Monday, June 30, 2014



Home Decor

Lounge Room Update!

Ofelia Blanket White
This beautiful throw caught both mind and my husband's eye at exactly the same time!
Boy and I glad he has good taste! Well, at least if I like it, he usually does too.
I actually had my eye on this the last time we browsed Ikea. I just didn't think we had
anywhere to put it. As you'll find out by the end of this post, it now has it's own pride of place!

Hampen Rug Black
Deciding on a new rug wasn't easy. We both knew a white, fluffy, shaggy style rug would
look amazing, but we both also knew it would never stay looking nice and white. 
Not with young kids and a black cat anyway! So that dream will have to wait.
We already had this same rug in green, but with me wanting to steer away from bright
colours, we decided black would probably work best for us and for the price I 
figured if it doesn't work in the lounge room at least we haven't spend hundreds and thousands
on it and it can always go in the bedroom where the colour scheme is pretty much focused on
black and white. Luckily, I think it worked out ok in the lounge. 

Krakris Throw White/Grey
I spotted this as we were lining up at the checkout and thought it was not only
an amazing bargain, but could possibly also look pretty good as a throw on the couch.
So for only two bucks, it's not a big risk to take just to see. I think it ended up working out
pretty well and with the weather getting colder, having a few throws on the couch is a pretty
good idea!

Friheten Corner Sofa-Bed Skiftebo Dark Grey
Ever since my husband, as good as his intentions were, came home one day with
an old, worn, dark bottle green leather couch, I have secretly been dying to get rid of it
and get something like the one below. On Saturday, my dream came true! :)
This rather large purchase was not planned. We were simply just getting out of the house
for the day and were going to just browse the shops when we mistakenly somehow wound up
at Ikea. We should have known this would be a dangerous choice of location to 'browse' but hey
he was driving, not me! ;) None-the-less, we first spotted a pretty decent looking two seater, simple
looking couch for $99 and were just going to get that as we live in a fairly small unit and don't
have a lot of room and getting rid of our current generous two seater plus the two matching massive
recliners and replacing then with this would have worked out well and given us a lot of space back.
BUT, then we kept on walking didn't we! Well, really what choice do you have in Ikea but to keep
on following those little arrows on the floor. Then we spotted the one we ended up purchasing below.
Is also comes in a tan and a hot pink which we almost got, but I really wanted to steer away from
bright colours and focus more on neutral tones. So we both agreed this would be perfect.
It also pulls out into a sofa bed which is what we've always wanted because we regularly
have the in-laws visiting and it would be nice for them to have this bed to sleep in rather than having
to hike up all the stairs and stay in my daughters double and having her bunk in with us for the
night. It also holds storage space underneath, bonus!

Eivor Ord Double Quilt Cover & 4 Pillowcases in Black/White
As soon as we passed this bedding on display my daughter instantly raced up to it and yelled
"Mummy, Daddy! Look! Look! ABC bed! .... so she gets up onto it and says with the sweetest,
most innocent smile, "I like ABC bed." :) Obviously we both couldn't resist and this is now
covering her bed and I must say looks much nicer than I originally thought. 

Lounge Roon Update!
(Sneak Peak!)

I'd like to build it up a bit with a few more cushions.
I have my eye on some already as I'm working on a lust list, I 
might post later this week.

What's your decor style?

Love Candy!

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Sunday, June 29, 2014




L'Oreal Paris Nail Polish in White Gold
I picked this up from Priceline recently and omg, the colour is full on GLITTER!!!
No sparse spots or crappy clear application, this glitter goes on with a full completed coat
of white gold glitter with just ONE coat! Looks so beautiful, watch out for a NOTD post featuring 
this baby coming soon! :)

Bloom Black Liquid Eyeliner
I can't live without liquid eyeliner. So when I recently used up
all of my Rimmel one, I came back to this one which I had only used
a few times. I love this because the tip as you can see is nice and thin
which makes for a more controlled application. It hasn't dried out in the
slightest and I just love the packaging. Super cute!

