Tuesday, June 3, 2014

L'Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil

L'Oréal Paris

Elvive Extraordinary Oil

~ Review! ~

My hair and I have forever been at battle to somehow tame my frizzy, dry and damaged hair! My hair has been through a lot over the years of being victim to trends of dying, styling, sculpting & shaping, not to mention burning, straightening & curling to no end! So needless to say it has taken its toll!
Before I starting using this product some time ago now, my hair was DRY and had that awful 'crunch' sound to the ends! *cringe!* 
But now I am  happy as a skipping 5 year old with ice-cream as my hair has a new lease on life! It has completely transformed into Miranda Kerr worthy shiny, soft, luxurious locks! (Well almost! She's kinda impossible to compete with! Let's be honest here!)
For $19.95 for a 100ml stunning golden glass bottle, you totally get your money's worth as I am sure it would last most people ages to get through the bottle. My hair is long and thick and I only need about 2-3 pumps at most to finger through my hair each day which is super quick & easy to do by the way! It only takes a few seconds to apply and then you're good to go!
The smell is lovely too. Nothing too fancy or overpowering. Just enough to have passers by think you have great smelling hair!
I love the fact that this oil has so many natural flower oils! Sounds so girly and just lovely to me! Like who doesn't want their hair to smell like a bunch of flowers, right?
Instead of the oil turning your hair into an instant oil slick, it instantly soaks into each hair strand and I swear straight away you can notice the difference in touch & sight!
This golden gem makes me so happy! Nothing has ever come close to completely fixing my hair & I am so grateful for this product!
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Love Candy!

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  1. Glad you think its great! Im yet to open my bottle I got from my BIB prize pack last year as I have so many hair products to use up- but I'm excited to use it!

    1. It will seriously change your life! It's great for when you need an instant quick fix as well. :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Jasmine! :) Yes it's really such an amazing, well made product that actually works instantly on your hair. <3 xo