Saturday, August 30, 2014



DOVE Go Fresh Nourishing Body Wash
(Cucumber & Green Tea!)
This body wash feels so relaxing at the end of a long day as well as doing wonders
to wake me up first thing in the morning! Loving the scent of this Dove range, which
is why it's a big fav of mine this past month! My daughter even uses it in the bath! :)

TRESEMME' Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave In Treatment
I've been using this almost every single day before styling my hair in the morning.
It's the perfect, easy to use product for me because I don't have to think too much about
how to use it. Wet or dry hair, it doesn't matter, just work it through to repair up to 2 years
damage to your hair! Makes my hair feel super soft and generally just looks a whole lot healthier!

TRILOGY Very Gentle Moisturising Cream
I recently dug this sort of old product out of one of the never ending beauty draws which resides
 in my bathroom. ;) Don't we all have at least one?
Anyway, another super easy to product to use either day and/or night.
Feels very soothing and leaves skin super soft.
Contains natural spring water, chamomile and calendula!

SKIN DOCTORS Cosmeceuticals Younger Hands
After more months than I like to admit, I've begun using hand cream again.
My hands are probably the most aged part of my whole body. :(
This promises to help your hands look 10 years younger in just 6 weeks!
I think it's been doing a pretty good job thus far.
I use this at night just before bed.

FACE OF AUSTRALIA Mineral Therapy Illuminator
(In Angel Flame!)
I've never used Illuminators very much, but having discovered a few of them lately,
I can no longer ignore them because they are just too pretty!
I am a sucker for shiny, glittery and sparkly anything, and so this one is no exception!
Creates a stunning, illuminous, subtle glow!

MAYBELLINE Dream Pure BB 8-in-1 BB Cream
(In Light!)
On days when just at home and with no plans to go out or see anybody, I usually just slap
on some BB cream instead of applying a full face of foundation because it's just quicker
and get's the job done in livening my face up and hiding any imperfections just in case there's
a knock at the door, or I have to go out quickly for some reason.
I am particularly fond of this BB cream because the colour just seems to look seamless on my skin.
It neither looks cakey, oily or dry on my skin. It just looks exactly like my skin, only perfected!

I won't give too much away about this product just yet as I'm currently still in the middle of 
trialling this, but obviously I'm loving it or it wouldn't be here included in my favs!
There seems to be rush of 'Blur' kind of products on the market at the moment and it seems
like most brands are getting in on the act, releasing their own version claiming to be the best.
This one has me flawed! Even on days when I've had barely any sleep and am stressed to the max,
this does absolute wonders! I've never tried anything like it! Amaze!! 

SUKIN Facial Treatment Oil
If you've used Sukin before, then you know how gorgeous their products are!
I can't stop using this treatment oil on my skin, it's sooo nice! I originally started using it on my face
to help with the slight acne scaring on my cheeks, and now I'm using a little bit of it on my
pregnancy stretch marks and it's really toning down the scaring. 
Full of vitamin and antioxidants as well as fatty acids. 

ARBONNE Lipstick
(In Candy Friandise!)
I know I have included this in a favourites post before and here it is again!
I've found myself reaching for this lipstick the most this past month.
It's the most wearable, natural shade. It just adds the perfect amount of natural pink to your
lips to make them look like they're just naturally that perfect shade!
Love the way it feels on my lips, moisturising, smooth and barely noticeable.

Love Candy!

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*Not sponsored!
*Some of these products may have been sent to me for review, 
however this does in no way hinder sharing my absolute honest opinion on them!


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