Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Bucket List

~ My Bucket List ~

Everyone has one, I've just decided to put mine on virtual paper.
I hope you enjoy and maybe are inspired to make and acumplish
your own list.

As a bit of a motivator to remind myself, I'll be putting a line through
each one as I do them.

Some of these are pretty huge, so it will probably take me sometime before they're
all achieved!

1.) Purchase my own home
2.) Swim with dolphins
3.) Go whale watching
4.) Travel to as many countries as I can
5.) Buy an investment property (the more the better!)
6.) Get my ears pierced one last time
7.) Take my babies to Disneyland, Peppa Pig World & Hello Kitty World
8.) Have a garden where I can grow all my own fruit & veg
9.) See snow!
10.) Dye my hair crazy rainbow colour/s
11.) Go bareback horse riding on the beach
12.)  See the tallest building in Dubai
13.) Walk along the Great Wall of China
14.) See the Northern Lights
15.) See the Hollywood sign
16.) Walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame
17.) Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
18.) See the Pyramids
19.) Visit the Playboy mansion
20.) Ride in the London Eye
21.) Visit Ireland and look for the Lochness
22.) Go skinny dipping
23.) Celebrate new years in NYC
24.) Get a psychic reading
25.) Turn my blog/youtube into my real job

It's changed a bit, but you can watch my old bucket list video below if you like!

What's on your Bucket List?
Let me know below!

I'd love to draw ideas and inspiration from your ideas & keep updating my list.


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  1. I pierced my ears again a few weeks ago. I did them numerous times in my teens, I guess I did them again myself just to prove to myself that I can still do it. I sterilised everything & it was simple! Not the drama of when I was a kid.
    You own earrings, you own a safety pin, you own metho or a saucepan to boil in. Be daring!
    My hair is bright pink atm. It'll wash out - that's a simple start to your list!
    I've always wanted to rule the world with an army of flying monkey. Science had better hurry up with the flying monkeys!

    1. I would NEVER pierce my own ears! I'm way too afraid of needles. Thanks for the tip tho. Pink hair sounds awesome! :)

  2. Your bucket list is awesome! :-) x