Sunday, August 24, 2014


~Maybelline ~



I don't have any real tattoos, personally I think they really suit and
look awesome on some people, but they just aren't for me.

However, this sort of tattoo, the makeup kind, I am more than happy to
play with and explore! Being able to create different styles, looks & effects
that I can simply wash off if I stuff it up or tire of it, at the end of the day
makes me much more comfortable with exploring brave colours!

Today I share with you two bold, vibrant shades from my collection.

Pomegranate Punk
I would describe this shade as maroon with tiny shimmer throughout.
Much the same formula to the NYX eyeshadow base in Pearl which I love
and use almost everyday! I am not shy when it comes to shimmer and being a
bit bold with makeup. I love to experiment with colours and textures!
What I love about these Color Tattoos is that they are buildable.
You don't necessarily have to wear them as boldly as they appear in their pots!
You can use them as a base to really make your powder shadow pop,
or wear them in their own right, allowing them to shine!

Fierce & Tangy
This colour is much more daring but works surprisingly well when
applied sparingly and blended with slightly darker and warmer shades.
I like to use this mostly as a base in the inner half of my lid which opens and
brightens up the eye area. Then completing the look with say the Pomegranate
Punk as the base for the outer half of the lid with a slightly lighter,
 (or darker depending on the time of day and occasion!) similar shade
over the top and then blending the two together. I love these shades because they
work nicely together, perfect for all seasons but especially for Autumn/Fall.

What shades do you recommend work well blended together?

Love Candy! 

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  1. Maybeline Color Tattoo eyeshadows are long lasting and really pigmented. I really like the first color.
    Stay in touch xx

  2. I've recently discovered the color tattoos & I'm sold! I went mad & bought almost every colour (50% off) at Chemist Warehouse.
    I use the Fierce & Tangy on the lid, with Bronze on the crease. I also love doing a 3 colour mix with the Tenacious Teal & Edgy Emerald on the lid with Electric Blue at the crease. Have you tried the Electric Blue? I'm generally not a blue eyeshadow type, but this is a deep navy, it blends well with the Painted Purple to give a deep purple look - it's the easiest of all the color tattoos to blend & work with. The Too Cool (white) & Barely There (buff) are terrible to work with, but the others are just wonderful.

  3. I really want to get my hands on Pomegranate Punk but they are always out of stock! So hard to find! Am jealous that you own one. Haha. x

  4. These eyeshadows are so good!! I really like the first shade too, it's gorgeous!