Thursday, April 30, 2015


~  AVEENO  ~

Daily Moisturising Lotion

Today I want to write about an old classic when it comes to body moisturising as I have been using
Aveeno for many years and swear by it to nourish and deeply moisturise your skin from head to toe
by soaking gently into your skin and smoothing out that scaley surface we all sometime get especially
it this cool weather.

This Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion is completely fragrance free so it is perfectly suitable for
even those with super sensitive skin. I have normal skin, however I always moisturise top to bottom
daily after showering. It has been part of my routine for about five or so years and I often get
complimented on how young and good my skin looks, so I believe a large reason my skin still looks
smooth, soft and new is because I am so vigilent in looking after my skin and it has paid off!

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion is particularly perfect for this time of the year when the wind 
begins to blow and the weather becomes unforgivingly chipper because as we live in these elements
they can speed up the drying out process on our skin causing cracked lips and drier than usual skin.

Even if you skin becomes irritated from the weather or from becoming excessively dry, this product
will give some relief and immediently put back some of that natural moisture our skin craves for up
to 24hrs! Made from naturally active ingredients including Oatmeal which is particularly soothing
to the skin.

Aveeno products can be found in many stores to purchase including - Priceline, Coles, Woolworths,
Target, K-Mart & BigW. 

Have you tried any products from the Aveeno range?
Do you suffer from dry, sensitive or irritated skin?

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Another month done and dusted and another bin load jamed packed full of products I've
managed to scrape and queeze every last inch out of and I have to say these last few months of
empties have had me on a pretty good roll!

Since January, so far this year including this month I have already finished up a total of 50 full size
 products and 93 samples! Last year alone I only managed to tally up 74 full sized products
and 65 samples, so I reckon I'm going great guns at surpassing last years tally! Woopee! :)

Let's sort through this months bundle...!


Cleansers/Washes/Scrubs -
Dove Go Fresh Moisturising Body Wash 'Cucumber & Green Tea' (Review!) (Buy!)
Dove Essential Nutrients Self-Foaming Cleanser
Dove Essential Nutrients Non Foaming Cleanser
Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Honey & Coriander Bath/Shower Gel
Australian Bush Flower Essences Gentle Everyday Face Wash Serum 'Purifying Evening Rose' (Review!)
Australian Bush Flower Essences Gentle Purifying Mask & Exfoliating Cream
Australian Bush Flower Essences Gentle Everyday Face Wash Serum 'Morning Citrus Dynamis'
ModelCo Exfoliating Cream Facial Scrub (Buy!)
Zk'in Purifying Cleansing Gel x2
Zk'in Calming Cream Cleanser
Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
Shu Uemura Skin Purifier
Romy Bath/Shower Gel

Moisturisers/Serums -
Pamers Cocoa Butter Formula Intensive Moisturizing Lotion (Buy!)
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Perfecting Moisturizing Day Cream (Buy!)
Garnier Roll On For Eyes (Buy!)
Garnier Body Tonic Massaging Roller Ball (Buy!
Sugar Baby Beauty Queen Alluring Body Lotion
Gaia Baby Moisturiser (Buy!)
Romy Body Lotion
Mannatech Skin Lotion
Dr.LeWinns Day Cream Moisturiser x2 (Buy!)
QV Sport Moisturiser
Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion (Buy!)
Zk'in Rebalancing Lotion
Zk'in Line Smoothing Serum x2
Zk'in Relief Moisturiser
Australian Bush Flower Essences Travel Day Essence Moisturiser
Australian Bush Flower Essences Soothing Firming Eye Neck Face Gel Calm & Clear
Australian Bush Flower Essences Soothing Body Lotion Evening Rose
Australian Bush Flower Essences Calm & Clear Daily Essence Moisturiser
Australian Bush Flower Essences Body Love Daily Essence Moisturiser
Australian Bush Flower Essences Uplifting Body Lotion Morning Citrus Nynamis
Australian Bush Flower Essences Replenishing Night Cream 
Australian Bush Flower Essences Emergency Daily Essence Moisturiser
Australian Bush Flower Essences Intensive Eye Serum Delicate Skin Treatment
Australian Bush Flower Essences Intensive Hand Cream Beautiful Hands
ModelCo Soothing Moisturiser Day & Night (Buy!)
ModelCo Instant Miracle Booster Skin Brightening & Firming Serum (Buy!)
Jurlique Rose Hand Cream (Buy!)

