Thursday, March 27, 2014

L'Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream!

I have tried , any BB Creams and really love the difference they make to the appearance of my skin. Beauty Balm creams work to enhance the natural beauty of your skin whilst diminishing slight flaws. I wanted to review this particular BB cream because ever since I first tried it, I have found myself reaching for it more than all the others. This BB cream does an amazing job. As a 5 in 1, it claims to give flawless coverage, perfectly even skin texture, gives a fresh dewy glow, 24 hour hydration and protects with SPF 12. 

Before                            After    

This photo shows my skin completely makeup free on the left.
On the right i have applied just the L'Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream in "Light Skin Tone". 

The cream mimics the texture and glow of perfect bare skin. It is buildable and works perfectly as a foundation base or to be of course worn on its own. It appears a little shimmery when first applied as you may notice in the before and after pics as well as the swatch below. It doesn't however make you look like a disco ball, it is very slight and gives off more of a dewy glow.

The cream is surprisingly white like a moisturiser when first dispensed, but once rubbed in quickly changes colour into a dewy skin toned finish. Simply gorgeous! 

Do you use BB Creams?  
Which do you recommend?

Thank you for reading!  

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  1. I thought this was a decent bb cream, I enjoyed the novelty of watching the white cream transform. My latest fave is Garnier BB cream for oily skin :)

    1. Ooh I love the Garnier ones too, they're so good! ♡

  2. I can see the difference in the photos! I've only ever tried the Garnier and Rimmel BB creams. They are okay. This one looks good! Thanks for the review. :)
    Ty's Blog of Epiphanies

    1. I have the Garnier and Rimmel ones as well. They are both awesome. :) You're welcome for the review, not , y most attractive close up. Haha! xo