Monday, March 24, 2014

Beautorium April 2014 Wishlist! ♡

In case you haven't heard, Beautyheaven, one of the most informative and up to date, fun and friendly beauty websites ever is once again generously opening their doors to its dedicated members for the opportunity to cash in their hard earned points acquired from just hanging around and being active on their site for a wide range of beauty products! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Excited doesn't even come to close to how I feel about Beautorium each time it pops around. I have yet been able to resist the urge to spend all of my points and this will be my 4th or 5th time participating? I'm not too sure, I am loosing count, oh dear!

There are 5 categories to shop from. They are...

Skincare - Opens April 10
Makeup - Opens April 8
Hair - Opens April 9
Body - Opens April  11
Hands/Feet/Dental -Opens April 9

Yesterday Beautyheaven announced their Window Shopping Catalogue is now open for viewing. Today I thought I'd share with you what I have my eye on. I usually grab a range of products I know my family and I will use. I don't often splurge on a luxury item for myself, unless it's something amazing. Nothing is jumping out at me this time around so here is what I have my eye on and I will still have points left over, there's a first! Haha!

I have wanted to try these for ages. I'm pretty sure they were also available in the last Beautorium but I didn't have enough points to splurge and get the other items I wanted. I would really like whiter teeth, so I hope these don't sell out too quickly.
This will be by far my biggest points spend, but totally worth it I think. :D

This is a product I have never tried before, but it looks and sounds lovely. Plus, you can never have too much soap in my house! With two kids, a husband and relatives regularly staying over, it's handy to have plenty of spares. I like to give guests new soap when they come to stay. A small detailed gesture, but I think it's a nice one. 

I first tried this product when BH sent me the new Nivea Men's Sensitive range to trial for hubby and I also got in and gave the products a go. Then I picked this up in the last Beautorium as a back up for my hubby who is currently using it. So this will be fantastic to pick up again as I know he likes this and will use it. 

I use cleansing wipes daily and am always running out, so the fact that BH is offering quite a few different brands, I am going to stock up. I haven't tried these wipes before, so I am looking forward to them.

These wipes are gorgeous!  I was lucky enough to win a pack from Kosmea Instagram and loved them. I am so excited to use these again. Beautiful coloured packaging as well and the snap lid helps keep the wipes fresh and moist.

I think I've picked these up in two separate Beautorium occasions and have also recently received a sample pack in the mail. These wipes are awesome and I highly recommended them.

I picked these up in the previous Beautorium and they lasted me ages! They were perfect to wipe things down around the house to kill germs and keep things fresh and clean.  I also took these out with me in the nappy bag to use on shopping trolleys and my daughters hands after playing around in shopping centres and parks.

To have a handy smaller 10 pack of these will be brilliant to keep in my handbag for germ emergencies, etc. Although this 10 pack and the 80 pack above are priced at the same amount of points which I find a bit odd. Nonetheless both are very cheap and they are high up on my want list, so it doesn't really bother me.


Each category opens on different days, so I will probably just wait until all categories are open as I did with the last Beautorium and just grab the items that are left that I'd like. Provided they aren't sold out. There isn't anything I can't live without offered this time around, so if I miss out, that is Ok.  I will just save my points and continue to accumulate more for the next one.

Are you a BH member?
What are you hoping to pick up in Beautorium? :)

*Photos used from Beautyheaven


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