Friday, July 31, 2015



Australian Bush Flower Essences Uplifting Body Lotion
There is nothing more I want to do on crisp chilling mornings then staying snuggled up in my nice
warm bed. So when I do have to get up this little bottle of zesty goodness helps me wake up and
refreshes my skin after a nice hot shower. (Review!)

Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant Rich Gentle Toner
This smells so beautiful, it is almost like a spa in a bottle as it is so relaxing and feels amazing on the
skin. I am currently doubling this up as an air freshener around my house, spritzing it in each room
as I go about my daily cleaning rounds. (Review!)

Rimmel London Wonderful Wake Me Up Mascara
My most recent favourite, but a firm one! This smells like cucumber!!!! I kid you not! Amazing
at opening up my eyes especially on tired mornings after not much sleep. It curls, separates and
lengthens my short lashes with ease. Stay tuned for a full dedicated review with pics coming soon!

Rimmel London Oh My Gloss in 'Glossaholic'
This has become my most recent handbag essential as I have been carrying it around with me
where ever I go. It is so pigmented with such a gorgeous bold pink, it is most like a glossy lipstick.
I love how smooth is glides onto my lips and doesn't feel sticky or messy. The lasting power is pretty
great too! (Review!)(Video Swatch!)

Scunci On The Go Hair Kit
Also a recent must have edition to my handbag. This kit contains all of your everyday day hair
essentials including, basic black headbands, bobby pins, claw clip, hair ties as well as plastic clear
elastics and the cutest little zip up pouch to store them all in which keeps everything conveniently
all together and easy to find in a hair emergency!

Hair & Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment
I have seen this hair treatment around quite a bit this past month and it seems to be a big hit with
everyone, including me! I have long, thick and lightened hair so it needs a lot of TLC.
This treatment has been amazing on my hair and I found I only needed to use a small amount
to get the job done, so this is going to last me a good while I think. Really enjoying it!
Stay tuned for a full dedicated review on this very soon!

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*Some of these products may have been sent to me for consideration/review. 
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Tuesday, July 28, 2015



Welcome to my mid year empties! Here is what I used up in July! Not as much as in previous
months this year, but still going great guns none the less. Let me know if you'd be interested in
me blogging a stocktake of what's left in my mega stash of beauty prods. That could be fun, I know
it motivates and inspires me when I read/watch what other beauty lovers have and how they're
working through them.

I like to try and use up my older products first, however being a beauty blogger it's pretty
impossible not to stray and try newbies in-between. But that's just my general rule to keep things
rotating along and playing fair as well as limiting the amount of products going bad before I get the
chance to use them up.

Aaaaaanyway, let's take a look through my beauty trash!


Original Source Skin Quench All In One Moisturising Shower Gel
in Blackcurrant & Moringa Oil (FULL SIZE)
I received this product in my recent limited edition Bellabox and was loving it, until I knocked it over
in the shower and the bottle cracked and most of it spilt out everywhere! :( So sad! I did manage to
salvage quite a bit of it luckily, however I had to squeeze what I had left over into one of my travel
size bottles which made me just want to use it up quickly and move on to the next product. Was
lovely whilst it lasted. :)

Argan+ Argan Oil Super Creamy Body Wash (FULL SIZE)
I don't know if you can tell by looking closely at the base of this bottle, but I was super awesome and
somehow managed to also knock this bottle off my shower shelf and crack the lid! (Remind me to
change where I keep these!) Luckily I was pretty much done with it anyway, loved it by the way,
you should check out my full review here. ;)

I have been savouring this facial scrub because I have been loving it that much that I never wanted
it to end! The bursting beads of zesty freshness are so nice and refreshing when washing my face in
the mornings. I need more of this stato! (Review!)

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel (FULL SIZE)
Do you remember my Lush haul from a while back? Well this well known, well loved also limited
edition product had plenty of time to grow on me in between rotating through about a dozen or so
other body washes and scrubs. I actually grew to really love it and and hanging out for another bottle!

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid (SAMPLE)
This was another Bellabox surprise and a good one at that! I have used Paula's Choice in my skincare
routine (which you can watch here!) so I knew I loved their products already and this was the
icing on the cake for my skin to really add that extra little bit of help that it needed in keeping it clear
and bringing out the best in it.


Sukin Facial Moisturiser (FULL SIZE)
I am a huge fan of all Sukin products I have ever tried. They really are lovely and so natural and
smell wonderful. I really enjoyed this daily moisturiser. It felt so nice on my skin with it's light scent.
I highly recommend it and if you are interested to hear more about my experience with this and other
products from this brand then you can watch my full video review here. :)

Fantasy By Britney Spears Body Souffle (FULL SIZE)
This is actually a really pretty moisturiser. It smells simply gorgeous and it glides on my skin like a
dream. Honestly, I'm a little sad to let it go...but hey there is always fifty other Britney variations out
there to pick up next!

