Tuesday, November 4, 2014


~  O c t o b e r    E m p t i e s !  ~

Herbal Essences
Honey I'm Strong Conditioner
Loved the smell of this! I am obsessed with anything honey scented and this
didn't disappoint. One of my favs, this and the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration!
Will definitely buy again!

The only thing I didn't like about this shampoo bottle was that it is quite small
at 200ml. But the product itself is pretty amazing. I loved how it made my hair
feel super soft and nourished. Perfect for my dry, frizzy hair.

Aroma Body Essence
Aromatherapy Foot Lotion
With all the moisturisers I have patiently waiting in line for their turn to
be opened and used up I was happy to get through this one.
With it being Spring/Summer and getting hot I'm not longer wearing socks to bed
like I did in the Winter when it was easy to apply a foot cream before bed and have it
soak it through the night. Now with it being too hot I've just been applying this to the
tops of my feet and around my ankles.
Pretty nice product, made in Australia too.

In Style Honey Peach
Nail Polish Remover
The scent of this smells nothing like Honey or Peach.
This was a cheapie bought from a $2 shop yonks ago which is fine
when it comes to nail polish removers, I'm not fussed on the brand so
long as it does the job, which this did, so happy to buy again.

Avon Hand
Care Complex
This had a nice consistency which I really liked as it was a bit runnier than
most other hand creams so it was easier to massage into the skin and didn't
feel sticky or too thick like I couldn't touch anything afterwards.

MOR Mini Body Butters
Snow Gardenia & Marshmallow
Even though these are only 5g samples the scent they produce is super
strong! My husband wasn't a fan, but I absolutely LOVED these!
The Snow Gardenia in particular was a fav this month. The smell is divine!
The Marshmallow is nice too and reminds me of pink musk stick lollies!

Colgate Total
Advanced Whitening Toothpaste
Nothing bad to say about this product.
Worked well to give my teeth and mouth a good clean.
Has a pleasant taste and does an alright job at whitening, but nothing to rave about.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost
Water Gel
Somehow I ended up with 2 of these sample tubes.
The first one I used up in last months empties.
Great product I would be happy to purchase.
Just concentrating on using what I have first though.

Manicare & BYS 
All In One & Top Coat
Old and discoloured yellow instead of clear.
Time to go!
Both worked well and I would repurchase.


What were your empties this month?
Let me know if you've done one below!

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  1. Yay for empties! I love the sound of that body butter!

    1. YAY!! Another month down and somehow my stash still isn't shrinking!! How is that?! lol
      Yes body butters are always awesome!! :D