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Summer Haircare 


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Moisture Repair
Nourishing & Strengthening Shampoo
RRP: $10.95 (250ml)
When you have long, dry and damaged hair like mine you want to invest in a good
strengthening and rich moisturising shampoo because it will help nurse your hair back
to good health and make it shine! This shampoo used together with the matching conditioner
(see below) has really made my hair feel so soft, I barely recognise it as it never feels as good
as this! My hair also smells just divine with the exotic mix of lime, grapefruit, spearmint and
geranium, imagine that for just a moment and breathe it in! Ahh, so refreshing that I don't
even think my husband minds so much when my hair accidentally whips into his face! haha! :D

Australian owned & made, recyclable packaging, against animal testing and 100% sulfate free!
I bet you won't be able to find one bad thing about this product! It ticks all of the right boxes!

Moisture Repair
Moisturising & Strengthening Conditioner
RRP: $10.95 (250ml)
I maintain the natural colour of my hair by running a permanent dye through it every few months
to help fight the ever so persistent greys that keep on popping up, creating way too many bad hair
days! So to be able to use this product which is designed to help with the damage that can be caused
from colouring and styling your hair is perfect for me! It contains wheat starch and proteins which
strengthen the hair whilst making it all nice and silky and shiny! Then the array of flower and
seed oils such as sunflower, lime and grapefruit give it it's incredible scent, moisture and colour

Use as you would any normal conditioner working it through the bottom half of your hair
and then thoroughly rinsing it out or you can leave it in for as long as 15 minutes to really
let the ingredients soak into your hair and drink them up, maximising the overall result this
range of products gives to your hair.

Pure Treatment
Hydrating & Rejuvenating Hair Mask
RRP: $12.95  (250ml)
This stuff is just icing on your hair cake!
If you want to get lust worthy hair and can take the time for a little extra pampering once
a week, then this is your guy!
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*These products were kindly sent to me for review
*All opinions & photographs are my own
*All prices are true & correct as listed on Puretopia's official website at the time of this post

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