved me on multiple occasions! (Review!)

Scunci have the best most broad range of hair accessories, like ever! You can find anything and
everything you want in their range and these claw clips have been my go to for when I am showering
and don't want to wet my hair as well as after I have washed and just want it put up and out of the
way. These are strong enough to hold all of my hair in one place securely and they looks super nice
too. I am especially fond of the golden looking one!

I have noticed lately the skin in between my chest above my breasts and under my neck has been
feeling less than smooth and like it really needed a good exfoliation! So I have been trialling this
sweet orange scented scrub for a while now (full review is in the works!) and it feels so refeshing
I find myself scrubbing all the way up to my face just so can get more of the scent! It feels so good
and the difference it makes it amazing! I love to use this on my feet and calves as well because it
does a great job at getting rid of ingrown hairs and dead skin build up without leaving my skin dry. 

I just recently reviewed this as I have most of these products and they make my favs not only
because they are the products I have been using the most but because they are so easy to fall in love
with! This product smells so delicious and makes your skin feel like a brand new baby! 

I LOVE this! In the past my cuticles have either been neglected or harshly groomed. I am terrible
at it! This product makes the job so easy and much gentler whilst still getting the job done! Now I
never skip this step when I do my nails because it is just so easy and makes they overall look so much
better, you can really tell the difference!

This is an amazing multi use product which I highly recommend! I am surprised it isn't more well
known because since I have been using I don't know how I ever lived without it! Deeply moisturises,
and repairs super dry, itchy skin. Can be used to reduce age and sun spots, bites, stings, chaffing and
more! Worth looking into!

Oh, there is nothing like a good old fashioned classic red go to nail polish! This one from OPI's 
'Fifty Shades Of Grey' collection is deeper in colour than OPI's famous 'Red' and in my opinion
looks much more stiking! It has a beautiful shiny finish and lasts a good few days before chipping.

I have been really into berry lip colours since the cool weather hit and this one from Australis is
super glossy and makes your lips look bigger, as least to me! I love it! The shade is so intense and
really brightens up your whole face! I find myself using this either on it's own or a dab a bit of it
over whatever I have on to add a bit of extra shine and berry hue. :)

OVI Hydration in 'Berry'
Even though this isn't technically a beauty favourite, I feel like in a way it really is as it helps the
beauty shine on the outside by fueling it from the inside! This not only tastes amazing, this cool
green tea is full of antioxidants which has been so good at making me feel more myself lately
as me and the kids have been feeling run down and hellishly sick lately.
Quite literally in a face in the bucket butt in the bowl kinda way! Yukko! :(

Do we share any of the same favs?
Let's follow each other! 

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*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Love System
Intensive Eye Serum!

Applying some kind of eye cream or serum hasn't always been a part of my regular skincare routine.
So bad I know and now that I'm in my early 30's I regret not using it every single day a whole lot
sooner! I have been applying eye cream/serums on and off for probably the past 7-8 years, mainly
just with various samples I had received as you only need to use such a tiny amount per application,
they lasted me ages! In doing this however, I have never found that special one which stood out to me
more than the rest. Until now...

Recently I have had the opportunity to try this Intensive Eye Serum made by the lovely folks over
at Australian Bush Flower Essences and now I can't imagine not using this as such an essential
part of my skincare regime. The skin around the eye area is much thinner and therefore needs a
little extra care and is also prone to dryness so it is so important that we look after the skin in this
area as they surround the windows to our soles and frame our precious eyes. I like to think of it as
you wouldn't put a beautiful, meaningful photo into a rickety, unloved frame would you? Same with
your eyes. It is simple to replace a picture frame, yet much harder to replace and repair the skin
around your delicate eyes and it is so easy to prevent the ageing process and look after it. It just
takes about an extra five or so seconds in your daily skincare routine. I am so glad to have woken
up to this epiphany as I just know I would have regreted it if I kept on ignoring this vital step in
my routine and woke up one day to droopy, winkly and tired looking eyes much older than my 
actual age and soul believes.

There is a beautiful quote written on the box this product came in and I want to share it with you
because it rings so true to life and appreciating and nurturing what we have.

"My eyes are the window to my soul, I will let my soul shine, and reflect everything I am with
confidence, and gaze upon creation with gratitude."

It also says -

- Love Your Body - Love Your Soul - Love Who You Are -

These are such inspiring affirmations which I need to remind myself of each day because if you
don't love yourself, how can you love others? This is especially important to me as I have young
children who I need to set a good example for and really live through example.


