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Since 1900!

I believe this brand has got to be one of Australia's best kept beauty secrets!
Why I have not heard more about this brand is a mystery, but having recently been
introduced to their soaps & hand wash, suitable for even the most sensitive of skin
types, it's left me thinking what an impressive company to still be going strong after
well over 100 years! Now that, is impressive!

Velvet Sorbolene Sensitive Hand Wash
This staple hand wash is soap free and pH balanced to keep
your hands from drying out whilst still keeping them clean and free
from germs. It feels nice to use and leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and

Velvet Pure Soap
(4 Pack!)
Free from colours and harsh fragrances, these soaps are so gentle
they can be used by the whole family!
I appreciate this because it makes my life much easier with a husband and 2 kids!

Velvet Moisturising Beauty Bar
(4 Pack!)
Usually if my skin is looking on the dryer side, I will steer clear of soap and instead
lean toward a moisturing body wash. However, this Beauty Bar is fragrance free and
won't strip your skin or make the dryness any worse. 

Velvet Sorbolene for Sensitive Skin
(2 Pack!)
This soap is the perfect family staple.
It is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, so it
works well for my whole family!

Velvet Goats Milk Beauty Bar
(2 Pack!)
Goats Milk, when it comes to beauty has lately become more and more popular.
And for good reason! This Beauty Bar not only cleansers gently, it also
removes all your make up & gently exfoliates the skin!
Any 2 or more in 1 product is a winner for me!
This one does a fab job too, leaving skin moisturised and nourished.

100% Australian Made, Owned & Operated,
this trusted brand has remained super affordable throughout the
years catering to it's many generations and no doubt will continue
 to do so for many more!
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*These products were kindly sent to me for review
* All opinions & photographs are my own 

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