Love this, it is so so yummy! The smell reminds me of a caramel/vanilla
fudge lolly or something similar. Such a massive bottle I sure hope I don't tire
of it too quickly! Lathers up so beautifully and feels so soft and smooth on my skin.

Shampoo & Conditioner
No matter what I do or what products I use, my hair always tends to be dry and frankly
a pain in the ass. So I am always using moisturising products and products that promise
to d-frizz my hair. The fact that I heat iron the crap out of it on the hottest setting I can
possible get to probably doesn't help the situation, but that's just the way I roll. 
A hotter setting means I get the job done quicker and I don't have time to be standing
around straightening my hair for hours on end in a low setting just to make my hair a 
bit less dry. There are products like these below to fix me breaking all the rules of hair care!

VS Sassoon Curl Secret
Speaking of hot hair tools, I've been in love with my Curl Secret again lately.
For something a bit different than the regular boring straight hair I normally sport,
I've been trying to get that Victoria's Secret type of curl since my hair has become super
long lately. Out of all of my other curling tools, this is working the best to create the look
I'm going for. I might do a hair tutorial soon. Is that something you'd like to see? Let me know! :)

Watch My Curl Secret Demo Below!

I love everything about this lipstick!
The colour is the perfect pink. Wearable to go with everything, everyday.
The packaging is beautiful rose gold and very funky in design.
I just can't get enough. Has become my go-to lip product!

I seem to have been into a lot of hair products this month.
This is great because, well, my hair is a pretty big part of my life and my overall
appearance. Being long, it needs a lot of work and to have great products to help me out
makes my life so much easier! This brush has made brushing a much more pleasant 
experience. It somehow manages to get all of my tangles loose without me having to
tug or pull at my hair. It does the job quickly and painlessly! My three year old has been
using the kids version of this and loves it too. They come in fun colours and I love that
I don't have to feel so guilty about brushing my hair when it's wet because these are designed
that you can actually do that without damaging your hair because of the way the bristles are
laid out on the brush head.

Love Candy!

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Friday, June 27, 2014




Seems so strange to already be saying goodbye to half the year!
Is it just me, or do the months fly by faster and faster?

Anyhow, after doing these empties posts for a few months now,
I have finally restrained myself into keeping all of my empties until
the end of the month instead of taking a photo and then throwing them out
straight away so I can make a collective photo of everything all together.
I think it looks better this way because I can sit back and see how much
I've achieved in using up throughout the month and even though it doesn't
look like much, it really is a lot of work to work through all these!

Dove Face Care Toner
I've found using toners do a great job at removing any excess
makeup and making my pores close up tighter so I've really enjoyed using
this bottle up. Dove products are gentle on your skin too which is nice, so
no stinging like some toners tend to do.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar
I love using this soap both for hand washing and also handy to have in the
shower as well. Non drying and lashes up into a super soft foam.

Rimmel GlamEyes Liquid Eyeliner
My favourite kind of eyeliner.
Liquid, black and with a super fine application brush.
I'll be keeping the brush to use for nail art as it is perfect for drawing
small designs or applying small arty objects.

ModelCo Lashxtend Lengthening Mascara
Sad to see this one go. Makes my lashes twice as long!
Definitely a lengthening mascara. Keeps lashes thin but makes
it look like you have millions of them! Love the look it gives.

Amele Smooth Intimate Shave Sample
A clear gel, works nicely and smells good too.

Britney Spears RollerBall & Perfume Duo
Had this for far too long! Used up the gloss end centuries ago!
Noticed there was only a small amount left in the perfume roller ball,
so quickly finished it up this month.

Garnier Olia After Colour Care Conditioner
This came in my box of hair dye I used early in the month.
LOVE it! Made such a difference to how my hair felt and how
shiny and soft and sleek it looked.

