Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Home Decor - Bedroom Makeover in Progress!

Hello, and welcome to my very first Home Decor dedicated blog post!
Home Decor has only recently become a new obsession of mine over about the past year.
I am a self confessed hoarder, ok, nowhere near as crazy as you see on those TV shows, but over the years I have just held onto too much stuff and bought way too much crap that I may have loved in my late teens & early 20's, but now I'm 30 I am beginning to wonder why I wasted so much of my hard earned cash on such useless crap.

About a year or so ago I begun to pay more attention to home decor websites & stores as well as gaining inspiration from YouTube videos and the more and more I browsed, the more and more I discovered what I really loved and what my style is. I found myself looking around my home & none of what I was seeing was what I really wanted and I started to envision how I wanted every room in the house to look and this really motivated me to make a change.

Somewhere I read a quote that really helped me to see my possessions differently and whenever I need to do a clear out I always run this through my head and it has completely changed my outlook and totally helped me to throw stuff away without regret.

The quote reads...

"If you don't love it, why keep it? Fill your home only with that of which you truly love!"

Simple & makes perfect sense, and once applied I have found, so far, my home is slowly becoming what I truly love, and everywhere I look I want that feeling, I don't want to look somewhere and think, "Wow, what a mess!" or "Ah, where am I going to fit all this!"

Even today, I was upstairs with my 2 1/2 year old daughter and we were going through her wardrobe and boxing up clothes she has grown out of and I found myself finding all sorts of stuff that has gone into the bin. Mainly, parenting magazines, a mountain load of brochures you get given at the hospital and doctor visits when you are pregnant and have your baby, but mainly I found a lot of old stuffed toys and REALLY old clothes that my grandma probably wore as a baby that various relatives had given me. And honestly, I understand the sentimental value of these things and not so long ago I would never have dreamed out parting with them. But at the end of the day, it is just STUFF and I am over relatives off loading stuff to me just so they don't have to hoard it around. I'm over it, so in the bin 99% of it went. It is never going to be used or seen, it is just taking up space living in a box. Useless.

That explained, my bedroom is where the most progress has been made and I am so excited about it, I hope me sharing this motivates and/or inspires someone out there who is a hoarder or maybe just hasn't even thought of updating their decor and maybe they can see the beauty on the other side if they get stuck in there and make some changes. :)

My husband and I were out shopping a few months ago now when I was still pregnant with my 2nd bub who is now 5 months and we walked passed this store called 'Beds & Dreams' and right in the doorway as we walked passed was the most beautiful bed I have EVER seen & it literally stopped me in my tracks.

White Leather Milan Bed Diamond Button Detailing 

This picture really doesn't do it justice, it is just gorgeous! 
My current bed at the time was the bed I'd had since my previous relationship more than six years ago and was a brown, timber oak style bed, which was all kinds of wrong in terms of my plans for redecorating. It was time to update! So it was actually my husband who got the ball rolling, telling me to list the bed on eBay and the put money I get from the sale towards this new bed instead of just dreaming about it. Genius that he is, I don't know why I hadn't even thought about doing that! So that's what I did and it finally arrived early last week and one broken pot plant from the delivery guys trying to load the bed frame up into our bedroom balcony doorway because it was too big to fit up the stairs and two full loads of the recycle wheelie bin later, and I am sleeping on a bed that looks like a cloud! Yay! :D

What dream bed wouldn't be complete without the perfect bedding to match, right? This was all a major splurge, but let me tell you, I haven't had a proper set of new bed linen in a LONG time, so this was totally justified, plus I chucked out some old sheets & towels, etc to make way for the new stuff and as most of it is childish looking and pink galore, I've given some of it to my daughter to use on her bed. 

Logan & Mason Ultima Solitaire 

As far as bedside tables go, I had been using a super duper old set that were left to me by my ex that I'd painted white and stuck on pink flowers to make the knobs prettier which I loved for a while, but now just look childish to me. So I have replaced them with these. 

Far Pavilions Emma Bedsides

Here is a before & after photo of the old & now the new! 

This is what my old bed looked like....

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen these next pix...
Now the new bed, bedding & bedsides look after... big difference!

Then I saw some cushions & a throw on Ozsale & ended up getting those to change the colour theme from silver, white & pink to silver, black & white. 

I'm in two minds about it now & am not 100% sure which colour theme I prefer. 
I would love an outsiders opinion so please let me know below which one you like better!

Thanks! :)



  1. Candy fairy I must say I'm totally in love with that bed! I'm in the middle of doing up my nursery as I'm due in 7 weeks time and was in two minds about colours etc... So decided why have one when I can have both. So I suggest maybe every few months alternating your cushions etc if you have purchased both? I am drawn more to the silver, black and white as it's more sophisticated, however I do love the silver, white and pink as it's more romantic and whimsical.
    The bed linen is gorgeous and hopefully I haven't made you more unsure now. Perhaps try each one for a few days and then see which one you love more after trying them both out. x

  2. Ohhh this looks a lot better... congrats on your new room! Luckily as a teenager when I got my first job, I invested in a good (and expensive) bed for myself which luckily has a timeless style so I'm set for life haha! But I kinda wish I could redo :P

  3. I really love the silver, black and white colour scheme, it looks so classy!

  4. Thank you all for your feedback and thoughts. I love the soft shades with the pink, I've always been girlie and venturing into black accents is new to me, but I also love how classic and clean it looks. Hubby says he likes the black more too, unlikely a guy would choose the pink anyway.... I think the black is meant to be as I've found other furnishings that are on my wish list that I've been drawn to that match perfectly, I just need to save as it seems I have accumulated expensive taste! Urgh! :)