Sunday, February 14, 2016


~  Australian Bush Flower Essences  ~

Soothing Firming Eye Neck Face Gel

Calm & Clear
Love System
I think the universe may be trying to tell me something. What with all the recent anti-ageing products I have been trying out lately. Particularly targeting to the face and neck area. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than a happy and willing participant! Being 32 my skin sure would use all the help it can get before I really start looking my age. In saying that this has actually come at a great time as recently I have noticed a weird saggy bit of skin smack bang in the middle of my neck just under my chin. Like seriously, really!? Argh, how did this happen? I thought sagging in the neck was decades away from happening, but apparently not. Boo! :(

Since the Christmas period I have been using this facial gel by ABFE in conjunction with my other daily skincare products and have not only really enjoyed the clear, smooth texture and refreshing, relaxing scent, the results have been a bonus too.

With ingredients including flower essences of -
Black Eyed Susan
Bush Fuchsia
Little Flannel Flower
Paw Paw
She Oak

And infused with Aussie native plant extracts like Emu Bush, Kangaroo Apple & Quandong.

 This 30ml easy to use pump style bottle sure goes a long way. With one dispensed pump as shown in the image above, this amount of product is quite a generous amount to gently massage into your face and neck area. I usually have enough left over and also apply this to my decollate area.

This and other Australian Bush Flower Essences products can be found in selected stores around Australia and directly from their website. The extensive range means you’re sure to find a range of products perfectly suited to your skin’s needs and concerns at an affordable price. You can also rest assured you are buying Aussie made and owned as well as organic and environmentally friendly and cruelty free. Can’t get much better than that!

Over the past couple of months using this up to five days a week I have noticed a nice change
in the appearance of my few light wrinkles. They are actually lighter and less obvious.
Sometimes natural really is best! Trust in the earth and mother nature I say!

This product retails for $24.95 + shipping

Have you tried anything from the ABFE Love System range?
Are you concerned about anti-ageing particularly around the neck area?
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Thursday, February 11, 2016


~  Rimmel London  ~

Sun Shimmer Instant Tan

BB Skin Perfecter 

Medium Matte Review!

Recently I reviewed as similar new product also by Rimmel London which you can read all about here. This particular product however has been a great addition to my at home self tanning routine which I haven’t seemed to be able to stop doing since the beginning of Summer. This has been a bit of a bronzed obsessed holiday period for me and I have enjoyed every second of it!

One of my favourite things about the ever changing, growing and evolving products and innovations from the beauty industry is their ability to come up with product for not just one single purpose but several and in this case an impressive nine.

1. Softens Skin
2. Smooths Skin
3. Moisturises
4. Instant Tanning Results
5. Gives A Healthy Glow
6. Evens Skin Tone
7. Covers Skin
8. Protects Skin
9. Lasts Up To 24 Hours

This BB ‘wash off’ formula means I can experiment with as many layers of products as I want to determine the shade I am feeling that particular day and if it turns out too dark or not looking right I can just wash it right off and start over again instantly! No waiting around for days or up to a week for a dodgy tan application to fade here. Too often I find I haven’t exfoliated my skin enough and my fake tan can look much darker and a bit dirty on my knees and around certain areas on the tops of my feet. Definitely NOT a good look!

At just $13.95 this Sun Shimmer Instant Tan has barely any shimmer actually in it, yet it gives your skin a certain glow and the slimming illusion of the deep chocolate matte shade does a super job on my otherwise naturally not at all very toned thighs.

Available in both Medium Matte & Light Matte! (Shop Now!)

What are your thoughts on instant wash off fake tanning?
How dark do you like to fake bake?

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


~  Homedics NEWA  ~

Demo & Review!
Having just turned 32 last month, I am becoming more and more aware and dedicated to my skincare
routine like never before. Since my early 20's I have always taken care of my skin mainly to help
keep my acne under control. Now a days I still very much stick to my twice daily skincare routine,
changing up the products and trying new ones whenever I get the chance. I have come to know
through trial and error what works for my skin and what doesn't.

Within the past 3-4 years I have come to notice a few little crows feet appearing and the bags under
my eyes are ever more present then they once were post having my 2 kids and sleeping like a regular
person. Now that I am busy looking after them full time as well as helping my husband run our
business, my Youtube channel and this blog amongst all the other responsibilities of everyday life,
sleep has become about a 6 broken hour a night luxury.

Now that you have the low down in short of my skincare history let me introduce to you a device I
have been using over the past few months which I believe has made an significant difference to the
appearance and age of my skin.

Newa is a skin rejuvenation system has been recommended by dermatologists from all over the world
 and is designed to lift, firm, smooth and tighten your skin, re-creating collagen within the skin.
Results can be seen as quickly as after the very first use with results being more obvious after a

The instructional DVD included with you Newa is great to watch before starting with the treatment
and gives you in depth detail on how to best use the Newa for ultimate long term effective results.

It is essential to use the Newa with the recommended Activator Gel for 5 sessions per week for one
 month and then twice weekly there after. The Activator Gel not only helps to protect the skin, it
 provides it's own facial treatment within itself giving your skin the ultimate at home spa collagen
 facial completely un-invasive and pain free!

