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  FOR HIM!  
I am 99.9% sure the majority of my readers are female, so I figured it would make the most sense to
create a (hopefully) helpful gift guide for your man this Valentine's Day!

Here is a little run down on the items I have picked out below which I believe would make perfect
gifts! I will begin by stating the obvious. Men are more creatures of need rather than want unlike
us females, who want (ahem I mean neeeed) everything!

So on with the list!
(From left to right! Clickable product images at the end of this post!)

Claytan Secret Kisses Cup (Set of 6)
If the special guy in your life is anything like mine and loves his coffee, then he will surely
appreciate these manly looking mugs. I just love how they're so cleverly called 'Secret Kisses'
with the red hidden inside.
Heeello? Adorable! (I mean manly! They're totally MANLY!!)

Roselli Black Resin Canister Set
Chances are if you're not already living with your man or he lives alone he probably doesn't
have his toiletries neatly organized in the bathroom as us woman have down to a fine art.
I love the look of this classy black set. The pieces in the set can also be purchased individually.

  Holeproof Men's Socks
 I don't really think if matters what gender you happen to be. Socks always go missing!
We are forever wearing odd socks in our house and toes pocking through holes happen
daily! Picking up a pair of holeproof socks is a no brainer!

Jerry Garcia Scales Tie
If you man has confidence and often wears a tie, then this is perfect to get him into the
Valentine's Day spirit! He would look very stylish and this would look amazing paired
with either a plain black or white business shirt.

Saint Laurent Heart Print Shirt
If your budget has no limitations, then I highly recommend this super romantic, handsome shirt.
I could see my hubby in this! Perfect for Valentine's Day dinner or date night out.

Sant And Able Clives Eye Men's Sleep Shorts
Slik boxers went out about 10 years ago! Upgrate your men's sleepy time attire with this
sexy Aussie label. 100% Cotton, so they'd be comfortable to sleep in and excellent quality at
a bargain price!

Tommy Hilfiger Freedom Fragrance
I was fortunate to recieve this in my Blogstar award prize pack so passed it onto my very
lucky husband. He seems to like it and I love the brand and the scent too!

Tweezerman Essential Grooming Kit
Hands up if you're sick of your tweezers/nail scissors/nail file mysterious disappearing only
to find it in some random place later because your man has 'borrowed' it!
Yep, time to get him his own to do gross things with!

Baxter Of California Chrome Plated Safety Razor
Almost all men shave or groom their facial hair in some way so how about a nice razor?
Comes in a stylish black gift box with extra blades. 

Knomo Lincoln 13
Man bags are still cool right? At least I think they are! I love seeing men with 'man bags!'
I think it shows style, organization and class. This one is great as a laptop bag alternative too.

Diagonal Line Cuff Links
Every now and again my man will put some cuff links on for work. They just add that put 
together 'I make an effort' finishing touch. I think they make a man look more
desirable with a bit of an edge as well.

Euro Floral Trim Slim Fit Shirt
Team this shirt with some dressy denim jeans, for a more casual look for your night out on
Valentine's Day, I think this would suit any man!

Nike Solarsoft Li Thongs
Every Aussie needs a pair or two of thongs. It's Summer and it's HOT!
This stylish pair can be easily slipped on in a second! Fuss free shoes are a mans best friend.

Smythson Panama Cross-Grain Leather Notebook
Help to keep your man organized with in life and/or work with this gorgeous leather
notebook! Now he has no excuses not remembering important dates or events because
he can write it all down in here. ;)

Won Hundred Pocket T-Shirt
Nothing screams sexy, Aussie bloke to me more than a guy in a plain white tee!
Am I weird? There is just something about a man in white. It just looks clean and fresh
and well, inviting to put it honestly and bluntly! haha!

Baxter Of California Full Size 4 Piece Shower Set
Not many men I know love shopping let along shopping for beauty products!
They're an everyday essential, but it all seems just a bit too feminine to pop into
somewhere like Priceline where there is makeup at every turn! Why not save him
the nightmare and pick up some kind of gift set like this which has everything he needs
so he can spend more time doing the things he loves. (Like spending time with you!) ;)

What are your plans this Valentine's Day?
Are you hoping to be treated to anything special?

Let's follow each other! 

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