Pure Zone Foot Therapy Foot Cream
Found this in the back of one of my bathroom draws and
thought it was the perfect time to use it up as I've been wearing socks
to bed and around the house lately with it getting so cold.
So this has helped the product really sink in and give my feet a little TLC.

Schick Hydro Silk Razor Refill Blade
I think I mention one of these in just about all of my empties posts.
Still love it.  I have a new razor I'm keep to crack open soon,
but I want to try to use all of my blades for this razor up first.
Watch my video review below! :)

So eight products plus one sample isn't too bad!
Hopefully I can beat that next month.
 I still have plenty to work through!

Love Candy!
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Thursday, June 26, 2014




Scunci Detangle Brush 
RRP: $14.95
I constantly battle with my hair on a daily basis. It just does not behave!
Before I begin the daily rituele of straightening, I have to get the ugly part done -
brushing and detangling! Urgh! :(

My hair is naturally frizzy and fluffy, so that in combination with being extra long,
it tangles easily. Because I shove it un-lovingly up in a messy bun before bed
each night, I pretty much look like I've been electrocuted once I take it all out
ready for battle by morning. 
So I was pretty excited to see how this brush would go on my hair, it
sure had a challenge ahead of it, that's for sure!

First of all, I think the shape and design of the brush is very unique!
The bristles feel massaging on the scalp, (even hubby tried it and commented
on how nice it felt!) and as I work my way up my hair, starting to brush from the
ends, it smooths my hair out and doesn't tug or get jammed, which is usually what
happens multiple times before it sorts itself out and even then, my hair seems to have
a life of it's own and detangles back together, god knows how before I can get my
straightener onto it to really give it a beating! 

So, what I am trying to say is, this brush is going to make your life so much 
easier and pain free! Give it a go, a worth while investment, it is working for me! :)

Scunci Girl Detangle Brush
RRP: $9.95
Anyone with a female toddler would probably agree with me that getting
them to sit still to brush their hair each day is usually a nightmare which involves
me chasing her around the house whilst she squirms and screams "No, no, no!" at me
as I try to convince her I am not going to rip all of her hair out. 

So when I showed her this pretty new pink and purple hair brush
especially just for her and said "Look, it's a heart!", she looked intently at it and firmly
corrected me and said, "No Mummy! It's a Y!" I stand corrected, apparently it's a 'Y'!
Regardless, it has made hair brushing time much easier on us both! 

The bristles are so much gentler on her baby fine hair and she doesn't squirm anywhere
near as much now. I'm not sure if it is because she loves her new brush... I think it is that
and the fact that it doesn't constantly snag in her hair whilst I use it. She even has a go
herself which is great, never too young to learn I say! 

The brush is just the right small size to fit into her tiny 3 year old hands and it is just a sweet thing I watch her watch herself in the mirror
 as she attempts a side pony and then promptly jumps
up and down in a spaz after concentrating intently for 5 minutes to wrap a hair tie
around her little strands of hair for which then I have to take over. 
Oh the joys! I just hope she doesn't turn into me when she hits her teens, then
I'm really in trouble! She is at such a sweet age right now, so many kisses and cuddles.
I don't want it to ever end... *sigh*

Watch my video review below!

Do you have a favourite Scunci product?

Have you seen my other Scunci reviews & how-tos?

Love Candy!

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*These products were kindly sent to me for review
*All opinions, video & photos are my own

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


My Top 3 


Skin Moisturisers

Foot Works Cracked Heel Relief Cream
This super thick cream I find best to use at night right before bed or after
a warm shower or bath when your skin is at its best to absorb the cream.
Put on some wooly socks and fluffy slippers. (This keeps the cream from rubbing straight off onto your floor.)
 By morning your skin will feel so much softer,
smooth and intensely moisturised. Be careful though as I've found my feet to be so
smooth they're actually quite slippery when walking on the floor even though the
cream has been completely absorbed. Over time when used regularly,
(I try to do this at least a few nights a week) you'll noticed less rough, dry and if you have any
cracked patches, these will be looking much better and eventually disappear
completely leaving you will baby soft skin.

