Tuesday, August 19, 2014




.....Younger Hands.....

Ok, I admit it, I am guilty as charged for not applying hand cream as often as I
should. Being a self confessed 'beauty guru' I feel some what a bit bad about that.
I am actually really really good at keeping my face, hair, feet and the rest of my body
moisturised on a daily basis, yet somehow my hands have been forgotten.
I think this is because our hands are the most used part of our bodies and when
a hand cream doesn't absorb right away, it can be a pain to try and continue on
with your day. I used to keep some hand cream on my bedside table before I
became a parent and just applied it before I went to sleep. However, now
I'm up during the night with the two of them, so it just doesn't happen.

Thanks to one of my favourite beauty websites Beauty & Lace, I have
recently had the opportunity to partake in a hand cream trial.
So now I have been forced back into the habit. Thank you!

The hand cream is a beautiful, creamy, off white, slightly tan texture with a slight
fragrance that lingers. It has only been a few weeks so far into this
6 week trial and already I have noticed my hands appearing smoother
with less lines and wrinkles and they also feel softer and less dry in this
cool weather. It absorbs into my skin really well. A lot of hand creams I've
tried before absorb well into the top of the hands, yet just slip and
slide around on the palms. However, this hand cream soaks in on both sides!
I've noticed my cuticles are much softer and easier to manage now too.

I love the sophisticated, clean, white packaging which makes me feel all
grown up and responsible - but not old! ;)

Great for those who want to reduce the appearance of freckles &
age spots too!

Retails for $34.95 (75ml)
Check it out and purchase online here!

Australian Made!

Do you find it difficult to use a hand cream?

Love Candy!

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*This product was kindly sent to me for review thanks to Beauty & Lace
*All opinions & photographs are my own
*This blog post was not required as part of the review


  1. Hello Candice!
    I hope you are doing well,
    I was recently nominated for the Liebster award and i nominated you! I thought it would be a great way for my readers to get to know you.

    here is the URL. sending all my love from Australia

    1. Hi Lorna!

      Wow, thank you so much! I am also from Australia! lol ;)