Avon Far Away Shimmer Gel (FULL SIZE)
This is seriously the most beautiful shimmer gel, like EVER! It has a jelly like consistency and leaves
the most beautiful shimmery shine all over your body making me feel like a real life fairy. :)
It is also lightly scented like the matching perfume. I looooooved it!

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler (SAMPLE)
This was a nice little surprise which I found in my recent Elle magazine which I used right away.
Only a very small amount in the sachet so a little hard to get my head around what I think of it.
Would need to try it more to form an opinion.

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore (SAMPLE)
This was nice too. I usually like to really lather up on my moisturiser from head to toe so this
wasn't enough to go very far. I'd be interested to try it full size as I know the brand and have used
their products before which were good.


I cannot remember where these came from, but omg they are awesome! These are up there with
the best I have ever used in terms of hair oils. Made my hair INSTANTLY frizz free, smooth and
soft. Just amazing and only needed to used a tiny amount on my long thick hair. Lasted ages, which
for a sample is a total bargain!

Aveda Damage Remedy Reconstructive Treatment (SAMPLE)
I have used many of these little sample tubes and really enjoy them. A lovely hair treat which I would
be happy to use again and again.

VO5 Hot Oil Shower Works (FULL SIZE)
An oldie but a goodie. I feel like it worked better on my hair when I was dying it darker, however
still does an alright job.


Revlon Pink Happiness Perfume (FULL SIZE)
This is an old favourite which I still love. This is a smaller travel/purse size version of the perfume.
It has served me well but I am ready to move on to some of my other perfumes in rotation which need
some love and attention.

Mitchum Clinical 48hr Powder Fresh Deodorant (FULL SIZE)
This is one of my favourites in terms of keeping body odour in check which actually works!
This stuff is gold and worth paying a little extra for. No matter how sweaty you get, you will not
have people holding their breath as they walk past you. Trust me, it's amazing! (Review!)

Organyc Liners (FULL BOX)
I was fortunate to have these sent to me to try and review so I have been very good to the
environment lately thanks to Organyc. Since they do just as good a job as any other liner I have
tried I don't see why I shouldn't continue to use these. Great quality and comfortable too.


L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24h Matte Foundation (SAMPLE)
With all of the hype surrounding this foundation I couldn't wait to try this one and it didn't disappoint.
I am dying to purchase this and use it again, however I have sooo many back up foundations in my
collection which are sure to last me into the next century!

Ten-O-Six Tinted Moisturiser (FULL SIZE)
I usually just slap on a tinted moisturiser if I know I am probably going to be spending the day at
home. It's quick and easy and still has me looking half decent if I do happen to quickly pop out
somewhere so if I have to answer the door or have someone visit unexpectedly.

SugarBaby Lip Gloss (FULL SIZE)
Found this old friend in my gloss draw recently and couldn't reach into the bottom to get anymore
product out, so into the beauty trash bin it goes!

That concludes my July empties for 2015!

Let's do a tally update to see where I am at as we head
into the second half of the year.

Full Size = 86
Samples = 121

Total Empties to date for 2015 = 207
(I must say, feeling pretty good about that!)

How are your empties going for the year?
Do you have a Project Pan Plan thing-y-o you're working on?

Does your beauty bin overflow like mine by the end of
the month?

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*Some products may have been kindly sent to me for consideration/review. 
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Monday, July 27, 2015





Oh ma gaaaa! Priceline is having yet another sale! This time with 40% of skincare! Woot woot!

Sale begins Tuesday 28th July - 29th July 2015!

You must know by now how obsessed I am with my skincare with me having featured many brands
and shared with you many of my various skincare routines over the past two years.

Now I am going to share with you what I recommend picking up at this mega quick 2 day sale and
what's on my wish list to get!

ANTIPODES Ananda Antioxidant Rich Gentle Toner
I recently reviewed this gentle toner and have been using it on and off in between testing out
new products which land on my desk here at CandyFairy HQ. ;) It's beautiful and very relaxing
and uplifting. Well worth taking a chance on for such a bargain with the 40% off.

CLEAN & CLEAR Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub
I can definitely vouch for this product as I recently finished it up and will feature in my empties
at the end of the end. So having gone through a whole tube of it, I can say I did not tire of it once!
It feels so nice with the bursting beads which are soft and smell a-mazing! (Review!)

