Wednesday, October 8, 2014




Hauled from IKEA!

Like a breath of fresh air, I instantly feel both energised and calm
at the same time when something in my home is updated.
It makes me so happy to be rid of my old, outdated and totally just not me
decor and in with a brand new style that lifts my mood whenever I see it. 

This is the Glivarp table and Henriksdal chairs with washable covers (perfect with grubby
young kids around!) match perfectly with the rest of my updated decor.
The chair covers are an exact match to our new couch so that was a lucky
find and I am beyond stoked about that!

As you can see we only have 3 chairs which looks a bit odd.
Unfortunately there were only 3 left in stock so we have to go back
sometime in the coming weeks to pick up the fourth chair.

The table has a clear top which extends and will eventually match the coffee
 table I have my eye on which is basically identical, only coffee table size! :)
The chrome/mirrored frame tie in with the bedsides and vanity in our
bedroom and the Morum rug just makes it all look a bit more cozy and elegant,
instead of just having the white tiles completely exposed underneath
and around the dining area.

My vase (purchased from Target) is not new, but I think it looks perfect in the space.
The placemat it sits on I purchased in a previous haul.
I'd like to add some nice placemats for each setting and perhaps a table runner
to help keep the table from getting scratches etc.
But for now I am in love and very happy!

Flowers courtesy of my beautiful husband who has been so kind
spoiling me lately as we've all been quite sick lately.
(Hence why I am a bit behind in my posts, so sorry!)

Are you into Home Decor?
How do you like to update your space?

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