 The formulation of this serum is clear and white which feels soothing on the skin and instantly
wakes up my eyes in the morning. When applied after my shower and using the Love System's
Face Wash Serum it has a relaxing feel to it after a long day and the scent is very natural and smells
like walk through an Aussie bush trail on a warm Summer day. 

Ingredients in this Intensive Eye Serum include Australian Bush Flower Essences of - 
Billy Goat Plum, Crowea, Five Corners, Flannel Flower, Mulla Mulla, Old Man Banksia, She Oak
and Wisteria.

What I love and is so unique about this product is in the ingredients which are so different in that they
use the essences of rare Australian bush flowers as well as rose stem cells. The same 
ingredients which give these plants their beauty are then used on our own skin to share in that beauty. I just love this cleverly blended invention!

Australian Bush Flower Essences use 85% certified organic ingredients and this product currently
RRP's for $26.95. (Click here to find out more!)

Click here to find a local distributer of this and more Love System products!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


~   GOOD  THINGS   ~


I always moisturise at least once daily and one of the newer products I have been trying out and
using a lot lately is this Manuke & Honey Daily Moisturiser from Good Things Beauty which is
so moistusing on my skin and smells good enough to eat, it is so so yummy!

This power facial moisturiser works to help keep your skin nice and clear whilst still hydrating it
without leaving it feeling like an oil slick! Natural Manuka Honey is becoming more and more
popular in skin and body care these days as we are becoming more aware of the healing and
nourishing powers it has over our skin and also helps to keep us looking young and youthful!

This Good Things moisturiser also contains skin benefiting ingredients including - Bee Venom, 
which sounds a bit scary but actually boosts the collagen levels in your skin!! Okay, I'm impressed!
A natural, less invasive alternative to Botox perhaps? Echinacea extract which not only nourishes
your skin making it look renewed and refreshed it also prolongs the life of your skin, meaning less
energy your body has to use to constantly produce new skin cells. Propolis along with the Manuka
Honey both have antibacterial benefits and Royal Jelly plus Beeswax work together deeply locking
a pack load of moisture into the skin which lasts the whole day!


The delicious, white, creamy formulation smooths over and is quickly absorbed and disappears into
the skin leaving it super smooth, soft and smelling like a honey pot! Cute! :)

Good Things Beauty, is just that as it only includes good ingredients into it's products!
As shown below - Free From Sodium Laureth, Sulphate, Parabens & Mineral Oils.

Suitable for Vegitatians & 100% Cruelty Free!
Make in the UK!

Aside from their gorgeous Manuke Honey skincare range. Also available are their Superfruits and
Argan Oil ranges!

Currently available to purchase in Australia from Target! RRP: $14.95

Do you like natural products which have more of a honey scent rather than popular floral ones?
What are your thoughts on Bee Venom as a skincare ingredient?
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Tuesday, May 12, 2015



BB Cream Radiance & Lasting Finish Powder Foundation


I don't think I will ever tired of trying out new foundations, powders or BB creams trying to perfect
my base to it's best flawless finish. Recently I have been trying out these two newbies and I am
loving the combo for everyday wear. 

Rimmel London BB Radiance available in Very Light, Light & Medium.
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Powder Foundation available in Light Porcelain, Soft Beige,
Silky Beige & Warm Honey.

Rimmel London Radiance BB Cream in 'Light'

I probably have about ten to fifteen different brands of BB Creams in my collection so obviously
I have had my fair share of experience with them and this Rimmel London Radiance BB Cream
really does make my skin radiant! Considering that it is nine in one is pretty impressive to me.

Those nine being -
Minimises Pores
Natural Coverage
Radiant Finish
Awakens Skin

This dermatologist tester super cream contains Vitamin C which is the main powerful ingredient
which aids in all of the above particually brightening and awakening the skin. I notice an instant
quite dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin when I apply this in the morning. It looks
like my skin instantly perfected, like a mini face lift in my bathroom! :)

As you can see from the swatches below the shade I have been using in light is a perfect match for
my skin tone. I would recommend the 'Very Light' shade for very light/fair skin and 'Medium' for
warmer, sun kissed tones. 

You only require a pea size amound of product which seems to just blend right into the skin leaving
a very natural ironed out result. It doesn't feel greasy, nor does it cake up or flake throughout the day,
but stays looking like I am not wearing make-up at all. I love that it's like my secret to looking and
and staying awake and fresh all day.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr Powder Foundation in 'Soft Beige'

What I find interesting and unique about this product is that is can be applied either as a dry finishing
powder over your regular foundation or BB cream or as a buildable full coverage foundation when
applied wet. I like having these two options to choose from when doing my make-up so I can rely on
this one product to get me though whatever the occasion may be.