Lovely Lanolin Golden Ointment
This super moisturiser has been made for extremely dry skin and can be used
on any part of your body. The formula is that of a super thick honey consistency 
without being sticky. Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients and is cruelty
free! Recommended to be an essential carry on item when flying. I have also
personally found it to be a life saver for shipped, dry and flaking lips.
Contains medical grade Lanolin, Manuka Honey, Vitamin E, Seed & Kernel
oils and Carnauba Wax! Totally love this, probably my favorite of the 3!

Atoderm PO Zinc Intense Soothing Care
I don't tend to find the need to reach for this product very often as this is
designed for extremely dry, irritated and broken skin which I rarely have.
However since it has become that little bit extra chilly of late, I've found my
skin crying out for moisture and I have seen that scaly texture rearing it's 
ugliness on parts of my skin, mainly my legs and arms, eek!
So I've cracked this baby out a few times and even used it on my 8 month old
as this is also completely safe to use on babies and children as well.
Double plus! :) This amazing cream strengthens the skin and helps it repair
itself whilst reducing redness and calming down itchy dry patches.
This cream does it all, I can't speak highly enough at how fantastic a job it does.

What do you use on your skin in Winter?

Love Candy! 

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Monday, June 23, 2014



Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy

Intense Hydration

Shampoo & Conditioner

I have to straight up admit, celebrity endorsed beauty products get my attention.
Especially if it's a particular person whom I admire or let's be honest, 
enjoy following and being in awe of how perfect their lives seem.
Everybody knows Miranda Kerr, amd as the face of Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty
Therapy, I think she suits the brand perfectly.

I am excited to see this new Intense Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner 
being introduced into the range because i have had a positive
experience with the 7 day challenge in the past and my hair
can always use a little extra bit of hydration, especially 
since I heat the cap out of it almost everyday with my straightener.

This contains cactus extract which not only leaves your hair feeling
softer and healthier. It also aids in preventing your hair from
looking and becoming all weak and dry after using heat tools.
I've noticed a healthy looking, silky shine to the full length of my
hair since using this which makes me feel like maybe, just maybe
my hair might be starting to look just a little bit like Miranda's!?

For just $5.99ea, you get 200ml in each bottle. 
Not bad considering the salon smooth,
looking results!

Have you tried Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy before?

Love Candy! 

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bargain Haul

Bargain Weekend Haul

All Under $10!

I initially went out purely to spend my $25 Priceline voucher
which I received for being a part of the L'Oréal Fibralogy
trial team. Which I did successfully in about 3 minutes!
I wasn't sure what I was going to purchase, but I knew I
wanted either the L'Oréal True Match foundation as I've 
heard so many great reviews on it and would love to try it out,
or their new eyeliner pen.... well, I didn't end up getting either of those. 
Why is it when you shop online it's easier to stick to a list and then
when I go into a store and see so many other beautiful shiny things,
my list suddenly becomes unimportant and I end up way off track?

Here is what caught my eye and I am very happy and excited to play! 
(I will share the details at the end of this post!)

After my trip to Priceline, I went to meet up with my husband 
and daughter in K-Mart with my son luckily being a little angel in tow,
so I decided to was ok to get a little distracted by all the amazing bargains
around me. :)

These PJ's are so cute and we're hanging out the front of the store on
a crazy $3 rack! I and what felt like a swarm of others were also 
easily distracted my the range of incredible bargains!

These sweet little black sequin bow slip ons caught my eye on the way
into the store as well. K-Mart are very good at doing that!
I had a simular pair I wore until they literally fell apart because I
loved them so much, they were comfortable and go with pretty much 
everything so I can just slip them on and run out the door without
having to think because most days I just don't have the time to try on
a bunch of shoes to match my outfit. With two little ones, it just grab and go!

So to break it down...

