Tuesday, July 22, 2014


~ Happy 3rd Birthday ~

My baby girl is a baby no more!
She turned 3 today along with her daddy who also shares this extra special day with her!
Gosh to think this time 3 very short years ago I'd just gone through 24 hours of labour! 
Gosh! All forgotten though as I saw and held her for the first time.

Her current obsession is Peppa Pig as with most girls around her age at the moment.
I'm no chef, but I gave it a crack today. Lucky daddy! He gets to share his birthday full
of PP, pink, sparkles, fairy wings and let's not forget Kinder surprise eggs!
(My daughters other obsession!)

My apologies for such a quick, short and late post today.
As you can imagine I just want to spend all my attention on two of
the most important people in my life today. :)

All my love to my daughter and husband, I love you more than ever!

Love Candy! 

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