Sunday, September 7, 2014


If you're ever stuck for beauty inspo, gossip, general advice, how tos or just want
to meet like minded beauty obsessed peeps who don't mind chatting away with you
for about 3 hours about the best smelling scrubs or where to buy the latest Naked
palette, whereas anyone in the real world would think you're nuts or totally crazy,
but the super friendly folk over at Beautyheaven understand, are totally supportive
of your beauty addictions and full of useful advice because, well we are all hanging
out there for the same reasons. We live, breathe and sometimes eat beauty!
(admit it, you lick your lips about thousand times over & over whenever you wear
that yummo lip Smacker! Right? Right!)

Sooo, weather you're a complete beauty buff or just a beginner (nothing wrong
with that, we all started somewhere!) Beautyheaven's brand new 2014 
compiled list of the top 100 beauty products as reviewed by its very own members,
who are just regular people like you and me who have tried and tested these 
products and written down their thoughts, opinions and experiences for others
to read to make it easier to find out exactly what others think of a product before
making a purchase and handing over your hard earned dosh!

Below I share with you some of my favourites from the top 100 list of 2014!

You can see what else made the top 100 here!

Did any of your fav products top the list?
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  1. It was a fantastic article but dangerous for the wallet.
    It was great to see Mac eyeshadows and blushes up the pointy end of the list. I have found these consistent over such a long period of time.
    Thanks for letting us know your favourites.

    1. Thanks and yes I totally agree, very dangerous for the wallet & little old piggy bank! SO many amazing products and so many more added to my list that I must try!! :D