L'Oréal Colour Riche Smoky Eyeshadow Palette in Infiniment Bronze E3 $17.96
L'Oréal Color Riche Nail Polish in Sequin Explosion #842 $5.21
L'Oréal Color Riche Nail Polish in White Gold #843 $5.21

Total: $28.38
-$25.00 Gift Voucher
Total out of pocket: $3.38

Pink & Leopard PJ's 
Original Price: $10.00
Sale Price: $3.00

Black Sequin Slip Ons
Original Price: $10.00
Sale Price: $3.00

Total out of pocket: $6.00

Grand Total: $9.38
Total Savings: 39.00

Are you a bargain shopper?
Do you buy more online or prefer to wander in store?

Love Candy! 

Other Hauls!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nail Polish

~ Nail Polish Collection & Storage ~

A little while ago I shared a picture on my facebook page of a nail
polish storage rack I was waiting to receive from eBay.

Well, fast forward a month later and it finally arrived yesterday,
all the way from China! :)

I absolutely LOVE it, although it sadly doesn't hold all of my collection. 
I have been watching a huge acrylic one for around the same price
on eBay from an Australian seller for a while so I might just have
to save up again and snag it so my collection can be displayed
and stored out and up on the wall where I can see it all the time.
It makes me happy to see the rainbow of shades each day! :)

The rest of my polishes are still stored in my makeup draws
which if you're interested, you can have a snoop either in
my makeup collection video or makeup storage post linked
at the end of this post. :)

I am happy with my current lipstick storage setup, 
so I decided to use this small acrylic lipstick holder to house
my smaller bottles.

As you can see, everything is currently sitting pretty
on black glitter... that is the glitter from one of my weekend hauls.
It is not quite finished yet, but it's so far looking amazing and I 
can't wait to share with you my little home decor DIY once
it all completed and eventually do a room tour. :)

My OPI Nail Polish Collection!

My Makeup Collection & Storage! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Candy!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


~ Winter Nails Of The Day! ~

(Chevron Inspired!)
Well.... It sort of worked!)

I love sporting adventurous looking nails.
I also love interesting textures and patterns and all of the 
amazing amd creative art that can be created on such a small canvas.
Today I was inspired by the cold, rainy, winter day and since it has been
a while since I last posted a NOTD post, I thought,
why not cease this rare, creative moment!

I am definitely and obviously no expert when it comes to nail art!
This is my first try at the popular Chevron pattern that is so in style right now!
Not only on nail art. I have also noticed it predominantly dominaing home decor
and I am totally falling in love with it! 
Omg, my style is modernising! 


Remove any old nail polish with soft cotton balls and nail polish remover.
Prep your nails and paint with the shade of your choice.

Once dry, cut thin strips of matte sticky tape. 
(Matte seems to be less sticky and less likely
the peel off your nail colour)
Arrange them in a zig zag pattern across each nail.

Apply a clear top coat to your nails.
Start one nail at a time as the clear polish will dry quickly
and you will need it wet for the loose glitter to stick.

Place your finger face nail side down into your glitter pot.
This is a less messy method than sprinkling the glitter and having
it go everywhere. Your nail will come out looking completely covered
in glitter. Don't panic! :)

Repeat step #4 with the rest of your nails
and let dry for a minute or two.

Once dry you can use either some cotton tips or a fluffy brush to
dust away any excess glitter from around your nails.
Then carefully begin to peel off all of the matte
tape from each nail.

Secure any fall out of glitter and to prolong
your efforts, finish with a clear top coat.

All done! :)

Mine is far from perfect, so don't stress if it doesn't turn
out super neat. You're the only one who'll see it up close enough to 
see all the tiny little flaws. 
It looks much better from a distance anyway!


Have you tried this nail design before?

Love Candy!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Red Paw Paw

~ Red Paw Paw ~
NEW Monthly Subscription Service!

The Box!

Sneak Peek!

What's Inside?

Amazing value!
Up to $30 worth of products delivered free to your door
every month for just $5!

