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Herbal Recovery
Advanced Serum

Thanks to Beautyheaven & their wonderful Trial Team,
 a little while ago I took park in this very exciting product trial
with a very beautiful looking product from a very luxurious brand!
I absolutely adore Jurlique products and have previously
used their hand cream. So to try another of their
 products was quite fun and exciting!
First of all the bottle is adorable!
I love the floral, girliness about it and how it's a pearly
 white colour with the pump being clear, but illuminating
 at the same time! So pretty to look at!
Apart from the amazing things this serum has been doing
 for my skin, my stand out favourite quality about this
 product is the smell!!! Oh, my, god! It is AMAZING!
 I adore it! It is so pretty and reminds me of that pampering
scent you get after leaving a day spa that lingers on and
have people notice it as you walk by. It is quite a strong scent,
 but does fade a little as you go throughout your
day/night, not that you'd want it to!
The formula is of a white consistency that rubs in clear
 and soaks right into the skin instantly so you can immediently
 follow on with your regular moisturiser over the top.
I have found this serum to really help my skin with it's first
 signs of ageing. It has slightly dimmed the fine lines around my
 eyes which are my main concern without feeling tight or
uncomfortable on my skin. My skin seems to be smoother and
 overall more radiant looking and I think a little firmer too.
Thank you Jurlique!
So very happy with this product, the whole range of Jurlique
products look just divine and completely my style! I look forward
 to purchasing more from them in the future and highly
 recommend this serum as well as their hand cream which
also smells totally gorgeous as well to everyone!
Love it!

Has anyone tried their Rosewater Mist?
I'm dying to try it!

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*This product was kindly sent to me for review
* All opinions & photographs are my own 

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  1. If it works for fine lines under the eyes, then I must try it out. I'v tried this brand before and have loved them.
    Bright Shiny Day