Once you apply the gel directly to the device you then turn on the Newa. The indicator light will turn blue and once you have pressed the lit up button again it will begin to start flashing. This indicates it is ready to go. It is important not to exceed the maximum four minute treatment session once a day. You will know you are done as the device with light up from blue to green & give you a little buzz.

Apply the Newa device to the skin in and rotate in small circular motions. The Newa device is
designed to be used upon six sections of your face. The upper and lower cheek area or each side and
 then under the chin to help lift and firm the skin underneath on each side. There are two heating
levels. Newa recommends starting with the higher setting, however if it begins to feel too warm for
 your liking, you can always just switch it down to the low heat setting. Slowly you will begin to feel
your skin warming up, however it did not get hot or uncomfortable for me. Moving the device in
 larger circular motions on your face will tone down the feeling of heat a little if it does start to feel a
 bit too much.

Just like most facial treatments upon the end of each session you
skin will appear slightly reddened but shouldn't be sore, burning or irritated which mine was not.
I found the redness to not appear too bad on my face (I think my skin is pretty tough) and the redness
only lasted about half an hour before settling down again.

What I love most about the Newa Skin Rejuvenation System is that it does all of this in just four
minutes per session once a day! Being such a busy bee, this fits into my life with ease and has
 definitely been worth the extra time spent.

Has your skin developed any wrinkles?
Do you include any anti-ageing skincare products in your skincare routine?

Newa Rejuvenation System - $499.00 (Buy!)
Activator Gel - $59.95 (Buy!)

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Sunday, February 7, 2016



Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse


If you have been watching my recent Youtube videos lately then you probably would have heard me
banging on about how much I have been DIY self tanning at home lately. Well here is one of the main
products I have been using in my daily tanning routine. Rimmel London's Sun Shimmer Self Tan
Mousse is available in your choice of 'Light Matte', 'Medium Matte' or 'Dark Matte.' I have been 
using the Dark Matte shade and initially I was thinking it was going to be WAY too dark for my super
light skin, as usually I will either tan gradually or stick to the light tanning shades so not to over do it.
However this 'Dark Matte' shade wasn't OOT at all and looked super natural on the skin. No orange
tinge to it AT ALL, it is beautifully chocolaty brown and looks flawless!

This 150ml pump style bottle to so easy to use and as you can see from the image above, this is the
amount of product you get with just one pump which was enough for me to apply one coat to my 
whole leg top to bottom. Honestly though once I first applied it which dried in just a few seconds
I thought it really wasn't giving me enough colour so I applied an extra coat to see how it would 
develop within the recommended hour. Once the hour was up the formula had darkened only slightly
on my skin so was still looking very natural. 

After 3 weeks of application each day my tan quickly built up into a sun kissed glow and not too dark
that I was unrecognisable! It lasts up to 7 days so after over month of using this it has maintained an
all over even shade as I have been exfoliating every few days in-between which washes some of the 
colour off each time. 

Overall I would really recommend this self tanning mousse to both beginners and long time users of
DIY self tans as it is not only a great price, the mildly scented moisturising, light foam is up there in 
terms of a budget friendly product. The quality is as good as the more expensive brands in my 
opinion and experience. 

Available NOW at Priceline & other selected stores for only $16.95

How do you self tan at home?

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Thursday, February 4, 2016



Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara


I own a few other Max Factor makeup items in my collection and I have always wondered why I
don't hear as much of this brand as some others. I feel like Max Factor deserves a bit more
recognition as their products are amazing!

I have really enjoyed incorporating this mascara into my everyday makeup routine along with others from the brand. Together they work well and I love the end result.

The sleek and posh black & gold tube is very classy and grown up looking as opposed to some other brightly coloured ones on the market. This makes me feel good to use for a change. I like the feeling!

The wand is easy to use and hold in my hand. I can apply steadily and coat every single lash, even those almost invisible ones on the inner corner on both the top & bottom. 

My lashes are nothing to brag about so I loved having them given a nice amount of extra length and volume to make me appear more awake, alive and with the illusion of slightly bigger eyes. YAS!! :D (I have always envied Ashley Olsen's doll like beautiful big eyes!) My eyes don't look quite THAT amazing, but using this mascara has definitely helped!

No overpowering scent or anything which I like when it comes to mascaras because then I definitely know when they need to hit the bin as soon as I begin to feel that waft of product creep up my nose!

Overall, this mascara has been great and I have been using it everyday. For night to add a little more drama, I found applying a few extra coats made a bigger difference in making them appear to have that slight 'False Lash Effect'.

I would recommend for both day & night for those who want a more grown up, classy looking mascara that is versatile in giving you a range of looks from office professional to let your hair down party animal depending on how many coats you apply. :)

Do you have a favourite versatile mascara?

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


January Empties!

Previous Months - January / February / March / April / May / June / July / August / September / October / November / December

So here we are, another year gone & the first month already done & dusted!
Can you believe it? Let's take a look into my binned things for January...