This catalogue gives your more info about each product,
and also tells you a little more about the service.
It's like a little info booklet!

Product #1
Green's Pancake Shake
Original Flavour

This did not last long at all in our household. 
Was enjoyed by all, even my fussy 3 year old!
So convenient and easy to prepare for something a bit special
for breakfast. :) I hate to cook, this this is brilliant! 

Product #2
Henry Jones
Fruit & Chia 
Mango, Passionfruit & Chia Seeds Jam!

45% less sugar than regular jam!
I am not sure if I'll like this as it sounds like an overly sweet
flavour combo. I do love me some jam on toast though,
and it is a good source of Omega 3. Made by SPC. 

Product #3
Taylor's Pea & Zucchini Soup
99% Fat Free
Australian Made
All natural flavours!

This will make a great lunch or dinner for hubby and I
on days we don't feel like or have much time to cook. 

Product #4
Finish Quantum 
Power Gel Power ball Samples

Unfortunately, my box came without any of these.
I read on the website that boxes may vary, so that's fair.
I was really looking forward to them though because Finish is a
brand I use and love and I was really keen to try the different 
coloured power ball gels. Oh well. :(

Product #5
Pine O Cleen
Disinfecting Wipes
40 wipes!

These always come in handy at my place!
I am always cleaning up dust, crumbs and spills,
I swear my kids just seem to leave a trail behind them wherever they go!
I already regularly purchase the big tubs of these and am forever running out,
so I'm so happy to have a back up supply! :)

Product #6
Mentos NEW Very Berry Flavours!

One word - YUM!
Oh, and there's a unique code inside the wrapper which you
can go online to enter to win in a share of over 10,000 cash prizes,
plus you could win a massive $20,000! Wouldn't that be nice!?

Product #7
Mentos Pure Fresh Sugar Free Gum
With Green Tea Extract

These are a super sttrooooong flavour that really
clear your sinus and makes your nose whistle!
My husband usually has some kind of minty gum or mints in the house,
which my daughter loves, but after she begged me to let her try one of these,
I had to giggle as she spat it out and said "eww,  disgusting!" lol
Guess these aren't the ideal treat for a 3 year old, but we love them.

Product #8
Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle CC Cream
Daily Moisturiser with SPF 15
Sample Satchet

I've not tried a CC Cream yet, but heard a lot of great things, 
so I'm looking forward to giving this a go!

Product #9
Saxa Flavoured Smoked Cyprus
Salt Grinder

Recommended to use on pasta, fish, soup, egg and/or omelette dishes.
Sounds interesting! I love trying new flavours, so this should be fun.
I know hubby will like to test it out. :)

Product #10
Saxa Natural Sea Salt Flakes

I love the sound flakes! How very different and exciting. 
My doctor recently recommended I try adding a little extra salt
to my meal to assist in my low blood pressure. I hope it helps!

Product #11
Special K
Cracker Crisps
Honey BBQ

It is hard to believe these contain 60% less fat than
regular chips because they are so tasty and moreish! 
A really yummy, guilt free snack. Yay!

So that sums up my Red PawPaw box!
This is their first month of release. I've already heard
of people receiving their next box of goodies!
I am so excited to see what else is to come.

Unfortunately,  when I tried to sign up, it failed
because they already have enough people from my area 
receiving boxes. :(
I am sooo bumped about this, I hope they change the way that
works and let more people sign up, including those in other various parts
of Australia, as I am aware delivery is not available everywhere.

Time will tell I suppose...
I still can't get my head around how Red PawPaw can afford
to only charge $5 for all of this? I doubt that would even cover the postage
let alone the products as well.  I wonder if their price might increase?

Let me know your thoughts below!

Have you signed up to Red Paw Paw?
What subscription boxes do you love?

Watch my unboxing video below!
Don't forget to subscribe! :)

Love Candy! 

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*This box was kindly sent to me for review
*All opinions & photos are my own