Wednesday, June 18, 2014


~ Winter Nails Of The Day! ~

(Chevron Inspired!)
Well.... It sort of worked!)

I love sporting adventurous looking nails.
I also love interesting textures and patterns and all of the 
amazing amd creative art that can be created on such a small canvas.
Today I was inspired by the cold, rainy, winter day and since it has been
a while since I last posted a NOTD post, I thought,
why not cease this rare, creative moment!

I am definitely and obviously no expert when it comes to nail art!
This is my first try at the popular Chevron pattern that is so in style right now!
Not only on nail art. I have also noticed it predominantly dominaing home decor
and I am totally falling in love with it! 
Omg, my style is modernising! 


Remove any old nail polish with soft cotton balls and nail polish remover.
Prep your nails and paint with the shade of your choice.

Once dry, cut thin strips of matte sticky tape. 
(Matte seems to be less sticky and less likely
the peel off your nail colour)
Arrange them in a zig zag pattern across each nail.

Apply a clear top coat to your nails.
Start one nail at a time as the clear polish will dry quickly
and you will need it wet for the loose glitter to stick.

Place your finger face nail side down into your glitter pot.
This is a less messy method than sprinkling the glitter and having
it go everywhere. Your nail will come out looking completely covered
in glitter. Don't panic! :)

Repeat step #4 with the rest of your nails
and let dry for a minute or two.

Once dry you can use either some cotton tips or a fluffy brush to
dust away any excess glitter from around your nails.
Then carefully begin to peel off all of the matte
tape from each nail.

Secure any fall out of glitter and to prolong
your efforts, finish with a clear top coat.

All done! :)

Mine is far from perfect, so don't stress if it doesn't turn
out super neat. You're the only one who'll see it up close enough to 
see all the tiny little flaws. 
It looks much better from a distance anyway!


Have you tried this nail design before?

Love Candy!

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  1. Great idea, Candy! It looks wonderful :)

    1. Thanks IndieAna, I am not very neat it would seem, haha but you can't really notice unless you look really closely, the camera seems to pick up EVERYTHING! :P Lovely to see you, hope you're having a wonderful night! x