Thursday, January 8, 2015



Dream Wonder Foundation!

I have been trialling this new foundation by Maybelline through Beautyheaven's 
Trial Team over the past few weeks and despite hearing quite a bit of negativity 
regarding this product, I have to say, I am really enjoying it! 
The unique and different packaging in particular!

 I have never used a foundation with an applicator wand like this. 
When you unscrew the cap a long wand with a tear drop shape at the end appears
 which I have found easiest to apply straight onto my skin in spots around my face
 and then blend into my skin with either my fingers as recommended or my 
beauty blender sponge which works a treat at spreading out the 
formulation and concealing my imperfections seamlessly!

The glass bottle is only 20ml, so smaller than most other foundation bottles on 
the market and smaller than any other in my collection.
 I have a light skin tone that isn't fair or sensitive and I found the shade 
Classic Ivory to be a perfect match!

Even though the formula contains an SPF of 20, it doesn't feel at all greasy, honestly!
 In fact, upon application the liquid quickly dries and feels more to me like a powder! 
It has a very smooth feeling to it and I found after about 10 minutes or so the 
coverage appeared to go from light to more of a medium. 
So I would recommend waiting a few minutes if you have the time before deciding 
weather or not to add more foundation to your face to build up the coverage 
as it seemed to look better as the day wore on. Having said that, the lasting ability
 was also great! It easily lasted the day without the need for any kind of touching up 
It also did not transfer onto any of my clothes which can be so annoying, 
don't we all know it!?
The scent of this Maybelline Dream Wonder foundation is a little potent and may
 bother some sensitive noses. However you cannot smell it once applied. 
Only if you sniff the bottle upon opening it will you get a whiff of the high 
alcohol content this formulation contains. 

Overall, I would rate this foundation quite highly as I am really enjoying reaching
 for it each day over my others at the moment and enjoying the unique way in 
which it is applied and how it feels on my skin. At the end of the day my skin usually
 feels a little greasy and appears a tad on the shiny side. Somehow this founation 
reduces this! Perhaps it is the velvety, powder like finish. I think it is great!

I would happily and confidently recommend this product and would purchase 
it for the current RRP of $21.95 (AU).
One of the better foundations I have tried in terms of how flawless it makes my skin look.

Have you tried this foundation?
What do you think of the unique looking wand?

Let's follow each other! 

*This product was kindly sent to me for review as part of Beautyheaven's Trial Team
*All photos & opinions are my own

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