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...Be prepared...don't get caught off guard...treat yourself...


Forget the shops! - it's all in this box!!

With online shopping and the explosion of beauty and subscription boxes
dominating every woman's purse strings it is not surprising that someone
would think out of the box (no pun intended!) and create yet another
convenient, surprise box of goodies for us to enjoy and look forward to
each month.

However this particular company is the first to create a box
of products designed to help us all out when we have to deal with that horrid
time of the month. Some of us are lucky and breeze through it without so much
as a single cramp or mood swing, whilst others get hit with it like a full on steam
boat, crashing into our perfect little lives and bursting our feel good, cramp free
bubble! :(

So to have a handy little box filled to the brim with absolutely everything
you could need to make your few mucked up days during the month just that little
bit more pleasant is such a lovely idea and I am loving the concept!

I feel like this would be absolutely perfect to have on hand or put away for my
daughter for when the time comes to have the 'talk' with her or just to give to
her when she's at that age so if she is too embarrassed to open up about it
when the time comes she can just open the box and she won't
have the stress of having tell me if shes not ready or trying
 to find what she needs from the shop, alone,
unsure and more likely totally embarrassed. I know I can relate to these
feelings from my own experience!

An overview!

x5 Night Time Pads

x3 Regular Pads

x2 Light Pads

x1 Box Regular Tampons
x1 Box Mini Tampons
(Both boxes sent with your first box only!)
(Regular & Mini boxes sent alternatively with each box after that
due to TGA guidelines.)

Surprise Choccies! 
x1 Guylian Original Praline
x3 Lindt Balls

x2 Tea Tonic
White Tea & Rose Petals
Tea Bags!

(Note: Chocolates & tea bag varieties may vary!)

Love Lois caters for every kind of period and woman.
Their range of boxes include,

Melina Regular (Mixed Range) $23
Helena Regular (Heavier Periods) $25
Pandora Regular (Just Pads) $22
Tabitha Regular (Just Tampons) $23

Melina Organic (Mixed Range) $25
Helena Organic (Heavier Periods) $25
Pandora Organic (Just Pads) $25
Tabitha Organic (Just Tampons) $25

Each box is super value for money plus FREE DELIVERY
and my favourite - pure convenience!
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*This product was kindly sent to me for review
* All opinions & photographs are my own


  1. I really love this idea for first timers, but for myself I don't think I could justify the $25. I wouldn't spend that much on products for that time of the month!

    1. Yeah I hope this is still around for my daughter, I love it for first timers and just the convenience of it for myself, so I don't mind the bit extra to pay since it saves me precious time shopping and I love getting deliveries to my door! :) xo