SUKIN Purifying Facial Masque
After trying out a whole range of Sukin products which I have review here. This facial masque was
a stand out favourite. Deeply cleansing my pores and removing all of the yucky stuff. You can really
feel this masque working and it feels great and very satisfying!

SUKIN Hydrating Mist Toner
Mist toners have been a new regular part of my daily beauty routine only over about the past year or
so and I have never looked back. They are so hydrating and refreshing to use throughout the day,
especially when it is humid or you skin is feeling wind swept of particularly dry. Love it first thing in
the morning most though.

DR.LEWINNS Ultra R4 Ultimate Lift Serum
I have found serums to be so essential to my routine now a days with my skin beginning to noticeably
age. Noooo! So sad, but evidently true and virtually un-stoppable. Serums such as this one
particularly does help slow down or at least appear to slow down the process some what. My skin
looks a whole lot more youthful when I use this continually over a period of at least a week or more. (Review!)

NEUTROGENA Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser
Fast approaching my mid thirties, my skin still suffers from occasional acne and it drives me around
the bend! If it weren't for products like this one to keep my skin in check I would be a mess. Love it
and the pore refining is a nice added bonus. (Review!)

NIVEA Pure & Natural Cleansing Toner
This traditional cleansing toner I love using after cleansing and before moisturising to remove any
excess makeup my cleanser might have missed and it also tightens up my pores and doesn't dry out
my skin like some toners can do. (Review!)

CLEARASIL Oil Free Daily Gel Wash
This is a good old fav! Having first tried this thanks to Beautyheaven quite a few years ago.
You can catch my review here. This gel wash is great for acne prone or oily skin. It it so light and
foamy and just works - full stop! Love it!

PURETOPIA Sensitive Care Soothing & Comforting Facial Moisturiser
I have been loving this facial moisturiser this Winter when the elements and air can be extra harsh on
my skin. Created especially for sensitive skin types, it feels very loving and soothing on my skin.
It keeps my skin feeling soft and looking dewy and fresh all day even in the harsh chilly air. (Review!)

YES TO CARROTS Daily Facial Moisturiser
This is the most recent addition to my skincare routine and so far a stand out winner for me.
It smells amazing and I cannot wait to share my full review of it with you. Coming soon!

DOVE Go Fresh Facial Cleanser w/Cucumber & Green Tea
I have been a Dove consumer for as long as I have been washing my face! For as long as I can
remember I have always had Nivea products in my bathroom having caught the addiction from my
older sister who used them first. This one is especially delicious and enjoyable with it's cucumber
and green tea scents and ingredients. (Review!)

This is one of my all time favourite facial perfecting skin primers. It does an unbelievable job at
smoothing out my skin and concealing any imperfections. I find it easy to work with and totally
worth every cent! (Review!)

What are your recommendations?
Will you be picking anything up during the sale?
*Some affiliate links used. All opinions are 100% honest & all my own!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015



Proudly Presents...

(x6 Mini Pack!)

(Left to right!)
Cement The Deal, Shine For Me, Romantically Involved, Embrace The Grey, Dark Side Of The
Mood & My Silk Tie.

This light grey is such a gorgeous, simple, neutral shade which adds I think a modern twist to the
'nude' mani. It almost has a similar colour to that of an ash toned mud mask. I am really loving it and
getting into these more natural fuss free polishes more and more lately!

I have always been and always will be a lover of glitter nail polish. It doesn't matter the colour or
texture of the sparkles, if it shines, I'm a fan! Here I have applied two coats to show better clarity of
it's structure. With a mix of blue and silver, together this sheer design would look flawless this Winter
over another seasonal shade such as one of the greys in this collection or even a deep berry or black.

An essential in any woman's collection. A classic ruby red is a must year round. I am obsessed with
this timeless hue. It needs no further explanation, it is just perfection in a lil bottle!

Slightly darker than the 'My Silk Tie' although very similar. This is another great shade to embrace
this sweater weather time of the year. I have been sporting this lover both casually in my everyday
jeans and a plain tee as well as when I have dressed up to out. This polish hue works both ways

Easily mistaken for black, this deep dark grey is a lovely bold opaque lacquer with the tiniest hint of
silver shine amongst it. A very suitable Autumn/Winter hue also appropriate for rock stars and rebels. ;)

Not the first polish I have owned like this. I have several actually from numerous brands, however
I am so glad to add one from OPI to my collection as the quality is far supreme and the drying time
is much better than most. I adore silver polishes and this one is nice and shiny and definitely my style!

This OPI Mini's Set can be purchased from many leading Australian retails including David Jones
for a current RRP: $24.95

Buy Now!

