Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Current Skincare Routine - Face & Body!

1. Palmolive Body Butter in Luscious Mango
This is my second bottle of this and I absolutely love it!
It smells like mango ice cream and is just as creamy!
A very thick formula that leaves my skin smelling super yummy and feeling extra soft.

Also onto my second tube, this daily wash keeps
my skin clean and clear without drying it out.
It's also super creamy in texture and doubles as a mask, awesome!

3. Avon Foot Works Cracked Heel Relief Cream
This is a product I've been using for many years and
it never fails to deliver. I often forget about my feet
and this quickly gets them back to looking like new!

4. Olay Oil Minimizing Toner 
I received this in my Blogstar prize pack and this is a new
product for me. I've used a few Olay things before but never their toners.
I am quite enjoying this and will continue to use it and
probably purchase a replacement once it's run out.

5. Garnier Roll On For Eyes
This feels so good all around the eye area on the skin of course!
It feels cool and soothing, especially after a long day.
It is also wonderful at waking up tired and sleepy eyes.

6. Dove Foaming Makeup Remover 
Good old Dove! I have been using Dove products
for as long as I've been using, well products!
This is gentle yet effective!
Watch my video review of this Makeup Remover here!

7. Lanolips Herbal Treatment Body Oil
This product is fantastic for super dry skin
as well as skin with scaring or stretch marks.
After 2 kids, my stomach sure has seen better days,
now if never sees the light of day as I
wouldn't want to scar anyone who saw it...
ahah, yeah get it, 'scar.'
Ahem, anyho, it has done a remarkable job so far at
at least minimising the angry red lines. So I'm a happy chappy! :)

8. Vaseline Hand & Nail Lotion
An oldie but a goodie!
You can count on Vaseline when it comes to any of their
products. I've found this one to be my favourite.
Does the job well and I will continue to use this I think forever.

9. Neutrogena Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser 
Slowly getting through this product.
Lucky enough to trial this through Beautyheaven and
completely love it! My pores are one of my biggest pet peeves
and this has helped a great deal.
Watch my video review of this cleanser here!

10. Kora Organics Day & Night Creme
Just the smell of this product scream natural!
It is just divine and feels amazing on your skin.
I love this product so much! It is very pricey though,
I was lucky enough to nab it off OzSale for about half the price,
so I am trying to make it last.
Read my dedicated blog post review for this product here!

11. Nivea Pure & Natural Body Lotion
I have used quite a few of the products from this Pure & Natural range,
and absolutely can recommend them totally!
They just work and feel and smell great!
Watch my video on some of the products from the Pure & Natural range here!

What are your skincare musts?
Let me know! :)


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