Thursday, September 11, 2014


~ 20 Things That Freak Me Out As A Parent ~

(What if.....!?)

(My cheeky little 3 yr old!)

1. Doing a bad job
2. Them growing up hating me 
3. Turning into my mother
4. Their health, happiness, future....etc
5. Them choking on something
6. The eldest one being too rough when playing with the other. Eg. Sitting on the youngest one & squishing him
7. Teeth going through lip, tongue... general blood & open wounds, broken bones...
8. Other kids being mean or yours being the bully
9. Temper tantrums in public
10. Toilet accidents in a shopping centre, shop or supermarket
11. Teaching your children to swim
12. Leaving them at daycare, babysitter, school or overnight somewhere for the first time
13. Finally taking the gates off the stairs & them falling down them in the middle of the night as they stumble their way to your room
14. Slamming their fingers in doors or draws and having them completely fall off
15. Slipping over in the bath
16. Losing them in the shopping centre, park or any other place
17. When they pick up bad language & then say it in public 
18. Waiting in lines trying to keep them from cracking
19. When nappies magically come off in the middle of the night
20. Whenever you notice the slightest, rash, spot, sniff, cough or bruise

(Can't believe my little man will be one this month already!!!)

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Are you a parent or one to be?
What freaks you out?
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