Sunday, June 29, 2014




L'Oreal Paris Nail Polish in White Gold
I picked this up from Priceline recently and omg, the colour is full on GLITTER!!!
No sparse spots or crappy clear application, this glitter goes on with a full completed coat
of white gold glitter with just ONE coat! Looks so beautiful, watch out for a NOTD post featuring 
this baby coming soon! :)

Bloom Black Liquid Eyeliner
I can't live without liquid eyeliner. So when I recently used up
all of my Rimmel one, I came back to this one which I had only used
a few times. I love this because the tip as you can see is nice and thin
which makes for a more controlled application. It hasn't dried out in the
slightest and I just love the packaging. Super cute!

Love this, it is so so yummy! The smell reminds me of a caramel/vanilla
fudge lolly or something similar. Such a massive bottle I sure hope I don't tire
of it too quickly! Lathers up so beautifully and feels so soft and smooth on my skin.

Shampoo & Conditioner
No matter what I do or what products I use, my hair always tends to be dry and frankly
a pain in the ass. So I am always using moisturising products and products that promise
to d-frizz my hair. The fact that I heat iron the crap out of it on the hottest setting I can
possible get to probably doesn't help the situation, but that's just the way I roll. 
A hotter setting means I get the job done quicker and I don't have time to be standing
around straightening my hair for hours on end in a low setting just to make my hair a 
bit less dry. There are products like these below to fix me breaking all the rules of hair care!

VS Sassoon Curl Secret
Speaking of hot hair tools, I've been in love with my Curl Secret again lately.
For something a bit different than the regular boring straight hair I normally sport,
I've been trying to get that Victoria's Secret type of curl since my hair has become super
long lately. Out of all of my other curling tools, this is working the best to create the look
I'm going for. I might do a hair tutorial soon. Is that something you'd like to see? Let me know! :)

Watch My Curl Secret Demo Below!

I love everything about this lipstick!
The colour is the perfect pink. Wearable to go with everything, everyday.
The packaging is beautiful rose gold and very funky in design.
I just can't get enough. Has become my go-to lip product!

I seem to have been into a lot of hair products this month.
This is great because, well, my hair is a pretty big part of my life and my overall
appearance. Being long, it needs a lot of work and to have great products to help me out
makes my life so much easier! This brush has made brushing a much more pleasant 
experience. It somehow manages to get all of my tangles loose without me having to
tug or pull at my hair. It does the job quickly and painlessly! My three year old has been
using the kids version of this and loves it too. They come in fun colours and I love that
I don't have to feel so guilty about brushing my hair when it's wet because these are designed
that you can actually do that without damaging your hair because of the way the bristles are
laid out on the brush head.

Love Candy!

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  1. Super nice products and nice clicks!! You have a wonderful blog! :)

    I would love to stay in touch! Would you like to follow each other? Do visit my blog and let me know where you follow and I will follow back right away!! :)


  2. I had no idea Organic Care made body washes! Love the look of the curler, I always, always burn my fingers when using my curling wand, that one looks pretty good! Bit scary how quickly it sucks your hair in though :)

  3. Thanks for VS sassoon demo, Its really very helpful, I won it in BH competition but I don't know how to use it, now I will try to use it.