Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Trend - Ombre Lips!

As an obsessed make up addict I am always up for trying a new trends and experimenting with different looks and working at perfecting my skills.

Recently, I have seen this ombre lip trend around and thought I'd give it a go & these are some of the looks I came up with. Some more wearable than others, but hey make up is fun and anything goes these days.

When it comes to using lip liners, I have often been to lazy to bother but I've recently come to learn they're actually brilliant at helping to keep your lipstick not only neat and more defined, but also does a great job at making the colour last much longer when applied all over your lips not just the outline.

To achieve my ombre effect here is my super simple step by step guide.

1. Gently exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub. My favourite is Lush Bubblegum but any kind will do, you can even whip up your own with a few ingredients from the kitchen. (If you'd like to see a blog post on making your own DIY lip scrub please let me know.)

2. Moisturise your lips with a simple balm. A plain waxy one will work best as opposed to a shiny tinted one.

3. Figure out a colour combination you want to try. My favourite one I created was a pinky red using a Chi Chi lip liner in Status & Legally Pink and Nivea Fruity Shine lip balm. Watch my How-To video here.

4. Apply the darker shade you chose to out outline of your lips, you can apply a thicker line than you usually would if just applying it normally.

5. Next apply the lighter shade to the inner part of your lips.

6. Blend the two shades together. There are different ways to do this,  but I found the best way was to do this with my finger. Similar to when you are blending eye shadow, you are just doing the same on your lips. So a lip brush will also work well for this step.

7. I found since using lip liners my lips were feeling quite dry by this step so I applied applied tinted balm close to the shade I just created to fix the problem but not change the ombre effect.

Have you or would you ever try this lip look? 
Let me know below what your fav lip colour combo would be! :)


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