Monday, January 19, 2015


I was one of a lucky group of 20 to recently win one of these absolutely beautiful Physicians Formula

Thank you so much Karina!! :)

This product gives itself 4 ticks of approval for being;

Stain Free
Streak Free
Orange Free
Odor Free

Completely essential when using any bronzer!
It also isn't really dry or powdery, so you literally get no fall out at all.

In this picture below you can see how I have just lightly swatched the intricate detail of the
sun embossed powder. It is hard to deny how incredibly beautiful the tone and shade of
this is and you can only imagine how lovely this would look brushed onto your cheek bones,
d├ęcolletage, shoulders or even used as a summer shadow on your eyelids.

To touch briefly on the packaging. I don't feel like I really need to point out how elegant and
classy it is. Not to mention cleverly functional as it has an inbuilt compact mirror and applicator
brush inside to make life easier. This is especially ideal when travelling or on the run so no need to
worry about finding or packing mirrors and brushes. It's all here in one place!

This bronzing powder can be used for tanning, contouring and highlighting.
It has a subtle shimmer to it, however the results appear natural and sun kissed.
                                                                    Physicans Formula Bronze Booster                                        Light to Medium
                                                                                      RRP: $29.95                                                                          #7853

If you'd like to learn more about Physicians Formula you can visit their website here!
Have you tried this product or brand before?
Recommend me some of you fav Physicans Formula products below!
I would love to grow my collection!

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  1. Thanks heaps for the lovely words, and your great post about the bronzer too!! Hope you'll enjoy your bronzer, and stay tuned for more giveaways, you never know your luck!! Karina xx

    1. It is my pleasure! I am just so grateful to have won such a beautiful product I can put to good use! :)
      It is just stunning, thanks again. Giveaways are the funnest! :D xo

  2. How gorgeous is this! I also won this from Karina's gveaway! xx
    Sweetaholic Beauty

  3. You didn't post any pics of you wearing the bronzer.
    I'm super-white, I think if I wore bronzer I would look like my face is dirty.
    I'm a big fan of Physicians Formula mineral foundations. The kits are good value for money. I also love their cream eye liners (blue eyes set of 3) & the sexy booster blush. No love for the eye shadows though: they're mineral, which is good, but I think they're too coarsely milled.

    1. Sounds like you've had a lot of experience with this brand. :) I am super white as well, yet this doesn't at all make my face look dirty. It is way too pretty to have that effect! :D