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C  E  L  E  B  R  A  T  I  O  N  S  !

Welcome to 2015 everybody! 

Another year has no doubt smacked you in the face weather your woke up
not remembering the night before or sprung out of bed like a new spring chicken ready to put
those new years resolutions into play. 2015 is here and weather or not you partied hard all through
the night or were tucked up in bed before 9pm. Chances are you stayed up (or at least tried to!)
to watch the clock strike midnight and see some fireworks live or on the telly!

In saying that, your skin may be looking and feeling a little on the tired side, so why not start
the new year looking like your young self again with the help of some natural, kind and pampering
beauty products!

Let me introduce you to some of my favourite face soothers from Puretopia!

Skin Radiance
Moisturising & Soothing
Gel Mask
RRP: $14.95 (125ml)

Nothing refreshes, detoxifies and deeply cleanses my skin better than a good old fashioned facial
mask! The packet ones you can purchase (and there are millions of different types!) are all well
and good and I have had some great results with them. However to have a nice generous sized
125ml tube of one that works a treat, is so much more convenient and less hassle!

As a mum I am pretty time poor in the 'me time' department so I usually multi task my facial mask
time. For example. I will apply my mask and let it sit whilst I am bathing the kids or after they have
gone to bed whilst I am cleaning up the cyclonic hit lounge room from the busy day just gone.

The results I have received from using this mask over the past few months have been really worth it!
It contains tangerine flower and smells gorgeous, but most of all it leaves my skin feeling renewed
and looking youthful again! By the end of most days I often am left feeling like an 80 year old
woman. Tired, hagged and a little worse for wear I'm afraid. Such are the joys of parenthood.
Completely exhausting, but at the same time completely worth every waking moment!

Contains Vitamin C, Pro Vitamin B5 & Australian Manuka Honey to name a few!

Massaging Roller
RRP: $19.95 (15ml)

If you've ever used any type of eye roller before, then you know how amazing they feel on your skin,
especially first thing in the morning when you wake up to completely soothe and cool tired eyes.
I especially love to keep mine in the fridge throughout Summer when it's really hot as the roller
ball when chilled feels even more amazing, you should totally try it! :)

Being a super busy mum with 2 little toddlers running around, I often get limited sleep time that
is 99% of the time interrupted for some reason or another, so I always end up with either small bags,
dark circles or both under my eyes. This massaging roller really is my 'Eye Rescue!'

I just apply whenever I feel like I need it and it is my little treat for a few seconds here and there
throughout the day!

It is the perfect purse and travelling size to be readily available for you to use no matter where
the new year may be taking you!

Contains Vitamin C, Cornfowers, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Purified Water to name just a few!

100% Sulfate & Paraben Free, Puretopia is completely Australian made and owned and is
against animal testing!

What have been your face savers over the New Year period?

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*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration and/or review
*All photographs & opinions 100% honest and are all my own!


  1. Replies
    1. It is, I don't think it will ever run out though! Even if it does, I think I'll still be addicted to the roller ball! haha! :P

  2. I just started a new face wash, which I always find a little intimidating.. until you're sure the skin won't react poorly.

    Both of these sound lovely, I always love a good mask! :]

    1. That is so true, I rarely run into issues with my skin though, I am pretty lucky most products agree with my skin. xx

  3. This mask sounds really nice! I would like to try it! x

    Pink Frenzy

  4. This is a great post, I definitely over-did it at New Years!
    The eye rescue with the roller ball sounds so lovely and soothing! :)

  5. I've used eye rollers before and they definitely work, but consistency is key!