Monday, October 20, 2014


~ M Y   D E - C L U T T E R   T I P S ! ~
                             Love your space!

1.) Do I really LOVE this? Not just like but love!
If the answer is honestly no, take a deep breath, don't think twice about it.
Dump it straight out into the wheelie bin where you can't be tempted
to dig it back out again!
(image credit: ecvv)
2.) Does it serve a purpose? If it's just collecting dust, bin it - NOW!
Seriously, stop reading this, get up, go get it and chuck it outside into the bin!
Then make sure you come back and get all comfy again and finish reading this,
so (hopefully!) you'll be all motivated & inspired by the end. :)

3.) Think about a colour scheme for your house or for each room if you
can't narrow it down enough.
For example- My daughters room is primarily pink and my son's is blue.
Then the rest of the house is black, white & grey with a splash of baby light pink
here and there for an extra feminine touch.
Now take a look around. Pick the random stuff out that doesn't match or fit in.
If you absolutely need it or it has mega sentimental value to you.
Ok, fair game. Store the must have, like the crazy purple vacuum away.
(No one wants to see your cleaning products- boring!)
And that precious painting your great, great grandfather did you inherited-
find a frame to suit your decor and give it a special place to honour his memory.
(image credit: Printed Bags)
4.) Shop your home. Do this room by room.
Pretend when you walk into a room that you're entering a shop.
Take a look around. What would you actually pick up, put into your trolley
and pay money for? If they're worthless to you, pick up your washing basket, 
fill it up and dump it out into the wheelie bin or straight into the boot of your car to
donate. Don't you DARE open that boot back up until you're at the place you're
dropping your unwanted stuff off to and even then, close your eyes if you have to,
if you think you might be tempted to buckle and keep this or that- just in case!
Don't pay any attention to the stuff you're donating, just do it quickly and get back
in the car and drive away!!
(image credit: Motaen)
5.) Be strict!
Replace the old with the new. DO NOT buy additional items!
If you have to purchase a new decor peice or clothing item.
Go through and get rid of something before you hit the shops!
You'll feel much better when you come home with those shopping bags
knowing there is space for all your new purchases!
Bonus Tip!
Aim to completely fill both wheelie bins (normal & recycle)
by each bin day. I know I've done a good job of de-cluttering
if this happens!  :)

What is your de-clutter method or tips?
Would you like to see my progress? Maybe I could do some posts as I go?
Let me know if you'd be interested!

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  1. Nice tips! I definitely need help de-cluttering my house. :(