Monday, March 10, 2014

My Makeup Collection & Storage!





Today I have decided to share my make up collection.  Not because I think I have a dazzling collection worthy of showing off, but mainly because I think it is a topic that is very popular and widely enjoyed by beauty fanatics and like minded folk. I know I love to read and watch people's collections and storage ideas on blogs, websites and youtube videos, so I thought I would share mine for sheer inspiration for your own collection and storage to gather ideas and tips along the way. :)

For the longest time I just had my make up stashed amongst all my other bathroom products, in draws and cupboards, and it was almost always impossible to find what ever it was I was looking for. I finally got my hands on one of these storage draws I had seem many other beauty gurus have to store their make up items and thought it would be the perfect way to store my stuff as well. This is available from Office works for around $50 and is available in the clear,  like mine, an ombre Grey and the famous rainbow shades.

Top Shelf - Most perfumes/OPI Nail Polish & Fancy Anna Sui Mirror
(Acrylic lipstick storage container was about $9 on sale from David Jones.)

Top Draw - Lipsticks including L'Oréal/Rimmel/Revlon/Mac/ChiChi/Mirinesse/Napoleon Perdis/Shisedo/Designer Brands/Maybelline

Draw 2 - Lip gloss including Avon/Maybelline/1 Skin Solution/Lip Smackers/Hello Kitty/Sugar Baby/Napoleon Perdis/L'Oréal/Nivea/MAC

Draw 3 - Foundations, Primers & BB Creams including Dr. LeWinns/ChiChi/Maybelline/Garnier/L'Oréal / Bobby Brown/Nivea/Avon/Revlon/Dermalogica/Mac/Mirinesse/Natio + my beloved Kora moisturiser that I use everyday! :)

Draw 4 - Mascaras, Eyeliners, Lipliners & Eyebrow Pencils including Rimmel/Maybelline / Max Factor/Sugarbaby/L'Oréal / Blinc/MeMeMe/Benefit/Bloom/Napoleon Perdis/ChiChi/Avon/Designer Brands/ModelCo

Draw 5 - Eyelashes, glue & other eye tools including Shu Umura/ModelCo/Revlon/Sax/Designer Brands...

Draw 6 - Blush, Tints, Pigments, Bronzer & Sample Satchels including Benefit/Sugarbaby/The Balm/Mac/Revlon/Nyx/Nars/BYS/Kibi/ChiChi...

Draw 7 - Palettes & Single Eyeshadows including Sugarbaby/Estee Lauder/BYS/Napoleon Perdis/Maybelline/Sportsgirl/Diva/L'Oréal...

Draw 8 - More Palettes, Single Eyeshadows and Jumbo Eye Pencils including NYX/Mac/Maybelline/Max Factor/Australis/Britney Spears...

Draw 9 - Nail Polish including Mirinesse/Sally Hansen/Maybelline/Avon/Sugarbaby/L'Oréal/Nyc/Catwalk/Fing'rs/Nailene Polished London...

Draw 10 - More Nail Polish including BYS/Revlon/ChiChi/Revitanail/NYC/NYX/Maybelline/Rimmel/Ulta3/Supre/Nailene/Sally Hansen/Manicare/Hello Kitty...

Congratulations you finally made it to the end of my collection. Not a lot of high end stuff as I've only recently begun to indulge in them so I am slowly replacing the old with some new quality products. I still love my drugstore brands though too! :)

If you'd like to watch a video of my makeup collection you can find it here. If has changed a bit compared to these photos as my 2 year old daughter often gets into and rearranges my draws for me.... so to speak! ;)

I am still waiting on my Naked 1, 2 & 3 Palettes coming from the US that hubby was so kind to get me for my birthday. I am itching to try them and do some video & blog posts using them. So keep an eye out as they will hopefully be coming soon!



  1. wowsers!! I recently did a lipstick tag.. and I own like a dozen :) your drawer looks like a store to me lol!

  2. You are so organised!!!! My makeup collection is all over the place, people can get a heartattack looking at my stash. Oh and I love how you keep some of your products in their boxes... I thought I was the only one!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  3. I love seeing posts like this, your collection is really well organised! My fave is your lipstick drawer, drooling....:)

  4. It's fun getting to snoop in other people's makeup, would be even more fun to be able to play, lol. Your collection will be even more enviable when the Naked palettes arrive! :)

  5. Simply stunning Candy! And it looks so incredibly beautiful the way you've laid it out - well done hon ♥ Drawers are definitely the go - to have everything at your finger tips and categorised makes getting ready so much easier. I'm in awe of your mascara drawer :-) OfficeWorks here I come - this is far superior to what I've set up, thanks for posting sweetie ♥

  6. looks like the perfect collection! would love to have some of this stuff. xx