The swatch below shows the powder when dry. It is a compact powder which is smooth and very
light on the skin, yet still gives a decent amount of coverage. When applied wet however, this
gives much more of a flawless result whilst still retaining it's natural finish.

The compact itself if housed in a plastic red firmly sealed curved square complete with clear lid,
mirror and applicator sponge stored underneith the product. I personally LOVE products which
house inbuild mirrors as I am forever applying my make-up on the go and nine times out of ten
you can bet I either have forgotten my mirror or do not have access to one and have to free hand
it hoping for the best! Yes, scary!! So thank you Rimmel London make-up packaging designers,
you have met this woman's needs!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr Powder Foundation Dry Swatch Blended!

What are your thoughts on these products?
Let me know your current foundation base combo below!
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Sunday, May 10, 2015



Goodie Bag!

(Gift with purchase over $60+!)

This has got to be in my opinion one of the best GWP offers I have seen from Priceline or anywhere
else for that matter for quite some time. Usually, even though I would love to buy every single goodie
bag which comes along, I am pretty good at controling myself and keeping my spending habits under
control. I am after all on a strict culling with my Project Pan trying to de-clutter the masses which
have completely taken over every inch of space in my bathroom. Oops!

However, when I saw this GWP advertised I was instantly drawn to the baby pink make-up bag with
the super cute, adorable white & gold bow! Completely and utterly my taste and I knew I simply
could not resist this time. Dammit, I have been SO good, I deserve this treat!

So with Mother's Day just gone, on the lead up I made it clear what I wanted to be gifted. ;)
My hubby was very clever in convincing me he couldn't get it saying he went to Priceline and they
were all sold out. Trying not to get my hopes up I tried not to think too much about it as he had come
home with a beautiful bunch of Tulips (my fav flower) instead.
So I was happy with that. Who doesn't love been given fresh flowers?!

Then Mother's Day morning came and with the four of us in bed (we have a almost 4yr & almost 2yr
old) I was given a massive, stunninly wrapped in pink with silver butterfy tissue paper and clear celo
complete with 2 balloons. One saying 'Happy Mother's Day' the other a bright pink star and two
cards. One from the hubby and one written by my eldest, from her and my youngest. Too cute!

Anyway, needless so say I was so surprised and overwhelmed as this busy SAHM does not get to be
spoilt like this often. So I was very grateful!

On with the goodies!!!

Apparently hubby thinks I have a nail polish obsession or something. Whatever could have given him
that idea? Could be the 1756384,85400 bottles I have which I have absolutely not need/room for?
Thanks for not understanding but loving me enough to buy me 10 bottles more anyway! lol
(Polish Names - Left to Right!)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine in #340 Scale Up
Sally Hansen Xteme Wear in #610 Rock Chic (Buy!)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in #220 Celeb City (Buy!)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #423 Blue Boom (Buy!)
Essie Nail Lacquer in Trophy Wife (Buy!)
Essie Nail Lacquer in Jamaica Me Crazy (Buy!)
Essie Mini Nail Lacquer in Mademoiselle
Essie Mini Nail Lacquer in Fifth Avenue
Essie Mini Nail Lacquer in Mint Candy Apple
Revlon Perfumerie in Pink Pineapple

Once he thought he had stocked up on enough nail polish to last me the century, he told me he didn't
want to just get me nail polish but was lost on what else to get. So the sales assistant at Priceline
lead him over to the Natio stand and recommended these two items.
Natio Mineral Eyeshadow Trio in 'Illuminate' (Buy!) & Natio Heavenly Eyes Mineral Eyeshadow in 'Jade Diva' (Buy!)

Overall, I am so happy with everything, however if I am honest I would have picked out completely
different items for the qualifing $60 spend, but who cares, I love everything and it was so sweet of
him to go shopping by himself in Priceline with no shame and purchase a basket full of cosmetics for
me! (Love him!)

Oh and this gorgeous pink body sponge! (Buy!)

Here is an overview of what you actually get in the cosmetic bag once you've spent a minimun of
$60.00 on the selected brands worth more than $200!

Eyes -
Glam Eyes by Manicare Beyonce Lashes (Buy!)
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves Mascara (Buy!)
Savvy Clear Brow Gel
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara

Face -
L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation in W3 Golden Beige (Sample) (Buy!)
Innoxa Satin Sheen Buttermilk Natural Finish Makeup (Buy!)
L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Smoothing Primer (Sample) (Buy!) (Review!)

