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~ lük beautifood ~

Lip Nourish Lipstick
Vanilla & Cinnamon


Created & founded by the gorgeous Cindy Lukin, the brand lük beautifood
 includes not only this delicious, smooth and nourishing 100%
natural Lip Nourish food makeup.
(Also available in six other creative flavours/shade combos as seen in the swatches below)
This innovative and modern company also stock a variety of mascaras, eyeliners &
eyeliner pencils, eyeshadow, lip glosses, lip & cheek stains, both powder
 & liquid foundations, concealer, eyebrow powder, even nail polish!
The list goes on!

Not only that, lük beautifood have just recently introduced their
 1 Day Juice Cleanse which includes a FREE lip nourish!
So if you're wanting to kick off spring healthy and refreshed
this could be a great way to start! Includes a total of 5 juices - one
being a milk which of course is no ordinary boring milk drink.
(Personally I find cows milk gives me stomach cramps)
This milk contains a mix of almonds, cardamom, cinnamon, dates,
water, nutmeg, sea salt & vanilla bean!

You can find out more about what lük beautifood has to offer on their website!

Back to the Lip Nourish!! Pictured above, is the lesser pigmented shade of all the flavours.
Yet the shade does in no way diminish the scent nor quality of the product!
I am obsessed with Vanilla and Cinnamon as it is a scent I grew up with. We always had it
in the house and regularly used it in cooking. So this flavour combo attracted me straight away
and smelling them for the first time mixed together bought back memories of my sister & I
making sugar and cinnamon sandwiches together after school when we were little.

The vanilla isn't as dominating as the cinnamon, yet you can still smell it slightly and
taste it more when it is on your lips as it cuts through the intensity of the cinnamon.

As someone who has always grown up having pets and being around animals, naturally
I love them and am a big believer and in complete support of companies who find alternate
ways to test their products. I am also not much into eating meat or meat products.
Although I have not ruled them completely from my diet, I consume very little and try
to nourish my body with more natural plant based foods in replace of red and white meats
as I just in general do not crave the texture or taste. So the fact that Luk Beautifood is
completely vegetarian and vegan goes with everything I believe in and am looking for in not
only my food products, but beauty products as well!

The fact lük beautifood is created completely from food and natural ingredients
and not harsh chemicals and other long term nasty products just goes to show how
much this brand cares for it's consumers and not just how much is going into their back pocket!
I am impressed by a brand who can think forwardly into the future of the beauty world.
Delivering a range of quality products the majority of the population actually
want and are looking for! Who support using clean, natural and
 healthy products in and on their bodies.

This Lip Nourish contains;
 Vitamins A, C & E,
Antioxidants Omega 3+6
Essential Fatty Acids from Avocado
Sesame Seeds, Jojoba, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter
& more!

I would describe this product as a clear balm packaged like a lipstick.
It feels smooth as silk on my lips. Isn't at all sticky or grainy.
It makes my lips look natural, supple and moist - but not shiny or glossy.
The balm last all day with me just having to reapply after eating or drinking.
I have also found this to be the perfect product to help protect, hydrate and keep lips
form drying out over night, so wearing this to bed has been beneficial.
I have also tested wearing this on a windy day and the harsh wind doesn't cut through it!
I must remember to have this handy with me throughout these hot Spring & Summer
months to protect my lips when I am at the beach or down by the pool. :)

Delightfully packaged in matte, crisp white, gold and yellow with slightly raised grey
writing of the flavour on the side. This generous twist balm can be purchased for
RRP: $24.95 full size. Or to get an idea and sneak peak of their range of flavours
you can order one of their Lip Nourish Tasting Plates which let's you sample each of
the seven shades for just $3.00!
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*This product was kindly sent to me for review
* All opinions are my own!
*Some of these photographs must be created to the lük beautifood website


  1. I love the smell of cinnamon! I see they also have a mandarin and cinnamon scented one as well. I might have to order the sample pack soon I think :)

    1. There is just something about natural scents that completely draws me in. I think it might be because you can smell them and smell them and they won't make you sneeze by being too over baring and strong. Yeah the sample plate is such a cool idea! :)