Want a Real Life View?
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Thursday, July 16, 2015





My husband has been DIY-ing his own hair cuts at home for quite a few years now for a number of
reasons. It saves time, money and you get the exact results you are after because you are in complete
control of the whole process from start to finish!

However in saying that he has struggled through a few different products and tools never being 100%
satisfied with what he was using. The tool being either limited in it's range of choice, too blunt, too
complicated, not holding charge or just plain poor quality. So when I got him onto this VS Sassoon
'The Crew Cut' he was pretty wrapped to finally be able to try something new and different!

As you can see The Crew Cut is the perfect kit for your man to invest in if he likes to cut his own hair
(or have you do it) at home. This kit comes complete with absolutely everything he will need to 
achieve a no nonsense clean, precise and tidy look each and every time and it is so quick to do!

You get -

Storage Bag (Black & manly looking!)
Sleek red & black Crew Cut 
Sleek red & black Timmer (for ears, neck & side burns)
Comb Guide
Lubricating Oil
Cleaning Brush
Barber's Comb
Sharp Cutting Scissors
Long charging cord
Steel Blades & Adjustable Comb Guides (For 1-4 Style Cut)

The Crew Cut
How unique and stylishly cool does this crew cutter look?! This is so different and innovative than
any other kind of hair grooming tool I have ever seen. VS Sassoon have really thought out side of the
box with this one and I think they have nailed it on the head (no pun intended!) so to speak in terms 
of design, precision and what the 'every man' needs and wants in their own do it yourself at home,
easy to use, fast and reliable hair groomer at an affordable price and secure 3 year guarantee.

Distinctive in appearance and operation, the circular blade cuts the hair whilst you gently move it
around on your head in a swirling motion, stopping every now and then if a lot of hair begins to
collect in the centre of the blade, then continue on until you have an all over even result.

The clear plastic comb guide can be placed on and adjusted to give 3mm, 6mm, 9.5mm or 12mm
lengths. If you are after a super short 'O' grade style cut, then you can safely use the Crew Cut
without the comb guide attached. (See pic below).

The Crew Cut Trimmer

You obviously cannot use The Crew Cut to get to those more hard to reach places where all that
unwanted hair seems to consistently want to grow. This is where this handy brother to The Crew Cut
- The Trimmer comes into play!

Flawlessly crafted especially for trimmer of hair on the ears, neck and sideburns, this Trimmer gives
you the option of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm or 15mm trimming lengths when using the 5 position
comb guide.

Both The Crew Cut & Trimmer have been finely crafted using top quality Japanese steel blades and
Lithium-ion technology.

This Trimmer requires 2 AA batteries to
operate which are supplied to you in your
box. As with both the Crew Cut and the
Trimmer, both should be cleaned using the
cleansing brush to remove any excess hair
after each use and the blades lubricated
with the oil provided to help prolong the
life of the appliances.

My husband usually cuts his own hair then
gets me to finish up tidying around his ears
and neck where it's harder for him to see
and then make sure all the hair on his head
has been cut evenly with no spots missed.

It's safe to say with The Crew Cut because
it is guaranteed to give a perfectly even
result there was no going over or tidying
up for me to do. It was all even and looked
like a professional salon cut. The Trimmer
which I am usually reluctant to use as
previously they have been quite rough and
hard to use on my husband's sensitive skin.
However I was able to trim up around his
ears and neck without too much fear of
cutting him or snapping the hair out as this
Trimmer literally just glided right around
those tricky areas with ear and smoothness.

I highly recommend this Crew Cut kit
for any DIY man who wishes to save time
and money. It is even perfect to take
travelling as everything fits neatly into the
storage bag included.

Keen to see how The Crew Cut works in action?
Watch VS Sassoon's demo video below!

VS Sassoon The Crew Cut is currently available to purchase from The Shaver Shop for a
RRP: $119.95

How does the man in your life maintain his luscious locks?
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Tuesday, July 14, 2015



Love System

Uplifting Body Lotion


Typically I am a shower at night kinda person, lathering on which ever lotion smells the most inviting
to me before hopping into my pjs and then off to bed. However since (and I am sure I'm not alone
here) it has been absolutely, completely, utterly freeeeeezing lately I have been reluctantly (after
being jumped on and crawled over numerous times by my 2 and 4 year olds!) dragging my sorry
warm and cozy body out of my nice snuggly bed into the piercing ice cold morning air and straight
into the hottest I can get it shower. Staying there as long as possible before jumping out again
and lathering on this refreshingly citrus scented creamy body lotion which helps me in the waking
up process before putting on just about everything I own in my wardrobe just to keep relatively warm
for the rest of the day. Because let's face it, a hot shower this time of year is utter bliss, however it
can be pretty harsh on your skin, drying it out and leaving it feeling less than soft and moisturised.

