Friday, December 5, 2014


~ L U S H   H A U L ~

So White & Snow Fairy Shower Gels
RRP: $16.95  (250g each)
So I'll begin with Snow Fairy which I have been wanting even since it came out last year!
(Bit slow to jump on the band wagon aren't I?!) It perfectly matches my fairy obsession so I knew
I just had to have it! And then I went into Lush and smelt it..... it isn't exactly my cup of tea.
I mean I am usually the first one there when something smells sickly sweet, I love that, but this
takes the cake to the extreme, meaning it is sickly sweet and then some!! It is a bit OTT, buuut
I still couldn't help myself because they have marketed it too well. It looks adorable and contains
shimmer in it, plus it's pink! I figure if I use it sparingly I shouldn't gag or vomit in the shower.

As for So White, ahh now this, THIS is what I'm talking about! Again shimmer, because it is
Christmas after all and who needs an excuse to look all festive and shiny anyway?! I love shimmer
and the smell of this is a lot kinder to the nose. Apple and rose scented, what a fab combo! Cannot
wait to try this!

Bubblegum Lip Scrub
RRP: $9.95  (25g)
I am sure just about everybody on the planet has tried this and it has been on my wish list for
forever! I used up a sample of this I was lucky enough to score what feels like a billion years ago,
so even since I ran that dry I have had major withdrawals and my lips have been really
 mad at me!

So glad to have a full size jar of this in my life now and if I ever feel the desperate need for a snack
whilst I'm out and about I always have this! (Just kidding...maybe!) ;)

Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt
RRP: $6.95 (40g)
This is seriously too pretty! The amatour photo I have taken doesn't even do it justice!
Only problem is it is a melt and it's so soft and the silver glitter/shimmer just wants to get off onto
everything it touches! Even as I picked this up as lightly and gently as I could with two fingers to
take this picture, my fingers ended up looking like the Tin Man's. >_<

Smells zesty and citrusy and I just love silver, so I cannot wait to use this and turn into a fairy
in my bath tub! Merry Christmas me! Yay! :D

Sunny Side Bubble Bar (100g)
RRP: $8.50 (100g)
Unfortunetly this gold glitter flecks on this bubble bar also glue to your fingers, but OMG,
just look at it! I almost want to eat it is so gorgeous! This is also apparently citrus scented, although
I seem to get a waff of what I think is lavender when I smell it and it doesn't smell anything like
the Star Light Star Bright Melt above.

I am torn between wasting this on one amazing, expansive bath or saving it for envious decor
in my bathroom (or elsewhere somewhere in the house - out of reach from my climbing toddlers!)

Decisions, such touch decisions! I think Santa will just have to bring me a few more back ups so
I don't have to choose! *hint* *hint* Santa, are you reading this? Take note please! ;)

Northern Lights Bath Bomb
RRP: $5.50 (150g)
I first head about this little beauty from watching another beauty guru on YT and thought it was
the most amazing thing in the world so I knew I had to have it! Plus is has stars in it!!!
If you Google this you will see some friggin' beautiful bath tubs with others who have used this!

The two sides at the ends are meant to fizz away first and then the centre slowly dissolves into
a blue and green swirl creating a rainbow of colourful and great smelling fizz to your bath time

Can't wait!

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
(Bonus Sample!)
This smells pretty good actually! I love scrubs and the consistency of this seems
pretty good, not too weak. Might get a few uses out of this and I love the blue, nice!

What do you love from Lush?

Let's follow each other! 
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  1. Oooh lovely haul! Their bath bombs/bubble bars/melts are the prettiest things ever :) I don't take baths but I Googled Northern Lights and it's freaking epic - I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights IRL!

    I love Lush Solid Perfumes cos they're so cheap!! ($7.95) and that Rub Rub Rub scrub is divine - I have a tub in the shower atm, it leaves your skin silky smooth and beautifully scented :) Do enjoy playing with all your goodies!
    I used to have a bottle of Snow Fairy but got sick of the sickly sweet smell so gave it away, it's really lovely but I couldn't finish the whole thing but that's fine because I got to make someone else's day :)

    Colour That Canvas