Cedel Dry Shampoo (Buy!)
Romy Eucalyptus & Lemongrass Shampoo
Romy Eucalyptus & Lemongrass Conditioner

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste (Buy!)
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Mouthwash (Buy!)
Clever White Dissolving Teeth Whitening Strips x2 (Buy!)

Avon Pink Nailwear Nail Enamel
BYS Purple Nail Enamel

Mavala Eye Make-Up Remover Gel
Aqium Antibacterial Hand Gel (Buy!)

Full Size!


Link me to your empties posts below!

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Sunday, April 26, 2015


~  TanOrganic  ~

Review & Giveaway!

Duo Bronzer - This Duo Bronzer is uniquely packaged containing two bronzed tones perfect
for contouring and highlighting the face year round. One half has a medium to dark toned chocolate 
brown which I find blends easily into the contours of my face giving it natural dimension and tone. 
The other half holds a golden bronze shimmer to highlight the areas of the face where the sunlight
naturally hits. (Tops of the cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose, cupids bow. - Also makes for
a killer eyebrow highlight as it looks subtle and natural, highlighting them and helping to open up
tired eyes without looking too glimmery or glitzy! Added bonus is the handy mirror inside which I
couldn't live without, especially on the go!

Organic Self Tan - This product gives my skin a beautifully bronzed glow about two shades
darker than my natural self. I like to apply it twice over because I am naturally actually very light.
The 100ml frosted glass bottle is said to contain up to seven full body tans! I have been using mine
quite a lot lately and there is still loads left in there, so I don't see it running out anytime soon. If you 
love organic products which don't contain any parabens or synthetic or dying agents then this one's 
for you! TanOrganic products also don't give you that just fake tanned smell either. Instead their
products have a light citrusy scent about them which smells fresh and clean!

Self-Tanning Oil - Let me introduce to you the world's very first self tanning oil! Yep, pretty
amazing huh? This gradual tanning oil not only gives your skin a light natural glow, darkening slowly
after each application to give you absolute control over the shade you want, it also moisturises and
nourishes your skin each time. TanOrganic products are suitable for all skin types, even if your skin
is super sensitive. Made from natural ingredients including Borage Seed, Argan and Orange Peel 
Oils, TanOrganic is actually Eco-Certified so you can have a clean conscious when purchasing their

Oil Arganic Multi Use Dry Oil - This product is amazing and I this is the first of it's
kind I have ever encountered. This oil is interesting because it is actually a 'dry oil'. So once applied it
soaks directly into the skin instantly moisturising and prolonging your instant tan, leaving your skin 
feeling completely dry and non greasy! As a multi useful product, this can also be used on stretch marks, acne scaring, 
cuticles and even in your hair to tame and prevent frizz and fly aways.

Luxury Application Mitt - Having some kind of application mitt when applying fake tan
quickly became a necessity for me after my hands became a dirty looking streaky orange one time
when I was in a hurry and didn't bother being careful and wasn't worrying about the consequences of
my actions. Invest in this Luxury Application Mitt and it will be your self tanning best friend! It is so
velvety soft and makes applying TanOrganic Self Tan & Self-Tanning Oil a breeze as the application
is spread out perfectly even and makes it appear so natural and completely even.

Tan Erase Exfoliating Glove - When it comes time to remove my fake tan or my 
exfoliation before hand hasn't been done quite well enough and my tan is fading a little too obviously,
then it's time to bring this baby out to play! This glove fits my hand perfectly and gives my skin a
good scrub down without being too harsh or scratchy. This glove is so handy and durable. It can be
used over and over again on wet or dry skin which makes it totally convenient as well!

Watch my video below demonstrating & talking in more detail about the products mentioned above!
AND - Be sure you don't miss your chance to enter my huge 
$200 TanOrganic GIVEAWAY!
Click above!

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Friday, April 24, 2015





I have never suffered from dry skin, however no matter what your skin type may be all skin
naturally loses it's natural moisture throughout the day and needs to be replenished.

I do what I can by aiming to consume the recommened 8 glasses of water a day. I admit that I
usually fail dismally at doing this, so knowing that I am at least lathering on some of this Water
Gel by Neutrogena which doubles the moisture levels in your skin within just one hour makes me
feel a lot better!

