Thursday, August 7, 2014




Sea Salt Texturising Spray!
First of all this product smalls so amazing!
It was the first thing I noticed when I first spritz it onto
my hair. It is light and smells lightly of caramel coconut to me.
The spray itself comes out more like a soft mist which I think
gives you more control over the amount you want in your hair
so you don't end up soaking it and not creating the texture
you're after. I found spraying a little of this onto the bottom half
of my hair with my hair flipped over my head and then
scrunched in worked the best at creating my desired look of
textured beach hair. I wasn't sure if this product was really
going to do a lot, but it really did great! My hair became
instantly full of texture and my waves became more beachy
and less pronounced. This product really does its job!!

Texture Junk Styling Paste!
This product is so much fun to work with!
The only person who ever uses styling paste around here
is my husband, so I was interested to give it a go!
You really only need a small amount to create, sculpt
and mold your hair into any style. My favourite way to
use this is when I am creating small, thin twists into my
hair style that I want to stay in place and not become undone.
This is also perfect for perfecting that slick back 'do' or
you know when you wrap a small amount of hair around
your pony tail to try to hide the elastic? Well this is perfect
for that! Is a smooth, thick consistency that smells incredible!

Hair Chalk Rough Piment!
I haven't had a lot of experience with hair chalks before.
I've seen endless selfies of people with gorgeous looking shades
and rainbow patterns and thought, WOW! That looks amazing!
So when I saw this bright, vibrant red shade I couldn't wait to
try it! The formula of the chalk seems to be a more softer
texture than I expected. I think I was expecting more of a
powdery, dry chalk. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to
apply it, but after a bit of mucking around I quickly got
into a rhythm with just rubbing small sections of my hair onto
the chalk a few inches toward the bottom of my hair shaft.
(See photos below!)
The chalk applied to my hair initially looking almost as bright as
you see it in the packaging below, but faded the more
 I tried to rub it in and it seemed to want to rub off onto
my hands more than my hair. Maybe there is a simpler way?
Luckily the chalk easily washes off with water, not staining
me or my clothes! :)
I actually really love how the colour turned out on my hair.
I think this would probably look much brighter on blonde hair,
but still adds a funky touch of cool to my brunette hair too.
I would love to try other colours in my hair now I've had a
taste of this out there, brave, cool trend!

Have you ventured into the world of hair chalking?

Love Candy!

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*These products were kindly sent to me for review!
*All opinions & photographs are my own!


  1. Ohh these products sound great. I'm mostly interested in the first two, the sea salt spray and the styling paste! I never thought to use a styling paste for the ponytail bit you mentioned, what a great idea! xx

    1. Thanks, yeah these products smell amazing as well as performing well. I love that styling paste can be used for more than just spiking men's hair! ;)

  2. That beach hair salt spray sounds amazing! Will look into that! Can't say I've ventured much into hair chalk right now but it's so tempting - especially for festival season!
    Just followed your blog on bloglovin! Would love if you could check out my blog back!
    Keep in touch!

    1. I haven't done much hair chalking in the past either, but I just love all the pretty colours available and it looks so good on everyone! :)
      I just checked out your blog and I'm already following you on Bloglovin so I followed you on GFC & Google+ as well. xx