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Weather it's a work Christmas party, family get together, New Years celebrations or just
your typical Aussie summer beach day, then chances are you don't want to have to worry
about any unwanted hair poking out in inappropriate places!

This is where products like these from Andrea (listed below!) come to your rescue!
They've got you covered from head to toe with both their Face & Body depilatory cream

Super effective and best of all PAIN FREE!

Gentle Hair Remover
RRP: $18.95
No one will ever have to know you get that pesky stray hair here or there or even if there are more,
keep it a secret by using Andrea's Gentle Hair Remover depilatory cream. It comes complete with an
easy to use small, white plastic spatula to make application precise and clean. Simply apply
generously to your unwanted hair and dampen the skin. Leave to sit for approx 5 to 8 minutes max.
Gently wipe cream and hair away for a warm damp cotton ball, wipe or facial washer and
then apply the Skin Smoothing Creme immediately afterwards to soothe and moisturise the area.

I have personally found this works perfectly on my upper lip and stray eyebrow hairs that grow
awol out toward my hairline. The cream feels completely fine on my skin and I wasn't sensitive
to it at all which is imperative when dealing with the delicate skin around the face!
It completely took care of my stay hairs and left my skin smooth and soft after the Skin Smoothing
Creme was applied. The hair has been gone for weeks! This is so much better than waxing!

Gentle Hair Remover
RRP: $18.95
If you prefer to dodge the pain of waxing, especially if you've been cursed with an uber amount
of unwanted body hair, even if it is course then this is your saviour! Specially formulated to remove
even the most stubborn of hairs with ease, this cream is so amazingly good!

I love how easy it is to just smooth the product over the hairs and all you need to do is
just sit back, have a cuppa and wait 3 to 5 (15 minutes max!) minutes and wa-la!
You are totally hair free! Too easy!

The Skin Smoothing Creme also comes in handy to help restore the pH balance to the skin in the
area where the hair has been removed and also moisturises and soothes. It feels great!

There is barely any smell to these products. No hot or cold sticky mess and absolutely no pain!
I am loving this alternative to waxing during the Summer time, and for the bargain price, this is
much cheaper than most waxing products and definitely many coins cheaper then baring
 all to a complete stranger in a beauty salon!
DIY has never been easier!

For more about Andrea products check out their website below!


What is your hair removal process for the silly season?

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*These products were kindly sent to me for review
*All photographs & opinions 100% honest and are my own

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