This Water Gel is lightly fragranced and feels light and weightless on your skin. It must soak right
into my skin because by the time I have screwed the lid back on and reached for my foundation for
the day I can not feel any trace of it on my skin, yet my skin feels soft, smooth and supple.

The sky blue non sticky gel slowly keeps on releasing moisture into your skin throughout the day for
a full 24 hours! I have been applying this in the morning after cleansing my face and before make-up
all over my whole face, neck and chest area. If I had a particularly dry area anywhere on my body 
I would apply it there too!

This 50g tub is plastic yet looks like clear, crystal blue glass. (ie, expensive looking, not cheap!)
So it shouldn't break or shatter if you happen to drop it or have an accident.

Dermatologist Tested & Oil Free!

Neutrogena Water Gel is available to purchase from Priceline, Chamist Warehouse, Target,
Terry White Chemists & Amcal Pharmacy in Australia to name a few and currently retails
for $24.99 (Or a few bucks cheaper if you shop around!)

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Monday, April 20, 2015



So many new goodies landed on my desk this month in addition to a bunch of newbies I purchased!
It was one super busy month both personally and professionally and I fear (in a good way) that it is
only going to get even busier! I am looking forward to the rest of 2015 and cannot wait to look back
on it all once this year comes to an end. I am sure it will continue to no doubt fly by!

I hope you'll continue to read as I share with you some products I am loving and recommend if you
feel like a bit of retail therapy or online indulgence! :)

Argan+ Super Creamy Body Wash
Not only does this smell subtle, yet creamy and yummy, it feels like a velvet, bubbly dream on your
skin. I have been absolutely loving this and the gold and turquoise tube, omg, LOVE!

Coast To Coast Ultra Gentle Facial Polish
I can't enough of scrubs and exfoliators. I just enjoy using them so much as they always leave me
skin feeling smooth and renewed by removing all of the build up of dead skin. This one is my 
current love. Check out my full demo and review in the video here! 

Guess Dare Perfume
Guess is such a classic, timeless brand and their perfumes always delight the senses. The new release
smells beautifully floral but isn't overpowering at all. I love the baby pink shade and the feminine
and girlie scent lasts the whole day. (Buy!)

Australian Bush Flower Essences Face Wash Serum
Facial Wash Serum's are new to me, but I have been loving this! It smells so natural (because
it is) and completely relaxes me and takes me right back to nature.

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flushed Blush in 'Candy Glow'
Beyond cute, this blush is 100% completely me! I am loving gold accents at the moment, weather
it's in make-up packaging or decor, it is my new thing. This 3 toned beauty is to die for!
Check it out in my recent haul video here!

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Bronzer Quad
Why on earth I have never purchased anything from Physicians Formula before is beyond me!
Their products are BEAUTIFUL! Omg, their packaging (I am all about cuteness!) is gorgeous!
I recently picked this baby up for less than half price and I am so glad I did! The shades give you
the most perfect sun kissed, stunning glow! Highly, highly recommend this! Just about everything
else from them is currently on my wish list! (Buy!)

TanOrganic Bronzing Powder Duo
Completely matte chocolate brown on one half and a medium shimmery shade on the other.
Everything you need to get through the Winter this will keep you looking sun kissed and glowing.
If you like the sound of this and would like the chance to win one then make sure to enter my
GIVEAWAY by watching my video demo and review here! (Good Luck!)

OPI Nail Lacquer in 'Suzi Shops & Island Hops'
The perfect baby pink! I love this kind of shade for everyday wear. It's girlie and feminine and looks
amazing on, especially with lightly (fake) tanned skin. It really makes the colour pop and look bold.
Just gorgeous, I am totally chugging through this bottle! (Buy!)

Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in 'Fuchsia Desire'
This new range from Maybelline seems to be everybody's favourite lately! I caved and purchased
a classic hot pink which is a shade I wear a lot. I don't usually show much interest in lip pencils, 
however this on is much bolder in colour than I expected and the formula glides on like a dream!
Pleasantly surprised with this product! (Buy!)

All over red rover!

(Full review of all products mentioned above coming soon if not linked already!)
Are you currently obsessed with any of the same products as me at the moment?
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*Some of these products may have been kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are 100% honest and all my own
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~  SKLEER  ~

Skin Restoration Gel

This multi-purpose all in one gel is a must have essential in any beauty cupboard!
Combating some of the top most common & frustrating skincare problems. Let me give you a quick
rundown of what this baby can do and be used for!