This certified organic Australian body lotion comes in a pump style generous 100ml bottle and
is made up of a blend of truly unique and nourishing ingredients that are kind and gentle to your skin
 including -

Banksia Robur, Billy Goat Plum, Five Corners, Flannel Flower, Mulla Mulla, Old Man Banksia,
She Oak, Wisteria and of course beautifully skin kissed citrus. 

The white, creamy formula is not sticky and absorbs into the skin pretty much instantly meaning
you are not feeling sticky or getting product onto your clothes and can get dressed straight away 
which is essential in my day to day life being a busy mum of two toddlers who think the word 'wait' 
does not apply to them! ;)

Did I also mention it also smells super natural, subtle and energising?! It has just the right 
amount of zing to it which helps zap me into action ready to tackle to chaotic day ahead.

You can find a massive variety of range and products from Australian Bush Flower Essences
including a vast array of products available in their famous 'Love System' range on their website.

A recent award winner at the 'Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015!'

You can purchase this product directly from their website or from selected distributors across
Australia. See full list here currently for RRP: $24.95.

What are your thoughts on supporting natural Aussie brands?
Do you look to purchase Certified Organic products?
Let's follow each other! 

*This product was kindly sent to me for consideration/review. 
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Monday, July 13, 2015


~    VS SASSOON    ~



So some of you may have already seen my videos and read my reviews on other VS Sassoon
products made for women. Now I am excited to be able to share with you folks one of their
top quality, highly effective tools just for those lovely men in our lives!

The VS Sassoon i-Twin Trim is perfect for a man like mine whose body is less than bare as a
siamese cat! With twin blades, complete with all of the added extras any man's body will ever
need, this baby is designed to be used on both the face and anywhere on the body as well!

Impressive! So let's get into the details! :)

This man groomer is easily stored in this sleek and handy storage stand which has a place for
everything the i-Twin Trim comes with including - 

The main Twin Blade System
The Rotary Blade (For Nose, Ears & Eyebrows!)
x7 Comb Guides (For Face, Beard, Stubble & Body!)
Lubricating Oil (There is a little slot in the back to store this so it doesn't get lost!)
Cleaning Brush (Also stores neatly in the back for easy reach when needed!)

To break it all down since looking at the image above might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but
trust me once you know what everything is and what it is used for, it couldn't be any simpler!

There is the obvious stand as mentioned before in the top left corner of the image above.
Next to that is your actual i-Twin Trim. Just in front of that is a little tube of lubricating oil.
In front of the oil is the nose, ear & eyebrow trimmer head attachment. To the left of that you will
see the cleaning brush which will quickly and easily whisk away any left over hairs in the blades after
use. Then at the front of the image above you'll see 6 similar looking attachments and one which
appears more square to the right. Let's start with the 3 at the very front. These are called J1, J2 & J3.

J1 - To be used for a 1mm hair trim
J2 - To be used for a 2mm hair trim
J3 - To be used for a 3mm hair trim

Above that are 3 attachments which are each labeled with S1, S2 & S3.

S1 - To be used for a close stubble look
S2 - To be used for a medium stubble look
S3 - To be used for a high stubble look

And finally your square shaped attachment can be used to acquire a 4mm, 6.5mm, 9mm, 11.5mm
or 14mm hair trimmings. 

Now onto the more detailed hair of grooming yet still just as important to keep under check.
The nose, ear and eyebrow hairs on men can sometimes seem to grow more rapidly than on a
woman. This is where this handy device steps into action!

This is surprisingly so easy to use! Once the trimmer is fully charged, unplug it and turn it on.
Insert the tool being careful not to get too enthusiastic by going in too far and just gently and
slowly rotating it around inside as it removes your un-wanted hairs. Pain free!

(Close up view of the VS Sassoon i-Twin Trim nose/ear/eyebrow attachment!)

The i-Twim Twin takes just one hour to fully charge which will last you a good sixty minutes of 
usage time cordlessly using Lithium-ion technology.

If you are unsure, have any questions or get confused anywhere along the way when using your
 i-Twin Trim, don't panic as it comes with an amazingly detailed 8 page instruction booklet,
including step-by-step guides and pictures to get you (or your man) looking trimmed and smooth
in no time! :)

The VS Sassoon i-Twin Twin is currently available for purchase from The Shaver Shop
for RRP:$139.95 and comes with a 2 year warranty!

What VS Sassoon hair grooming products would you like to or have you tried?
Let's follow each other! 

*This product was kindly sent to me for consideration/review. 
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own