Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Haul!

Sally Hansen Gem Crush 03 Big Money
OPI Sand in Pussy Galore 
Sally Hansen Gem Crush 06 Razzle Dazzler

I jokingly wrote down Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Polish 
on the shopping list I gave to hubby last night
not expecting anything, but he came home with 
these 3 babies! Lucky me!

Home Decor!
Cream Ruffle Coushins
$20.00 each
(Original Price $49.95)
Pillow Talk

Clear Decorative Beads
$10.00 (Display Stock)
Outdoor Furniture & Nursery Store/Cafe
(Sorry I've gone blank on the name, I got it whilst visiting the in - laws in Toowoomba, but if you really want to know I'll find out.)

Silver Decorative Place Mat
$5.00 (Display Item)
Purchased from same place as beads above.

Fine Black Craft Glitter
Craft & Hobby PVA Glue
(For a little project I'm working on - stay tuned!)

Grey Winter Tights 
$3.00 (Reduced)
Big W 

What did you haul over another long weekend?



  1. Beautiful beautiful haul, Candy! I especially love the tights and polishes :D
    So the trick is to just write down what products you want and give them to partner and he will get them hey??? LOL. I must try that!

    1. Thank you. haha well he was in a good mood so I guess that helps! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love pinks and glitters, they're so pretty! :)

  3. great haul! you picked up some great goodies. I love going to spotlight... the only problem is that I'll never come out!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food