- Zapping zits
- Clearing black heads
- Fades sun & age spots
- Deep moisture for extra dry skin
- Use on insect bites
- Nappy rash
- Burns
- Hives
- Skin rashes
- Abrasions
- Sunburn
- Chafing
- Scaring
- Razor burn/rash

The list goes on! This would be a very handy product to have in any household. Especially the
First Aid Kit! I have already been using this on my skin in hopes of completely getting rid of every
single tiny little black head on my face and so far it's doing a great job! I only really have dry skin on
the bottoms of my feet, mainly on the base of my big toes. This has been great at adding the moisture
back into my skin and healing the cracks. The kids have had a few mozzie bites lately which they
seem to be extra sensitive to and they swell up quite a bit on the both of them unfortunately. This gel
seems to have calmed them down overnight which was a great and quick relief to see!

Skleer does not contain any Parabens, Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide found in many common
and popular acne washes. Skleer instead uses many natural yet just as effective ingredients 
including - Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Cardamom Oil, Caraway Oil and Cinnamon Oil.

Skleer do not test on animals!!!

Skleer is available to purchase directly from their website with FREE shipping
Australia wide for $19.99!

Not badly priced considering this gel spreads out a long way when applied so you only need a
tiny amound for each use. Not to mention the long list of benefits it can do for you and your family.

I love multi-purpose products because not only do they save me money and time searching around
the house or my bag for what I need, it saves space replacing potentially 10+ products into just one!

Do you like the sound of Skleer?
What multi-use products do you recommend?
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*This product was kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are 100% honest and all my own

Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Love System

Gentle Everyday Face Wash Serum!

Has anyone else noticed the sudden drastic change in the weather lately? Over the past few weeks
here is Brisbane is seems to have gone from humid and hot to quite chilly in the mornings, warming
up throughout the day to become a beautiful balmy perfect day. However nice this change happens to
be, somehow my skin and body in general is not happy. As soon as the slight cold snap hit my nose
began to run, my skin has broken out slightly and I just in general don't feel 100% myself. Boo! :(

To cheer myself up and treat myself to some pampering (which always seems to do the trick!) I
decided to try out a different brand on my skin as trying new products is something I love doing and
makes me happy! :)

Australian Bush Flower Essences is a brand I have tried in the past with various samples provided
in a few different subscription boxes and really enjoyed them as they are all about self love and
looking after youself. Not to mention I am all for supporting our Aussie brands!

Including this vast arrangment of samples you see below (Keep a look out for them in my
upcoming April Empties!) I have also been trying out their Gentle Face Wash Serum with
Purifying Evening Rose which smells so divine, like a bunch of fresh Aussie bush flowers, which is
exactly what it is! The scent is 100% on point and takes me right back to my early childhood days
growing up in a small country NSW town.

The Bush Flower Essences in this Face Wash Serum include - Angelsword, Bauhinia, Billy
Goat Plum, Bottlebrush, Five Corners, Fringed Violet & Macrocarpa.

Suitable for all skin types of all ages. Gentle enough for both young and mature skins.
79% Certified Organic Ingredients! Love that!

This white creamy formulation comes in a simple, easy to use turquoise pump 50ml bottle and
RRP's currently for $19.95 and was recently a winner in the Natural Health International
Beauty Awards!

Click here to find a distributer of Bush Flower Essences products near you.

Have you tried any products from Bush Flower Essences 'Love System' range?
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*This product was kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are 100% honest and all my own

Monday, April 13, 2015




If you've been reading my blog for a while or know me personally you'll know how obsessed
I am with coconut scented things! That along with vanilla and milk & honey are my stand out
favourite flavours when it comes to beauty products. 

This Coconut Body Butter by Dirty Works has had me smelling like a sweet coconut desert each night recently and I am loving it! I have been applying this after showering as it absorbs so much 
better on damp skin and blends right into my skin like a dream. It also doesn't feel sticky which is great because I have tried some body butters in the past (particularly sweet scented ones) which 
tend to leave a sticky and sickly sweet scent without soaking into or doing much if anything for
 my skin.

This generous sized 300ml tub however has made my skin feel so smooth and soft. Waking up in
the morning, I can tell it has done it's job overnight at replenishing my skin with moisture and getting
rid of the dryness, especially the scaly skin on my knees and the skin on and around my feet.

