Sunday, June 15, 2014

Natures Organics

Vanilla Ylang Ylang Body Wash
With Organic Sunflower & Brazil Nut Butter
If you have been reading my blog, then you probably know how much
I've been loving Vanilla scents lately. I have never much a fan of it, even
when it seemed to be all the rage and it was the scent everybody had their
body sprays and even everybody seemed to only drink vanilla coke when I was growing up.

Now, however it just smells so good to me and I can't get enough!
This body wash smells very much vanilla, with the Brazil Nut Butter 
giving it an almost caramel tint. This is almost sickly sweet, so if
you're not big on scents that smell like lollies, steer clear of this one. The hubby
has already told me he doesn't like it, so I don't feel like many men would rush out to
buy this one. I however am loving it! 

I'm not sure if I can smell the Sunflower
Or the Ylang Ylang, and I'm pretty confident I cannot even pronounce it correctly! 
But, whatevs, this 725ml bottle is going to keep me going for months on end,
so don't expect to see this in an empties post anytime soon! ;)
Such an amazing bargain for such a large quantity without substituting on quality. 

I love that this company makes Australian made and owned products 
and that they're environmentally friendly and recyclable.
 I always try to recycle as much as possible, so this gets a big thumbs up for that! 

I will be keeping my eye out for this brand from now on as 
I am completely converted and can't wait to try more from this company. 


Antibacterial Lemongrass Ginger Hand Wash
With Organic Olive Oil & Lime
I was skeptical with this hand wash at first, just because I usually really hate
lemongrass and ginger scents. The olive oil and lime must tone it down a bit
because I actually didn't find it overpowering or strong smelling at all.
It smelt more like a menthol lolly more than anything. Not the butter ones,
but just those mentholy ones. 

An antibacterial soap is a must in our house as we 
have two young kids who get into everything and this helps to give me peace
of mind that they're at least staying somewhat clean if their hands are regularly 
washed with this throughout the day.

The formula foams up nicely and doesn't leave my skin dry at all. 
My hands look and feel fresh and clean and smelling crisp and slightly citrus. 

The pump style bottle makes the product disburse with ease
 and just the right amount of product comes out easily each time. 
Only one pump is needed per wash I found. 

My whole family have been using it and really like it,
 we even had visitors recently who also used it. :)

Will buy in the future and will look out for other scents as well. 
Watch my video review below!

Do you use any products from this brand?
Please let me know any recommendations below!

Love Candy!

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*These products were kindly sent to me for review as part of Beautyheaven's Video Trial Team