Monday, March 30, 2015



3Q Hair Dryer!

Recently I was asked to participate in VS Sassoon's 'Beautiful Hair Challenge' using thier new
3Q Hair Dryer. Of course I want more beautiful hair so how could I pass this opportunity up!

The 3Q's stand for Quick!, Quiet! & Quality

Quick because it literally takes about half the normal amount of time to dry your hair.
For me at least it usually takes at least 30 minutes. However with the 3Q it only takes 15 at the most!

Quiet is due to the unique and futuristic technology of the design of this clever dryer.
There are actually no brushes inside of it, hense the lighter feel to most other hair dryers saving
you from arm aches as you're blow drying. Due to this feature it makes the dryer so much
quieter! Clever! I especially love this feature as it means I can still style my hair using this as my
little ones are sleeping.

Quality. Just looking at the slick, silver design of this dryer you can see that it has class.
It doesn't look cheap and it isn't, yet it is still completely affordabe at just $172.95.

It comes complete with a concerntrated nozzle for more controlled, sleek styling as well as
a generous size diffuser to add body and texture to your 'do'!

There are two pressure and two heat settings as well as the cold shot button which is easy to
find due to the cute little snow flake pictured on it.

To prolong the life of your dryer and to keep it perfectly clean, the dryer also comes with it's
very own small cleaning brush. However VS Sassoon are so confident in their product you will
find this baby comes with a 5 year warranty! Impressive!

If you'd like to see this new brusless technology in action and hear more about my thoughts
and experience using it and my results of the 'Beautiful Hair Challenge' then be sure to click
below to watch! 

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What are your thoughts on VS Sassoon's 3Q?
Will you be taking the challenge?

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I think I've out done myself this month! If you saw my last month's empties then you know
that I mentioned I thought that was my best month in terms of empty products. However, I believe
this month takes the cake! Move a-side empties, I have loads of newbies to try!

Face -
SkinB5 Skin Purifying Mask (Full Size)
Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask (Full Size)
Eve Cosmetics Super Active Primer (Full Size)
Zk'in Certified Organic Line Smoothing Serum (Sample)

Hair -
Pears Clarifyingcare Shampoo (Full Size)
Garnier Olia After-Colour Care Conditioner (Full Size) (Review!)
Fudge Urban Texture Junk Styling Paste (Full Size) (Review!)

Body -
Dove Body Firm Intensive Cellulite Gel-Cream (Full Size)
Hamilton Quadblock Sunscreen (Sample)
QV Sport 3 in 1 Body Wash/Shampoo/Shaving Cream (Sample)

Nails -
(Left to right) Rimmel London Baby Pink Shimmer, Fing'rs Pink, Nailene White, Nailene Clear,
Catwalk Magenta, BYS Pink x2, NYC in Bo Peep & Blush Amour Cosmetics in, yep another pink! (All Full Size!)

I went through all of my nail polish this month and tried to use up as much as I could of my oldest
bottles. These are all pretty much used up or have gone gloopy. Happy to get rid of a decent lot.
The goal is to only have enough that fill my nail polish rack without overflowing....

Done & Dusted!

How did you go with your emties this month?
Do you have any newbies you're dying to try?

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Sunday, March 29, 2015



Autumn Must Haves!

Even though it doesn't feel all that much like the cooler months of the year are here, what with
all of the consistant 30 degree weather which insists on hanging around. Here is Brisbane the days
are usually cloudy and muggy and humid! Winter, I am looking forward to your visit!

However, I am still excited about Autumn, no matter how moody it may be. The berry, brown
and purple, reddiesh shades which dominate the season are all beautiful and rich in pigments and
texture, both in fashion and beauty. Such a fun time of the year!

Let me introduce today to you, two new to me products which I think are perfect must haves for
the Autumn season. 

Scout Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow in 'She' & Scout Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in 'Walk Of Life'.

When it comes to make-up, I am all about the base and getting those products right are such an
important part of anyone's make-up routine.  Scout Cosmetics mineral eyeshadows come in seven
bold and earthy shades which blend seamlessly and last the whole day. 

This neutral, light sandy hue makes for the perfect eyeshadow base and creates a nice, smooth
canvas on the lid. Slightly darker shades such as 'Platinum Blonde' & 'Run Baby Run' can also
be used as brow definers.

SWATCH above & below blended onto the skin.
Scout Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow - RRP: $29.95

Scout Cosmetics offers a huge range of 28 nail lacquer shades including this one pictured
below in the shade 'Walk Of Life'.  This shades screams Autumn to me and I absolutely adore it!
It matches every outfit and being such an earthy, natural hue, I can't help but think about the
changing leaves from green to brown. 