Lips -
Models Prefer Moisture Lust Glossy Lip Tint in Pink Frosting
Nude By Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Flirty (Buy!)
Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in #130 Tease Seductrice

Nails -
Glam by Manicare Express 3 in 1 in Midnight Black (Buy!)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine in #190 Slick Black (Buy!)
Essie Nail Lacquer in Need A Vacation (Buy!)
Natio Nail Colour in Rapture (Buy!)
L'Oreal Paris Color Riche in #915 Top Coat Matte
Nail Rock Nail Caviar in Pluto Pink

Aaaand that finally concludes this massive blog posting!
I hope you enjoyed and made it happily all the way down here to the end!

Do you always pick up Priceline and other stores goodie bags?
What did you think of this one?

Watch my full haul video below!
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~  SCHOLL  ~

Fresh Step & Blister Shield Plasters


I don't know about you but my feet tend to be one of the most neglected body parts. Thinking
about my own personal foot care, I kind of feel a bit guilty since my feet work pretty damn
hard carrying me around all day long especially on occasions when I squeeze them into tight,
cute looking shoes, heels and boots ignoring their silent screams. 

When it comes to sweaty feet & odour, sometimes I believe it comes down to the shoe you
are wearing as oppose to your actual feet being to blame for that offending smell. I once had a
 pair of boots which every single time I took them off I had to leave them outside my back door
 to air out because the scent they gave off at the end of the day would take over my whole little
 unit! No other shoe I wore did that, so I think it was just the cheaply made (yet super cute) boots
to blame.

Now a days when I am wearing sneakers or any kind of closed in shoe, I admit by the end of the
day my feet aren't exactly floral fresh nor dry as they tend to sweat in those tight enclosed spaces.

It makes perfect scence to me to invest in a deodorant for your feet as I do for my armpits.
Both sweat and both produce a less than pleasant natural odour.  I have been using this anti-perspirant
by Scholl lately and it has been working a treat! The scent is light yet highly effective when sprayed
directly onto the sole of each foot at the beginning of the day to keep your feet smelling fresh and
feeling dry for a full 24 hours.

Available to purchase from Priceline, Woolies & Coles + others for $10.99! (AU)

I have used foot patches in the past and nothing beats these plastic ones with the inbuilt cushions!
They are descreet, soft and simply blend right into your feet. These patches come in two different
convenient sizes. The larger ones designed for the often cracked heels area of your foot and 
the smaller for the sides where dry skin on feet & bunions are known to occur. 
Both can be easily cut down or shaped into any size you require.

I admit, I have been quite ignorant and not used foot patches in quite some time. I spend most of my
time at home with the little ones bare foot, however recently I have dug out my good old (rediculiously uncomfortable) 
super cute black ankle boots for the Autumn season which my feet
know all too well and cringe at the thought of them. However I cannot bring myself to part ways with
them as they match just about every single outfit I own and let me tell you, patching up my feet in
these Scholl Blister Shields has made wearing these almost bareable! I usually get those increibly
tender fluid filled blisters on the back of both my heels and each side of my baby and big toes,
however since applying these when I wear these booties, I have blisters no more!! 

My feet do still get sore after I have worn those shoes for a few hours though so I can't push my
luck too far. But these definitely have helped!

Available to purchase from Priceline, Woolies & Coles + others for $9.95! (AU)

Are you kind to your feet?
What do you do to pamper them?
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*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Thursday, May 7, 2015



Biodegradable Organic Cotton Monthly Products! 

We all get our period. Fact! (Well most of us females at some point!) But do you actually have any
idea what the monthly products you are using on and inside your own body are made from and how
you using them are effecting the environment? I never thought much about it until I learnt of this 
brand. Organyc.

Organyc is 100% Certified Organic and is made from cotton grown and approved by the Soil
Association! (That's a pretty big deal as The Soil Association have mega strict standards and
specific requirements!- eg. How the cotton is grown, harvested, stored as well as conservation criteria.) 
Further info on Organic Standards by the Soil Association can be found here.
The cotton used is grown without the use of any chemicals, pesticides or toxins.

Organyc supply a great range of sanitary products to suit your monthly needs weather you're a
pad or tampon girl. Each box is clearly marked between one and six white rain drops so you
can easily pick out and choose a product to suit your needs.

Below you will find three from their range I have been trying out over the past month.
All worked well for me on different days for different reasons.

Below I explain...

x10 Ultra Thin Pads - Moderate w/Wings! ($6.95)

Getting a little personal here, but I feel the best way to explain these products is to share with you
how I deal with my own monthlies!

