Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY - Simple Brush Holder

This idea made me look at my old candles just lying around in
a whole new way. I never noticed before what fantastic jars and mugs I 
have just waiting to be de-potted, cleaned and transformed into
perfect little brush storage holders just like this one I created 
pictured above!


This is a pretty straight forward how-to. 
All you need to do is follow these 5 simple steps!

Step 1
 If you have some old candles lying around, take notice of 
what they're actually stored in.
Would this make a good brush holder or storage container?
(Mine was close to becoming my new favourite drinking glass,
but I wanted a brush holder more!)

Step 2
 Use a blunt old kitchen knife or flat head screw driver
or simular to dig out the remaining and excess unwanted 
candle and wax.
(I got a strong, male, adult (ie hubby) to help
as mine was stuck good and proper!) :/

Step 3
Give it a good clean with hot, soapy water.
You'd be surprised how good they polish up.
(Mine was all cloudy and black from the candle and smoke
residue and it came up a treat!)

Step 4
 If you like the clear look as I do, pick out something you want to 
help hold the brushes upright. I love these clear glass beads,
but you can use just about anything from rice (which you can use food colourings to make it match your decor or if you're bold, make it rainbow!), plastic beads 
which come in an a thousand different and sizes, buttons, glitter, sequins, etc!

Step 5
 Throw in as much of your chosen style of filling into your
jar/glass as you desire, then add in your makeup brushes!
(This can also work well to store stationary, pens, or even eyeliner 
pencils and/or lipliners!)

Find a place to store them out in the open so you can admire 
your handy little work of art anytime you like! :)

What has been your fav DIY creation? 
I would love to see/read about it!


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