Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ten Pros & Cons of Me!

My List of 10

 Pros & Cons Of Me

Negative First....
10 Things Wrong With Me!

1. I am a stresshead & a worrywort.  
2. I am too shy sometimes
3. I go into a trance when I shop, then wonder why I bought certain things once I'm home.
4. I hate talking on the phone.
5. I often snack throughout the day instead of sitting down & having a decent meal.
6. I hate to cook & I suck at it.
7. My brain often thinks too fast for my mouth to keep up and I sometimes jumble over my words and get strange looks from people.
8. I find it hard to throw things away that I am emotionally attached to. 
9. I ask really dumb questions all the time.
10. I'm a dreamer, to the point where I actually believe in faeries and unicorns... ;)

The Positives....
10 Things Right With Me!

1. A tough upbringing as made me hard as nails. 
2. I like to be organized and I'm a list maker.
3. I find it really hard to lie, especially to someone in person. I just can't hold a poker face.
4. I am extremely patient.
5. I am open minded.
6. I am actually quite smart, my brain is just lazy if I'm uninterested.
7. I'm good at saving money.
8. I always make sure my recycle bin is chockers each fortnight.
9. I have really good long term memory but the short term memory of a goldfish!
10. I always have the best intentions.

This was more of a challenge to write than you may think.
Why is it that we seem to find the negatives so much easier than the positives?

I truly hope you have a happy, safe and inspiring weekend! 
See you next week! xo

Love Candy! 

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  1. Gosh, I can so relate to many of your pros/cons, Candy! Thanks for a little insight of you :)

    1. Thank you IndieAna! It's a lot of little things most people don't know about me, so I thought something different and bit raw and honest might be a good post to mix things up and let readers get to know me a little more. :)