Just look at the pigmentation and shine from just ONE layer and no top coat!
Scout Cosmetics Nail Lacquer - RRP: $19.95

Scout Cosmetics nail lacquer are free from nasty chemicles usually found in polishes such as,
Camphor, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Parabens.

Scout Cosmetics are Australian made & only use natural, certified organic ingredients.
No testing on animals either! 

(I cannot stress how much this means to me and I will 100% back
any company who sticks by these standards!)

Scout Cosmetics also stock a range of organic skincare!
Have you tried any Scout Cosmetics products?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015



Scandal Eyes

Jumbo Liquid Liner & Precision Micro Eyeliner!
I am not a professional make-up artist. Nor have I ever had any formal training or study
on the subject. So mastering the tricky skill that is eyeliner and that perfect wing is something
I still often stuggle with today and without a doubt, no matter how hard I try those wings always
end up being much more like sisters on each eye, rather than the twins I was hoping for!

I begun my eyeliner journey initially with pencil and only on my bottom lash line. WHYYYY?
I was 14 and obviously had no clue! I like to think I have a bit more of a brain these days... ;)

Over the years of experimenting with various products, colours, textures (glitter, don't judge me!)
and techniques, I have come to the conclusion that black is best and liquid is by far the easiest to
work with, giving me total control which helps me to create the neatest line.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes - Precision Micro Eyeliner!

Rimmel London Scandaleyes - Jumbo Liquid Liner!

As you can see from the pix above these eyeliners frame the eye perfecly on my upper
lash line. I love the intensity of the black and how I am able to create a barely there super thin line
to a super bold Amy Winehouse style feature.

Have you tried these Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eyeliners?
Are you a pencil, liquid or even gel kinda girl/guy?

If you're interested to try these out for yourself you can purchase them online
from Priceline by clicking here!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015




If you're quick off the ball or just keen like me, you may have already made your purchase
and taken advantage of Priceline's 40% off cosmetics sale. 

However, if you haven't yet or weren't even aware the big sale was on again, then let me
give you a few ideas on what to treat yourself to!

These picks are products I have either tried and loved, am dying to try or have picked these
up myself in the sale today!

Better hurry, sale is only on 24th & 25th March 2015!

See anything you like?
What are you dying to get your hands on?

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015



C  o  c  o  n  u  t        W  a  t  e  r

Hydration   &   Shine   Weightless   Hair   Oil!

By now we're all pretty much aware of face and body oils and the long list of benefits they make
to our skin. Well today I am going to tell you all about hair oil and how it also can majorly aid in
the overall health and appearance of your lovely locks.

Infused with organic coconut, this formulation includes a mix of organic oils including Kernel
which fused together quenches dehydrated hair, gives luscious shine and eliminates the annoying
persistant frizz! Holy smokes, ahh-mazing!!

Natural World Cosmetics is a new brand to me and now I have tried it on my frizz prone, consistently
dry hair I am looking into trying more from their Coconut Water range.

Made in trendy Soho, London completely Paraben free, I am sure this product and brand is going to
be huge here in Australia once people have tried it.

How to use: - All you need to do is apply a few drops into your hands and scrunch into the ends
and the bottom half of your damp hair. I like to do this after I've showered and washed my hair.
You can also add to your conditioner for added benefits or add a little after blow drying to calm down
any fly aways or persistant frizz.

Depending on your hair concern and personal taste. Natural World Cosmetics range of hair
products also include - Argan Oil Of Morocco, Brazilian Keratin, Macadamia Oil & Caffine Powder!

You can find where to purchase these online here!

Do you use hair oil?
Tell me your beautiful hair secrets below!

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Monday, March 16, 2015



Fresh & Flawless

5 Piece Complexion Set!

I have been needing to invest in a good set of make-up brushes for a long time. I did purchase
a mini travel set of 3 Real Techniques brushes a little while ago, and although they are amazing
and I love and use them almost daily, they are mini and I wanted ones with a longer handle!

I'd always heard good things about Eco Tools, particularly their make-up brushes so naturally
I had to find out how amazing these were for myself! ;)

I hopped onto iHerb to see what was available and that is when this colourful set caught my
eye and I knew I just had to have them, they are perfect!

These brushes are made from bamboo in the handles and they are completely cruelty free which I
100% back and admire! The bristles are so soft and smooth and already I have noticed a difference
in the appearance of my make-up when applied using these. They are super easy to use and have
made my life much easier of late. Now I have a brush for everything and I love that because it's
helping me to improve my make-up applying techniques!

The fibres do not leave any steaks along your skin and they're so firmly embedded in the brush
that I haven't seen a single hair fall out onto my face or even look like coming loose. They are
locked in there tight! Brilliant!

Left to right - Full Powder Brush, Complexion Blending Brush, Precision Foundation Brush,
Buffing Concealer Brush & Flat Concealer Brush.

