Sunday, July 6, 2014


~ Clean & Clear ~

Morning Burst Skin Brightening Scrub!


One of the best smelling scrubs ever!
Full of gentle scrubbing and light bursting bubbles which I must say
really do burst/pop! I made sure to test that claim out by chasing them
around my face the first time I used this. The beads are much softer than
the rest of the scrub so it is not at all harsh when they pop.

Contains papaya, lemon and caffeine which helps to not only wake
up your face but your senses as well. The scent is almost tropical and
very refreshing and really snaps you awake in the nicest, most gentle way!

The bright yellow tube is so happy and bright and makes me want to reach for it
more just because it looks so much more fun and stands out so much more
then my other products all vying for my attention.

Do you have a favourite scrub?

Love Candy! 

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