Over the years my period has ranged from heavy to light to pretty much not having it at all for
about three years whilst I had my two babies if you count nine months for each and then another
when my body was finding it's feet and getting back to 'normal'.

These days the first 2-3 days are about a moderate flow and I found this particular size pad to do
the job best for me to see me through the nights. In general I prefer pads with wings
for that bit of extra protection and security. These were great at preventing any leaks and
they stuck in place really well. The pad itself was also very absorbent.

x24 Ultra Thin Panty Liners! ($6.95)

I am not one of those people who feel the need to wear some kind of protection down there every
single day in between my period. Unless it's a super hot humid day or if I was going to sweat it out
in the gym (which let's face it I just don't do!) then I would wear a liner to keep me feeling dry.

However I generally find myself using liners on the last few days of my period when my flow
slows down and this is all I need. These liners are nice and thin and you can hardly feel they're
there. They are so comfortable and also absorb well. Again like the regular pads the sticky side
ensures they stay in place for as long as you need without moving around which could lead to
complete embarrassment and disaster!

x16 Organyc Regular Tampons! ($6.95)

As these are the lightest flow size available (also abavilable in super & super plus!) these suited me perfectly.
They are designed and open the same way you would use any other kind of tampon and
the cotton felt soft, gentle and comfortable to insert, remove and wear.

The little info booklet also provides you more info and how-to pictures if you're a beginner with these
things, which is perfect for younger girls who might be unsure. I know it took me a few years to get
the hang of it so I totally get it!!

If you're interested to give Organyc a go now that you are more aware of the benefits and how
much kinder these are to your body and environment the whole range is available to purchase
online directly from their website or click here to find a stockist near you!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015





1.) Estee Lauder Gift Bag!
I recommend picking up her favourite perfume and if it happens to be one by Estee Lauder you can
pick up this special Mother's Day gift bag for just $75 with any fragrance purchase! Contents of the
bag equal more than $160!

2.) Forever New Leopard Print Scarf!
With the weather becoming increasinly chilly of late, why not pick her up a fashionable scarf like
this one. I hear animal print is still popular with the grown ups! ;)

3.) Let's Kiss & Make-Up Cosmetic Bag!
There are endless different designs of make-up bags you can pick up just about anywhere really
cheap. If you know your mum well or even if you don't take a quick peek into her stash and pick up
a few of her regulars as back ups for her and pop them into a brand new stylish make-up bag for her!

4.) Peter Alexander Dressing Gown!
It's always nice to invest in a new dressing gown every few years. Show mum how much you
appreciate her by getting her a glam one like this from Peter Alexander which is also super comfy
and handy with the large pockets for phones and midnight snacks! ;)

5.) Peter Alexander Fancy Bow Couture Slippers!
 Cute slippers are a must have to wear around the house and Peter Alexander have a super adorable
range to choose from. Make her feel a bit spesh by picking up a glam pair like these with embelished

6.) Hudson Park Bed Sheets!
There is nothing like new clean fresh sheets on the bed, am I right ladies?! How many years has
your mum been sleeping on the same set of worn out sheets? Do her a favour and make her bed with
a new set if you can sneak in to do it without her knowing. Then wait for her to thank you the next
day after she's discovered and slept in them the night before!

7.) Moeve Bath Towels!
I find bath towels ware out quickly. Refresh you mum's linen cuboard with some fresh new good
quality bath towel sets and throw away the old ones. I bet she'll be delighted when she opens up the
linen doors to find brand new, neatly folded, new fresh towels all neatly folden and laid out ready for
her to use! Surprise! :)

8.) Royal Albert Friendship Tea Caddy!
 How fancy is this feminine tea storage pot from Royal Albert? Treat mum to one of these and fill
it with her favourite tea bags or coffee pods. If she's not into either of those, her fav candy is a sure

9.) D.L & Co Soy Candle in Glass Vessel!
Candles are always a nice treat! Spash out one a fancy one for her which matches in with her
style and decor. Just make sure it's in a scent she loves and won't tire of!

10.) Royal Albert Friendship Tea Cup & Saucer!
Almost all mum's like to either unwind with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. Treat her to one of
these ulta precious Royal Albert sets to make her feel like a queen.

11.) Mes Homewares Mother Of Pearl Photo Frame!
Like with the fancy candle, if you're going to get her a photo frame with a happy snap of you
both inside. Make sure to match if to her taste, colour scheme and decor. She is sure to love it!

12.) Kaz Horizon Blue Cushion!
You can never have too many cushions! Add a couple to her couch or bed to her taste. Textures
and different shapes are fun for the bed and fun colours are an affordable fun way to dress up a tired
or outdated couch!

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