Monday, July 21, 2014


~ What's On My Bedside Table ~


Since there is minimal space on top of my bedside table and with my lamp 
taking up the majority of space, I prefer to keep it as clutter free as I can.
As you can see, I only keep the bare essentials. 

I have no idea where you can purchase these lamps as I was gifted two of
them from my mum years and years ago! I love the soft pink colour mixed with
the white shade and the flower is just a hair/brooch I added for an extra girlie touch! 

Baby Monitor
Three years ago when I was pregnant with my first, my workmates all pitched
in to buy me this baby monitor.  It been awesome, no problems with it at all.
I couldn't go to sleep without it by my side to keep an eye and ear on my little ones
through the night.

Clean Sweep Book
This book I have purposely kept here to keep me constantly reminded of all the
cleaning and de-cluttering I still need to do. It is an amazing source of tips and
tricks to help you clean and organize just about anything!!

Samsung Android Phone
I don't seem to have much luck with mobile phones.
My last two broke from my little miss dropping them. *sigh*
Hopefully this one lasts longer than a few months, I am quite liking it and
it's such a pain to change all the time. Am keen to update the case to a more sparkly
design though. :)

Have you done this tag?
What's on your bedside table?

Love Candy! 

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