Thursday, November 20, 2014


~     R  E  A  L      T  E  C  H  N  I  Q  U  E  S    ~

Mini   Brush   Set   Trio   !

Yes, I have been living under a rock and this is the first time I have ever bought
myself some Real Techniques makeup brushes!

Recently had a mega good sale which included these oh so popular brushes
(and now I know why, the quality it amazing!) and with postage only $4.14, this haul basically
only cost me my spare change of $3.44 after all the discounts I took advantage of!
They ship via Australia Post and it only took a few days to arrive.
They promptly sent me an email with all the tracking info only a few hours later!
 So top points for communication and service!

Mini Brush Trio Includes:
 x1 Mini Foundation Brush
x1 Mini Face Brush
x1 Mini Shading Brush
(Ah, I just love the colour shiny tin colour of the handles!)

The rumours are true! These brushes are so incredibly soft and every single one of those shiny,
smooth little hairs aren't going anywhere! I can't stand makeup brushes where the scratchy, harsh
fibres fall out all over your face and land in your eyes and go up your nose!
No thank you! >_<

Even though I only purchased the mini brush set, I highly recommend purchasing it if you
have never tried these brushes before because they're a great way to start off your collection.
They work perfectly and are so easy to use. Plus they are the perfect travel size! ^-^

So if you are thinking of making an order for some new brushes or anything from
for that matter be sure to enter my rewards code CJK569 at the checkout to receive $5-$10
off your very first order!  

Do you use Real Techniques makeup brushes?
Do you have others you recommend?

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  1. I have a good stash of RT brushes, though I actually don't have this one! I'm usually not a fan of mini brushes because they often don't get the job done, but your review is really promising. :)

    I would really recommend the slanted kabuki contour brush, and the eye set. The stippling brush is also a huge favourite of mine!

  2. I love RT brushes and this little set looks adorable <3

    Pink Frenzy

  3. I love RT brushes - I didn't realise they did mini's - adorable!" :)

  4. I have these and they come with me everywhere when travelling x

  5. Those brushes are very useful ;)

  6. I love RT brushes, they're the best ones on the market in my opinion and they're so affordable!

  7. I couldn't recommend RT brushes anymore! Such fab quality for the price! This is such a cute little set too x

  8. I haven't bought any brush of them but I would love to :)

  9. This looks like the perfect set for travelling or just keeping in your handbag. I love RT brushes in general, not a massive fan of their flat face brush though, find their buffing brush does a much better job at foundation. xx