Thursday, July 24, 2014


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Native Box also offer a great range of other boxes including,

Super Size

All packed full of a huge variety of Eco Friendly products!

To celebrate Christmas in July (why not right!)
let's take a peek at what's inside!

Peeled Snacks Organic Mango Pieces
RRP: $3.95 (40g)
Obviously these couldn't be resisted and we're quickly completely
devoured as soon as I opened the box by my husband and I!
They were so delicious, oh my gosh I want more!!

Cherry Brown Creme Mineral Foundation 5g
Warm Beige (Sample)
RRP: $29.95 (15g)
On first look, this foundation looked really dark for my skin tone, 
but when I switched it, it seemed to match my skin's shade quite well,
so I'm looking forward to trying it as it's moisturising, doesn't clog pores
and contains jojoba oil & sunflower wax.
I also love that is came with its own little applicator sponge which I know
from many years of trial and error gives you a more flawless finish by
diminishing pores, fine lines and other minor imperfections like acne
and scaring.

Piranha Australian Soy Crisps
Sweet Chilli Lime (40g)
Unlike some healthier chip alternatives, these are actually
full of zesty flavour both in the crisp itself and the outside coating.
They definitely haven't skimped on the coating, all the crisps
are totally coated in it which make them look even yummier!

Coconut Magic Raw Energy Bar
Raspberry (Full Size)
RRP: $4.20 (45g)
I've already eaten this (I couldn't resist!) and it was so yum!!
Who doesn't love raspberries for starters, the coconut reminds me of
a cherry ripe with the bar having the texture of a solid fruit slice.
Also contains dates, almonds, goji berries & cashews!

Vabori Olive Leaf + Manuka Honey Lozenges
(Full Size)
RRP: $7.99 (x15 per box)
There couldn't be a more perfect time of the year to have some of these
on hand both at home, in the car and in the purse. 
These give relief to a dry, sore throat & taste soothing and delish too.

Go Green At Home
Eco Toothbrush (Adult Medium)
RRP: $39.95 (Box of 12)
This has been cleverly crafted with a slight bend in the handle,
is biodegradable as are the bristles as well!

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Gentle Face Wash Serum 20ml (Sample)
RRP: $19.95 (50ml)
Contains essences of angelsword, bauhinia, billy goat plum, bottlebrush,
five corners, fringed violet & macrocarpa.

Morlife Goji Antiox Wholegrain Toasted Muesli
Sample (60g)
RRP: $10.95 (400g)
        $21.95 (1kg)
There is nothing I love more than toasted muesli for breakfast.
Usually with plain, natural yoghurt and added fresh fruit.
(Whatever is left over from the other fruit bats in the house!)
This contains oats, barley, rye, honey, rice bran straws, prime juice, goji,
macadamia, sultanas, sunflower seeds, linseeds, pepitas, dried cranberries,
dried blueberries, coconut chips, chia seeds + more!

Essentially Natural Coconut Flour
It is so weird I received this when I did, because that very same morning
my husband was actually talking to me about coconut flour as it popped up
in our random conversation! So this will be great fun to use. I'm not sure
how I'll be using it just yet, but I'm very keen to see how it goes and tastes!

Watch my unboxing video below!

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* This box was kindly sent to me for review
* All opinions & photographs are my own


  1. I love the piranha snacks they are so delicious!

    1. Totally surprising right?! I wasn't expecting so much flavouring, considering they're soy, I thought they'd be quite bland. xx