I do love to have my brushes out where I can quickly and easily reach for and use them each day,
however I love how they came stored so neatly like this. Good to keep for travelling or
to store to prolong their longevity perhaps?

What make-up brushes do you swear by?

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


~ February Favourites! ~

Yep it's late, 12 days into March already..... let's just get into it! :)

VS Sassoon 3Q Dryer
In case you weren't aware, I recently took part in VS Sassoon's 3Q Beautiful
Hair Challenge. It's made it into my Feb favs so obviously it gave me amazing results.
Check out my video review below!

Paula's Choice Self Tanning Foam
This has had to be one of the most easiest to use self tanning products I've ever
come accross and I have tried about a billion of them.
Check me out using this in my self tanning video below!

Fuse Gelnamel in 'Such A Laser'
Having a gel mani/pedi is so life changing when it comes to doing your nails DIY at home.
I am still amazed at the huge difference it makes and how much longer my polish lasts when I
do them this way. And let's just admore this shade for a moment! I am loving golds lately and
I've always been a silver girl... 

If you are interested to learn more about how these Fuse Gelnamel polishes work you can check
out my full review here! :)

Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask
If you are yet to try anything from Indeed Labs then I recommend starting off with these.
They are so simple to use, feel so nice and they are so hydrating and
make a huge positive impact on your skin. My skin has soaked these up and I have been loving
the indulgence of a good old fashioned facial mask at home this past month.

So does anyone really ever look good wearing a cloth facial mask? I think not!
Of course I had to glam it up with ridiculously long fake lashes and matching lippie!

Paula's Choice RESIST Youth-Extending Daily Mattifying Fluid
I have found myself reaching for this daily weather I am having a make-up free day or not.
Either way this stuff keeps my skin looking perfect and I never have that slight grease feeling
by the end of the day. Such an amazing product, I own no other like it! Currently an essential
part of my skincare routine. Watch the video here! :)

What were your favs in Feb?

Let's follow each other! 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015



By: Australis Cosmetics!

So every now and then there is a beauty product that has everbody talking. This is one of those
products. Raved about by beauty gurus, bloggers & vloggers all over Australia. A brilliant must 
have staple item perfect for beginners and professionals alike. The kit makes the confusion around
contouring simple. Broken down into 9 thouroughly explained, easy to follow steps using the 6
skin toned shades inside.

Now, if you're new to the art of contouring, let me break it down for you.
Contouring is a bit like magic. When done properly it can give the illusion of the perfect face.
Perfectly highlighted with chizzled cheek bones, a slimmer nose, face and that double chin, what
double chin? Know what I mean? If you've ever wondered how some women can transform them
selves with makeup and look almost unrecognizable, then you can bet your bottom dollar (along
with other makeup & other clever tricks) they've contoured the heck out of their whole face!

Ahh! Pretty packaging!!
RRP: $16.95 (Buy!)

Not to be confused with a similar looking Concealer Palette, which is designed to combat any redness, dark circles and imperfections 
on the skin.  The Contour Palette does a totally different job, yet both are brilliant essentials I recommend investing in your makeup collection. They are perfect to someone starting out in makeup who just want to concerntrate
  on getting the base right before delving into wearing loads of or any makeup. Without 
getting your base right, the icing on the cake will never look anywhere near as good as it could.

Just play around with products, practice and see what shades and techniques work for you.
You'll get there & with the help of products such as this one who break it down for you with
step-by-step instructions and pictures, you'll be contouring like a pro in no time! :)

From top to bottom/left to right as the palette shows above.

I'll admit taking the time to contour my whole face everday is not something I always do.
I am a busy mum of 2 toddlers so getting to spend time on my makeup is a treat.
However, this palette has so far changed my life as it makes contouring to much quicker
with all of the shades I could ever need all in one place! 

I feel like this has really helped my to perfect my base before applying the rest of my makeup
and it actually looks really natural on the skin and doesn't cake up with all the layers as I'd feared.

Do you contour?
What products do you recommend giving a go?

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Sunday, March 1, 2015



#Pink Shock #Berry Bomb #Oh! Orange
Move aside your regular Baby Lips and say hello to a fresh new take on this
must have nourishing lip product - Electro Pop!
Availible in 3 bright delicious shades! (See Below!)

These balms have a slight pigmentation to them which gives a hint of just bitton colour to your lips.
Ingredients include - Vitamin E, Collagen, Shea Butter & Honey! (Yum!)

Personally I can't stop licking my lips and sniffing the Berry Bomb flavour. However
all are are gorgeous, hydrating and as cute as each other!

RRP: $3.95(AU)
Available to purchase right now in many stores including -
Priceline, Coles, Woolies, K-Mart, Target, Big W, Chemist Warehouse + more!
Buy now!

Are you addicted to Baby Lips?
Have you tried the Electro Pop kind?

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