Tuesday, November 4, 2014


This has been a go-to product of mine this past month which I have been using
daily! I never have time to always wash my hair every second day as I would like,
so I have found myself reaching for this in between washes and it has really been
a life saver! Keeps my hair looking and smelling fresh!

I have really been having a lot of fun using this Mist Toner as it's a relatively new
concept to me. It has been getting so hot lately here in sunny QLD, so I have been
reaching for this during the day for a refreshing spritz on my face and it feels sooo good!
The smell is also a bit zesty and perks me up to get through the 3:30-itis mode!

My skin is naturally quite light since I never tan out in the sun.
However I do like the look of tanned skin every now and again and I have found
this especially on my legs which aren't the most toned part of my body, makes them
appear slightly more muscular and a little less wobbly!

Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Top Coat in White Splatter
I haven't had a chance to do a NOTD post with this new little button just yet,
so stay tuned, that will be coming up in a future post!
This is such a fun polish. I love the detail of all the different sized and shaped
glitter inside and the mix of white, purple and turquoise make it so pretty!

This is actually more coral than it appears in the photo. It looks like the most perfect
shade for Spring! It is so gorgeous and the formula just glides over my nails without
a fuss. It is so smooth and easy to get to look neat! Loving it so much!

I have been into a lot of blacks and browns when it comes to fashion lately with
a slash or hint of bright colour here and there and these headbands have been the
perfect accessory to complete every look! They keep my hair out of the way and 
securely in place without any fuss and I love how versatile they are. I like to wear
two at a time most days, they look so casual, yet keep you totally put together!

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner
On old fav I've recently rediscovered in my makeup stash!
It is just like using a thin pointed texta only it's makeup, so it's totally ok to use on your
face!! ;) I have complete control when using this as it isn't messy at all and I can
create any shape or thickness I want to and I love that there is no need to keep
re-dipping my brush cutting down the time it takes to create my look!

What were your stand out favs for Oct?
Did you celebrate Halloween?

Missed my last post? 

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*Some of the products mentioned were sent to me for review
*My opinion of a product will always be honest & based on my own personal experience 
*All photographs are my own


  1. Love the brunette Polished London! I have so many tanners but have never tried the St.Topez, will add it to my wishlist for when all the others are finally used up :)

    1. I know what you mean, I have about 6 self tanners on the go at the moment, all getting a decent workout getting me ready for Summer though, so hopefully a few empties soon! haha! :D