Monday, August 11, 2014


~ Maybelline New York ~

SuperStay Better Skin
Flawless Finish Foundation

#005 Light Beige

I have been trialling this in the shade #005 Light Beige
 which is a perfect match for my skin's colour which is olive but
 very white with no tan at all.
Initially when I first pumped a bit of the product out
 onto my hand I thought it appeared to be too light, 
My hands must be a darker shade to my face though
 because it just blended right into the exact shade of my

 cheek and the rest of my face.
Yay! Will need to remember that in future!
The bottle is quite a solid, weighty and made from glass which I like,
But will need to be careful not to break! 

The lid and pump are plastic though so not all super fragile or anything.
 I like that I can see the product and how
much I've used because it is a clear glass.
I like that this product is unique in the way 
that it claims to give you better looking skin in three weeks 
because of it's vitamin enriched formula.
Pretty clever and I think my skin is agreeing.
I noticed my skin instantly appearing more even in colour
 and smoother once applied and my husband even commented 
the following morning after I'd used for the first time the day 
before that he thought my skin looked better like
 I was wearing some kind of foundation, even though 

I'd thoroughly removed it all the night before!
Not much of a scent to the product at all, 
Which doesn't really bother me either way.
Overall, I have honestly been loving this and think 
it is one of the better ones I have ever used.
It felt light on my skin and didn't dry out or look greasy 

by the end of the day.
Just looked like my own skin, only hiding all of my little flaws!! ;)
Will continue to use and would purchase in the future,
 it's a great price and a brand
 I love and have always used anyway, 

so I can see myself keeping one of
these on hand in my collection for continued future use.
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Love Candy!

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*This product was kindly sent to me for review as part of the BHTT
*All opinions & photographs are my own


  1. Wow, just what I need Candy - a rave review of a new foundation, thanks hon ♥

  2. You're welcome Kat! <3 Thank you for stopping by lovely!! xx