As you can see from both the pic above and below, this body butter is so thick and ultra creamy
and just so much fun to use! It is so inviting at times I feel like diving right in there! 

The purple tub is such a gorgeous purple and as an obsessive beauty product junkie I am now
lusting after the matching Coco Cabana Coconut Wash and matching Life's A Beach Coconut Scrub!

Check out for more adorably cute products & further info!

Dirty Works products are available to purchase here in Australia from Target & Coles. 
This particular product currently RRP's for just $9.95!

Do you love to indulge with Body Butters?

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*This product was kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are 100% honest and all my own

Wednesday, April 8, 2015



Idol Eyes Kate Moss Mascara!


My eyelashes have never been one of my best features. They have just sort of just been there.
Un-noticed, although naturally dark they have just never been long, thick or have any sort of curl
to them. Thank you to whoever the beauty god was who invented mascara because without it who
knows where I'd be!?

Every now and again a new mascara comes along which far beats all of my expectations.
I want long, I want thick and I want mascara that will curl my lashes upwards and open up my eyes.

This one does that! See pic below!

Now compare the above photo of my eye to the one below without any make-up.
Obviously there is a huge difference! This mascara just about doubles the length of my lashes and
definitely opens them up to the point where the tips almost touch the arch of my eyebrows!
(Excuse the un-plucked bushiness! It's been a long week!)

As you can see this mascara does not seperate every single eye lash, however if I could locate my
eyelash brush I am sure I could comb those suckers apart. Has anyone tried blow drying their
eyelashes? Aparently that works like magic at giving you perfectly separated, perfect looking lashes.
It is on my to-do list to try it!

Have you tried this Rimmel London Idol Eyes mascara?
How do you get perfect looking lashes?

Let's follow each other! 

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*All photographs & opinions are 100% honest and all my own
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015




Renergie Multi-Lift!

Having turned 31 at the very beginning of the year really nailed it into me just how fast
my 30's are already progressing and how long ago my 20's seemed!

Now, more than ever I am focused on my anti-ageing skincare regime and fighting the inevitable battle of getting older.

When products like this one come my way I get so excited as this would not normally be a product
within my budget to purchase for myself. 

This product is a luxe treat and one I am treating like a little tub of pure gold, 
because at the end of the day, I'd rather have flawless, perfect skin than a tub of gold any day! 
Vein? Yep!

My bedroom decor has a few mirrored furniture pieces and the packaging of this fits in like family.
The silver box with it's gold signature rose accent is so gorgeous and lady like. 
The beauty only continues as you open up the box and delve inside the violet casing.

The formula has a rich, pretty scent which reminds me of a well kept older woman. Dripping in
pearls and diamonds with her make-up perfectly applied. Every time I apply this ulta light, creamy
gel like cream I imagine I will be like that in my 60's, 70's and beyond. (Or however long I last
on this earth!) Still looking around 30 when I'm in my 70's?! Yes please!

At the moment though, my skin is behaving pretty well. It seems to have grown out it it's acne
fit and it is a lot less oily than it used to be. I would classify my skin as normal with a few fine lines
around my eyes when I smile as well as those deep worry lines across my forehead. Other than that,
my skin is okay. 

Since using this Lancome NEW Renergie Multi-Lift Cream, I have noticed my skin to feel much
softer. The skin on my neck and chest area seem to be much smoother and less irritated. I seem
to get random red rashes in this area about once a day whenever I am stressed or anxious and
I feel like this cream has calmed it all down since applying this cream.

As for the multi-lift effect. The only place I feel like has had gravity take to it a tiny bit is my cheeks.
In some photos I can tell they're not as plump as they once were.  After about a week of using this
cream twice daily, I can see, even without taking a picture, my skin has lifted ever so slightly!
I'm not sure how long the effect will last, but I am loving it! It makes so much difference to my
confidence, especially when I smile! So amazed as no other product I've used has ever achieved
this effect!

Overall a really lovely cream which I highly recommend. I don't see how anyone wouldn't
love using this and wouldn't love it!

Lancome's NEW Renergie Multi-Lift Cream can be purchased here!

Have you tried any Lancome products before?
What are your thoughts on anti-ageing products?

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*This product was kindly sent to me by Beautyheaven as part of their Trial Team
*All photographs & opinions are 100% honest and all my own
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