Tuesday, November 4, 2014


~  S C H I C K    I N T U I T I O N ~

Pure Nourishment

Razor Review!

I have never used a razor designed this way before. It is very unique and different.
It is a fun new way in which I have really enjoyed the benefits of.
First of all the scent of the coconut milk and almond oil combined is really the
kind of I scent I am drawn to. It doesn't have any of that up your nose overpowering
 perfume find of scent, it just smells calming and a bit yummy too. :)
The shower hanger provided to use to store the razor came in quite handy for me
 because there isn't a whole lot of room in my shower to put products.
There are no shelves so I just pop all of my bottles and products balanced
on the top of the door...>_< 
So to have this suction capped to the wall just made my life so much
easier and it stayed there without falling, miracle!

The grip handles were also great because you could hold it with soapy hands
 and it wouldn't slip out as the rubber is about 90% all the way around it,
so not at all slippery. The cap which I replaced over the blades after each
use I felt really good about because it protected anything from getting
into the blades between each use.
I can be a bit of a clumsy shaver at times as I am usually in a rush and
just glide my razor ever so un-gracefully over my legs in about 10 seconds flat!
 So to have a razor that is designed not to nick or cut me is a big plus!
The moisture block I think helped prevent them because I didn't nick
 myself once and I still shaved uber fast!
The 4 blades gave me such a close shave and the moisture block
made my skin feel instantly smooth and silky straight afterwards
whilst still in the shower. After drying myself, I still moisturised as
 I do in my normal everyday routine, but I wouldn't feel bad if I
skipped this step as my legs looked and felt soft and moisturised after each shave anyway.
After a few weeks of shaving the moisture block eventually dwindled
it's way down evenly to the blades and by now I think the blades probably
 need to be replaced. But I think the time it has lasted has been sufficient and worthwhile.
Overall, a great razor which I really loved using and couldn't find any faults with.
It worked great for me, my skin and needs.
I would recommend and buy this in future when the need arises for
 a new razor and will be purchasing new replacement blades soon. :)

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What is your razor of choice?
Is the scent of a product a big deciding factor for you?

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*This product was kindly sent to me for review for Beautyheaven's Video Trial Team
*All photographs & opinions are my own


  1. ALL razors should come with a suction cap shower holder thingy :) my fave razor at the moment is the Schick Hydro Silk, the blades seem to last me a while and I love the nourishment from it.

    1. The Schick Hydro Silk was my previous razor before this one for about a year or so! I love it too, it's amazing! :) <3