~ HAIR ~

Puretopia Moisture Repair Nourishing & Strengthening Shampoo
This was a refreshing change to my regular hair care products. Highly recommend this one.
Full review can be found here. :)

VO5 Anti Frizz Leave-in Conditioner 
This was alright. Tamed my frizzy hair a little bit. Don't think you can still get this anymore?
Had this product sitting around for ages!

VO5 Silky Smooth Silk Serum
Same with this product. Had it for forever and FINALLY used it all up. Note to self - Serums take
a long time to use, so don't go buying so many you dork!!!

~ BODY ~

Colgate Max White One Mouth Wash
Super, amazing, great, loved it! I have been using heaps of teeth whitening products this past
year and finally, I think my teeth are a little bit whiter. I have products like this one to thanks for that!

Palmolive Foaming Nourishing Hand Wash in Raspberry
Will never stop buying this! Smells gorgeous and foams up straight out of the pump which the kids

Vagisil pH Plus Intimate Wash
Thank you to the lovely Livia from her blog for this as I won it from her giveaway a little while ago.
I just used this as an all over body wash. It also makes great bubbles in the bath! :)


PureTan Pure Bronze Dark Tanning
This was way too dark for my skin, however I still really enjoyed using it and the formula was good.
I have been tanning heaps lately so it was nice to try something new. Thanks to BH for including this

Carol's Beauty Sun Tanning Enhancer Lotion
This is quite an oily formula, however really nice to use. I have been using this along with this 
Carol's Beauty Tan Enhancing Oil in my everyday tanning routine to help prolong my fake tan.
It is also super moisturising!

Carol's Beauty Sun Tanning Enhancer Oil
Again, really enjoyed using this over my fake baked skin. There are just the small bottles, there are
also full size ones available which I have reviewed here. :) 

Vagisil Fresh Plus Intimate Wash
Another sample of the Vagisil, I cannot recall exactly where it came from, however I am thinking it
may have been from a recent Elle or Cosmo mag? hmm..

Schick Hydro Silk Razor Re-Fill
This is an old favourite which I have been using for years. Does a great job, however isn't my
absolute fav. That crown goes to the Schick Intuition, hands down! 

Arbonne Skincare Samples
Dug these out of my Doll Connection blog event goodie bag recently and decided to see how they'd
go. Pretty nice products actually, although a bit on the pricer side. 

Watch! - January Empties!
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


~  December Empties  ~

Previous Months - January / February / March / April / May / June / July / August / September / October / November

Today I share with you my very last empties post for the year 2015!
Late as usual, so my January empties will most likely be up after this one. Video has already been
filmed & is up on my channel if you want to take a sneak peak before I post it here. :)
The past year was hands down the most productive and successful in terms of using up old products
and clearing out some much needed space in my bathroom!

Feeling good about that as I have begun the new year with a bang, continuing to focus on my
 de-cluttering and chipping away at it bit by bit not only in my bathroom but my whole house as
well. :)


Real-U Cleanse Gentle Foaming Facial Wash
This brand seems to have been getting quite a bit of buzz over social media and with bloggers this
past year and with pretty good reason. My skin has always been acne prone. I am (finally) old enough
now to have my skincare routine down to a fine art and rarely ever break out anymore. However I
do still occasionally get the odd pimple yet when I used this daily over a period of a few months I
didn't get a single one!

Avon Clear Skin Blemish Clearing Foaming Cleanser
Another fantastic facial cleanser. As mentioned in many of my previous empties. This stuff is also
amazing for clearing acne fast!


Wella Pro Series Strong Hold Hairspray
I liked having a nice large bottle handy all the time. It lasted me ages and did a great job for
everyday hair styles.

Pantene Pro-V Colour Therapy Leave In Hair Moisturiser
This was a kinda old product which I was very happy to finally finish up before the end of the
year. Slowing getting through my hair moisturisers. I have no idea how I accumulated so many?

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray
One of the best hair sprays I have ever tried. Holds my hair and curls/waves in place all day.
Doesn't have that overwhelming scent to it either which is super duper!

Garnier Ambre Solaire Self-Tanning Multi Position Spray
With it being Summer and with me being naturally very white, I have dug through my bathroom
cabinets and found a few tanning sprays and lotions etc. This one was probably one of the oldest in
my stash, so like always I used this one up first. It was pretty good, I liked that I could point it in any
direction or angle and it still sprayed the product out really easily which made it great to get in harder
to reach places like the backs of my legs. :)

Lanolips Lovely Lanolin Herbal Treatment Body Oil
Used this up by massaging it into my stretched out post baby belly. Liked this one and kept my skin
nice and hydrated and looking a bit less red.

Trefiel Lace Design Facial Mask
I posted an Instagram picture of myself wearing this a little while ago. It is a such a pretty mask.
Really hydrating and generously soaked in a clear serum. Super luxurious product.


Sea Siren Cosmetics Sealicious Hand & Foot Scrub (Sample)
Dermal Therapy Heel Balm x2 (Samples)
Dermal Therapy Hand Balm x2 (Samples)
Dermal Therapy Very Dry Skin Cream x2 (Samples)
Dermal Therapy Platinum Heel Balm x2 (Samples)

Watch! - December Empties!
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